Should I pay for pro version of code academy

Should I pay for pro version of code academy

I finished their javascript course but other than learning its syntax and commands I don't feel any more of a programmer than I did before completing it.


IMO, the best way of learning a language is to do the following:
1. Read a little about the language (enough to get started)
2. Start a project in the language
3. When you run into problems during the project that you don't know how to solve, look them up
4. Continue steps 2 and 3 a few more times
5. Go back to step 1 and learn some more about the language from a book or documentation

That's how I learned every language I know

If you don't feel like you learned very much from the free material, why do you expect the paid material to be any better?

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Is it even possible to learn programming from this process?

I only ask this because I have no ideas for a new project that I would want to do, but there are many old projects that need fixing or small changes to work on other platforms

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Javascript is a small language made for scripting web pages. There isn't that much there to make you feel like a programmer. If you want to accomplish stuff learn more than just loops and conditions.
Learn regular expressions, exception handling, data structures and testing. Learn about tricks such as dispatch tables. You can learn all this online, there's no need to pay for anything.

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Serious question, do you have anyone who would be saddened when you finally kill yourself? Your thread makes it quite clear that everyone around you would be quite relieved when you finally leave their lives.

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The reason you don't feel like any more of a programmer than before is because you are actually less of a programmer now, even if you'd never previously touched a keyboard in your life.

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Well doing the javascript course showed me how easy websites are to make, and how little effort these companies put in once the template is completed.

Guess that's why there are so many 'webdesigners' and shit.


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Making a website is easy, that's right, but making a quality website is hard. Choice of color, making it accessible to screen readers, making it acessible to people without pointing device, making it work on different screen sizes, making the layout not shit itself with different font sizes, proper outlining, proper semantics, not having your code become an unmaintainable mess or require a million server requests, all that is the hard part. There are just so many fine nuances to consider. Any course that doesn't teach you the actual craftsmanship belongs into the trash.

Hard, but you're not likely to forget what you learned this way

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