Has anyone made any decent userscripts for Holla Forums...

has anyone made any decent userscripts for Holla Forums? I've been wanting to switch over to here for awhile but the god awful giant red text and 1000 other shitty things about the sites design is fucking infuriating

is there no oneechan/4chanX to fix this shit? I can't browse here for more than a few minutes without my head hurting

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make it yourself

won't be necessary, just finished reading about how this entire site is as much as a honeypot as 4chan is

off to find another alternative


8chanX has been around for years. If you'd bothered to google you'd have found it before murdering a thread off the catalog with this garbage question.


You need to go back

On another note, has there ever been a fix for all the image names appearing as hashes? Because fuck man, saving an image as a concise timecode is better than 593f25449035195e4e147303f61bcf3296664e2f71e15d961ee70aa892786e4.jpg


I had a fix but they broke my fix because they're retarded. It required javascript, because they're retarded.

[citation needed]

That's a function of the content, not the design.

Welcome to the pig farm.

Nextchan is good.

Fuck off nigger.

red text was a mistake.

their servers got seized by LEA.

Yeah and now it's back with a no child models rule.
You can get rid of it with CSS.

Why must there always be barely legal content? Why can't it be left to the TOR sites? I just wanna talk about anime, tech, and maybe some Holla Forums shit.

That stuff is banned, pretty much.
Pedos fucked off after they got the last servers shut down by the host.
The shutdown happened in the middle of trying to convince the admin to ban those faggots before the inevitable happened, and he had purged pretty much all of it. Then the host shut down the site for a remnant thumbnail of some child model shit.

This is correct. I gave nanoarchiver (former owner of /hebe/) 3 days to clear all images, and before that ended the servers were shut down. I don't think any data was seized, only destroyed. The new server is in USA and all child model-related boards have a text only enforcement. Nowadays the only challenge is the linkspam.

Who is that cat in the OP?

And, isn't 8chanX like.. dead?

does she gurgle cum between two shots of these pics? :3

Well how it works for me is that everyone meets next to the contractor's house and we all take a truck, I ride with someone and when we get there it's just work, then drive back

oh god is bui back?

No, it's called the jalapeno McChicken and I just ate one two days ago. It was on the menu.


goretex is a membrane, it can get wetted out.

For simplicity it's easier to refer to it as waterproof, as it certainly is in MOST situations. There are of course caveats namely when there isn't enough of a temp differential.

People who scream about goretex not being waterproof, like the douche above, are just splitting hairs.

can someone post the vids?

Merry Christmas /out




My focus was shot all day. I'm tired, I miss Squigs. I wonder if he hates me, he probably does. I tried to focus during biochemistry and all I could think about was how his laugh sounds or how his eyes looked when we were alone together. I initiated the whole break up but my self-loathing is so high, I don't even know how much of it is me and how much is my depression that are why this all happened. I wish he didn't hurt, I want to keep him safe, I want him with me but he wouldn't let me into his heart. He is my first love, in his words I'm just another relationship.

I deactivated my facebook and I think I'm gonna go anti-social for a bit.

You never seent the Baboon eating a baby gazalle alive i take it.



No way to verify this happened without the uncensored pic. Fuck off