Mozilla.. first official confirmed dead

Say thank you to Mozilla for webextensions. This is only one of the add-ons which will bite the dust at least in that complex feature set.

Time to say goodbye!

For all who still do not believe customization will go the way of the Lemmings

Just fuck my shit up fam.

Jus wait and see. And if nothing can save us, links -g is still here :^).

Oh fuck, this is my single most important extension. I guess that really wraps things up for me then then. Should I switch to Palemoon or Waterfox moving forward?

This is a duplicate thread, and you got fucking told in the first thread.

Looks like you're getting fucking told right here now. Here we have the first major casualty to Mozilla's Chrome obsession.

Looks like you're a severely autistic individual who spams duplicate threads when you get told.
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actually it's been deprecated by glinks

Why are you niggers not pushing Pale Moon? It has been the obvious and superior replacement for years now, but you still cuck for Fagzilla.

yo how the fuck did you post?
I always get the referer error

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Daily reminder that Furrymeme did not support 1080p videos until a few months ago.

Can someone answer this

For HTML5 playback on jewtube.


SJWs will not affect tech, they said
Just ignore them, they said

Where is the most 1080p content streamed, faggot?

This was inevitable.
When you decide to start hiring based on the color of the skin or the genitals, you get a shitload of people you can't put in technical positions.

So, you put them in non-technical positions like UI/UX. This happens because non-technical positions don't need objective measures and "everyone" can do them.

Except that they are not something that everyone can do. They are quite difficult to do it right, and now we have niggers, women, trans, leading firefox.

The real cucks are still the programmers who implements clearly inferior features.

Well, that's what you get when you hire based not on abilities but on gender/race.

Bye, bye, firefox.

You can use jewtube without using html5, nigger tits.

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Huh, you're right. It used to work, but it looks like don't like it (even with -http.referer 3) anymore.

Absolutely disgusting.

I watch my videos in mpv, but damn that's some fine autism right there.