Browsers don't really need to exist anymore

Browsers don't really need to exist anymore.

All you need is a few super sites hosting everything and an app for each of them.

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99% of apps are unnecessary piles of shit that should be nuked from orbit.

Lacked one.

The majority of apps are absolutely useless and are mundane for the most part.

If browsers only indexed the home page ( then it would literally only have a few thousand websites indexed.

We need to abandon Google and all the other browsers that collect data about you and migrate to a better one.

so we should abandon javascript

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I hate you OP, and I hate you because that's the way it's going to go.

Yes, that's a perfect idea too.

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You know what they, all It takes for evil to triumph Is for a good man to listen to a defeatist.

The small sites are more important to me. I don't want individual apps for each site, and I don't want insane HTML5/javascript everywhere for no reason. If something doesn't work with Lynx, probably I don't care about it. Exception: things I have no power over, like insurance company or bank that I have to login to. So unfortunately because of them I need big-name browser installed.

This website is going to go to shit now too, isn't it.

The same goes for websites.

It's a two-sided problem. Browsers are bloated shit made by clueless numale artists, websites are bloated shit made by clueless numale artists.

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it's happening whether you like it or not, the majority of internet browsing these days is done on smart phones.

you could kill the rest of the internet and just leave up wikipedia, youtube, facebook, twitter, reddit, netflix etc and most people would be happy with it.

IPFS is working to prevent this future becoming reality, but it'll fail without the aid of meme magic


But we are not most people.

Oh boy, I can't wait to not have tabs, not be able to block ads, mute video ads, and disable bloated scripts.

Reminds me of the bloated game clients of modern games, especially League of Legend's, which takes up 700-900MB of RAM (almost as much as the actual game itself) just to load a fucking webpage and suffers from memory leaks.
It gets so bad niggers using ghetto laptops close the client while playing to free some RAM and log in again when the game ends.


I can see the end of tech from here.

No the problem is most websites are shit, but browsers have to bend over backwards to handle them. Additionally the features they're expected to provide is out of control.


Dead on arrival.

This reminds me of something...

And therein lies the rub. There are as many of "us" right now as there were entire users of the Internet in the 90s. Not referring to 8ch, of course, just the people who want a useful web. It's like how just because http triumphed doesn't mean Gopherspace necessarily went away; there are more gopher sites now than ever before. You just have to make your part of the world better and others will follow suit.

This, people don't seem to realize how much the web has grown and that views like that have just been diluted in an ocean of piss and shit instead of going away. A perfect example of how much the web has grown is how 8ch today has just as much traffic as 4chan did in 2009.

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A boy can dream, can't he?


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The future for mainstream software and websites will be so locked down that anyone who cares about freedom but still wants to use mainstream software and websites will maintain at least two different machines.

Complete nonsense.

current situation

well the apps are probably going to be built on the same shit as browsers anyway so in reality its just going to be an even more bloated pile of shit

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Why can't we just go back to using Netscape? It's so old and obscure now that no one is gonna try and find vulnerabilities in it.

Fuck off with that bullshit. That's like leaving your windows unlocked thinking that a robber will only try the front door.

It would be immune to HTML5, WebGL and SSL/TLS vulns. Javascript too? Ought to be pretty speedy.

Yeah, a phone and a real computer.

I want to try now. I'm sure it's riddled.

Yeah. Like right now I can just open a new tab and go to whatever I want from any company. If it was like "oh I need that other browser to check twitter" it would be dumb. The state of browsers right now (especially Chrome) is very comfy. The thing that bothers me is the inception, like an OS inside an OS .. seems unnecessary, but maybe not really, I use a varied combination of browsers + other local applications. I don't think I would like a full native solution or a full remote solution. I think right now it's pretty good as it is.

Pick one and only one. Also, what I meant is that you're going to want a second desktop hooked up with a KVM switch or a non free laptop on your desk if you want to visit any website that appeals to mainstream users and don't want the possibility of their proprietary DRM plugin running on your machine that stops you from blocking ads or limiting what the site can do in any other way from that machine.

Twitter and Reddit have porn.

you can't.

things like tinder and snapchat require apps.


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