Apple: Then VS Now

Since the announcement of Apple's new MacBooks, and for the first time since Macintosh was little more than a bunch of motherboards in Steve Jobs' garage, faith in the company and stocks are falling. The differences between Apple the company we remember and Apple the company we have now can't just be summed up with the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. Let's dive in.

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Terrible art in those strips. Artist is probably a numale cuck.

Apple has always been inferior.

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There's more than several apple threads up on the front page and throughout the catalog right now.
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Agree on all three terms

No. The comic is cute. ^_^ kawaii~~

rip steve jobs

I don't even understand the criticism of that last one.

Music, Convenience and New Features are true. New Products is true, but mostly because mobile phones have reached the point of "good enough", there really isn't much to do anymore besides small improvements. Smartwatches are pretty useless overall, even the people who own them really don't have any meaningful use for them. Battery Life has always been true for any smartphone or notebook, nothing interesting to see here. Hardware Design is shit, the MacBook looks exactly as before except minimally smaller, and the Pr0 G4m0r Extra HD++ XxXtreme hardware design has existed since forever. Dorky has really turned to shit.


That irks me as a former macfag: Apple's design has become boring! They used to make visually interesting devices, there was this whimsy in their products, but now everything is a gray slab.

And that's still better than most PC casemods, full of neon lights an shiet. always had some neat mods. I honestly would like to build one kind of like the Apple Cube.

I actually like the boring Macs, your pics all look like toys. Except for the cube, that one is nice.

Interesting fact about the g4 cube, it actually did not have fans to cool it, making it very quiet. A really cool design, I wish Apple would bring it back.

You ARE aware that the G4 had horrible overheating problems, right?

Steve Jobs had this obsession about fan noise.

It would be neat if we could eliminate the need for fans. I would have thought by that technology would have progressed to a point where heating was less of an issue.

Why? Even if we did "advance" to such a point we could just run the hardware even harder to the point where fans were needed again. Heat has never been an issue with computers so long as you're content with a less powerful machine than what needs active cooling at the time.

It is possible to build a fanless PC that cools by convection. You need something like pic related, look at the size of that goddamn radiator. Thing is, even with fans,computers are silent enough that most people don't care much anyway.

Its about how high you're willing to scale
High end processors will ALWAYS need active cooling, no exception, unless you go for something esoteric like . Because computer processors will ALWAYS scale to fit within a given performance bracket of its given generation (we will always have a "high-end" "mid-range" and "low-end") and each of these will try to fill their respective gaps as much as possible, thus active cooling will always be needed.

If you want a capable x86 computer with no fans and don't want to get into exotic cooling solutions than get an Intel Atom based PC. No fans are required and they are more than capable of web browsing and even light gaming. You'll just be a few generations behind a modern "i" series in performance is all, and I mean that in a good way.

Atom's pretty good. My old netbook still has it and it browses the web fine for a 2009 machine.


It better, that's a rather light task. See how it handles games, image editors, and so on.

jesus christ how horrifying

Hey guys I found a photo of OP

What's funny to me is how that design changed.
a decade later

To be fair, at least in my opinion, it's been getting better. If you're not pushing a 4K panel with an octocore in your pocket it's not hard to get a decent day, maybe 1.5-2 days if you keep usage down. It used to be where turning on 3G data on early smartphones would have you on red before 5PM.

Stock fans have always been noisy in my experience

that PC use to be boring and Apple use to be colorful and had a personality. Nowadays the opposite is true (although the example used is horrible)

It's not that PCs looked boring, they looked ugly. You can take an iMac and put it into the living room without it being an eyesore. Now imagine one of those old PC towers or CRT screens instead.

I tripled my phone's battery life by not having Google Play shitware installed. Gets three days idle, which is pretty good considering the battery is about 5 years old at this point.

My thoughts exactly. Unless there is some kind of horrible way that radiator connects to the case behind the motherboard or something.

That PC used to be boring and Apple hardware used to be colorful and had personality. Nowadays; the opposite is true(although the example used here is horrible).

Panther was the beginning of the end for OSX.

Quality medium-to-large fans are very quiet, as they don't need to spin as fast to move air. My HDD is by far the loudest component in my PC. As usual for Apple, tiny noisy fans are the fault of their obsession with thinness.
Passively cooled computers are possible (what do you think a phone or tablet is), but unless you install a massive radiator like you're going to get slightly better than tablet-level performance out of it before the thing overheats and gets throttled hard. Could be workable for lightweight usage if people wrote software with an eye for performance like they used to, but we live in a world where Gmail uses a gigabyte of RAM for an email client and nobody bats an eye, where our software is written by people that get angry at the mere suggestion that it might be useful to know and keep in mind how a CPU works.

I'd only ever use a macbook. Every other laptop feels like trash.
A computer is actually more than the sum of its parts. Goat people don't understand this.

it would be neat if we could fly just by flapping our arms like wings, too.

As someone who was on the Apple train for nearly 10 years until the HTC One arrived - Apple has slowly but steadily declined in quality.
Quite frankly, everything it offers now has an alternative on Android and the like. It's products remain overpriced and ineffective when it comes to the market standpoint.

I do a lot of recording/video editing and now just getting into exploring caves lots of low light areas and selling the footage to tourism agencies. For YEARS my iMac outdid Linux and programs such as Openshot. Now, with the way things have advanced, even Microsoft has better alternatives. I've now considered just installing Mint over my current OS X installation, but I'm not sure. I still love the look of Apple products. But the efficiency comes into question when compared to a PC.

He could've given it a really shitty fan to at least move around the air inside the thing and that would help immensely without necessarily making noise

Looks coolheh. Wonder how well it works.
What the hell happened to that fan design that was basically a spinning heatsink microscopically close to a heatsink which basically made much less noise, consumed less power, was tiny and (compared to a similarly sized cooler) worked much bettter all around? That shit was meant to be a notebook revolution or something

I wonder if that would fit into one of those slim mini ITX cases meant for thin clients and still run adequately with an AMD APU (assuming they made one that fit the socket) with a 65 watt TDP. I'm not sure how much extreme confined spaces like that would change a cooler's effectiveness.

Depends on the ambient temperature in the case. Gonna need to evacuate all the hot air coming off the cpu cooler.

Well, atleast they correctly represented apple consumers as hipsters with weird haircuts in dubious colours.
Or maybe that's just the artist's style.

I called this years ago, the company has been dying since John Sculley 2.0 took charge, the attempts to imitate Jobs have gotten as bad as brazen and cheap the headphone jack. It will keep going this way. Tim Cook is money whore business man and he will kill the company because he can't be Jobs no matter how hard he tries because he only cares about milking the customers dry.

Didn't get much better than OS 9.




even as a kid apple looked like fucking fisher price to me and i never respected it as much as i did PC. I just liked the marble game it had on it when i used it at school.

I loved OS 9 but I wish it wasn't so fucking slow and could do more than one thing at a time. Someone should clone the classic Finder for *nix.

Why do people use that weird term. Just call it Unix or the Unix family. Besides, how many Unix systems even end in "nix" anyway?

How did you do it? Did you uninstall all play software or disable play services individually?

Then: Gay
Now: Streamlined, simplified Gay

That sad feel when the the cute bubbly design trend of the late 90s to mid 2000s will never return.


Apple's design now is the best on the market visually. Retina macbook is beautiful They still suck though.

If you think any of this looks good, you're a moron. It looks like a children's toy. It looks like those fake computers you buy for kids where pressing any key makes it play dumb music. The aesthetic equivalent of a chinese POPstation, but for computers

*nix is any Unix or Unix-like. I feel like it's better to use that coverall than it is to expect people to keep up with the semantics.

If someone says *nix they usually just mean something portable that runs on any of these systems. For instance someone should make a classic finder clone that would build and run on top of x11 somehow, that would cover most if not all *nix systems.

Chinese POP Stations and toy computers only look that way because that's what real computers looked like at one point and the toy manufacturers can't be bothered to get new molds for the plastic casings.

And yes, it still looks good to me. Obviously not outside of its proper context, but because that design style holds a sentimental value for me. It is a testament to a sort of naive, yet honest attempt on the part of the designers to make something look futuristic relative to the standards of the day. This in turn makes that design style all the more endearing to me.

tbh, unless you've got a wonky heatsink, your monitor is probably more loud than your fan.

Force stop and disable google play, go into google app permissions (android by default wont let you disable) and deny it all permissions. Also disable and block permissions for anything you don't need all the time (why does default calander app want access to my texts and phone storage?). I also wifi, gps, and bluetooth off at all times unless I need them. On my nexus 6p I get about 3-4 idle if I don't use my phone, and if I browse the internet for an hour or two a day I get 2-3 days of life. While I would always love more battery life I've found the average faggot complaining about having to charge twice a day has everything on all the time and are always doing stupid shit with their phone like streaming music or playing online games.


I thought those transparent shell CRT monitors were the coolest shit ever in middle school. One of my teachers had one. I would spend all class ignoring the lesson instead staring deep into the CRT workings, geeking out.

1. install non-pozzed firmware
2. don't bother to download or reinstall the play binaries

It lives on in the form of car crumple zones

Now you get to hear all of that wonderful coil whine










That looks like it came off of tumblr

Apple was leagues ahead of Microshit in the late 90s/early 00s until XP existed.

Apple was going down anyway, they just now blame it on the new CEO

I don't know if they were going for "futuristic". I think they wanted something that they thought would look less intimidating. Then again there's wacky shit like the G4 cube and I don't really understand the sensibilities of normalfags.


did I just blow your mind?