Modern computing with (minimal) X

so Holla Forums, how would you...

...on a system that uses as little of X as possible?

Hard Mode: without any X window involvement at all.

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Without JS, you're dead. So you can use a lightweight webkitgtk wrapper like surf2 or uzbl I guess. Netsurf might become what we need.
mutt/alpine (look out for aerc)
mpv (vo=drm if you don't want X)
Editing: you need X; aside from the two bloatmonsters GIMP and Krita, there's stuff like mypaint.
View: sxiv/imv on X/Wayland, fbi on framebuffer
Without X: df(ncurse)/(z)angband/nethack, chocolate doom
With X: all the id software games (gzdoom, ioquake3, iortcw, etlegacy, doom3)

Abiword is probably less bloated than LO. Asciidoc for text documents.

Also, ranger is the best file manager ever.

I would use Wayland :^)

no idea, maybe with elinks?
no idea
I know OpenTTD, Widelands, and Retroarch work without X, maybe others. plus there's a bunch of ncurses games
convert to image and use fbi, I guess
no idea

The only thing I have to add would be
Spreadsheets I don't know about, but for creating PDFs and text documents LaTeX is the obvious choice. For creating graphs, matplotlib works really great.

You can use LibreOffice in headless mode to convert between CSV and spreadsheet, and you can edit CSV by using any text editor you want.

Wayland works right now so I'd just use Wayland with fallback to XWayland. And I do.

I prefer rover. It's simpler and made in C.

Wayland works, but it simply lacks good applications.
imv might replace it one day, but it lacks image-info and key-handler right now
I don't see any minimal terminal for Wayland, right now.
Don't know if it has native wayland support (think so)

Rover's goal (simplicity) isn't the same as Ranger's (extensibility).
What I really like in Ranger is the three column concept and the preview (useful to have a preview different from opening; e.g. cbz: preview -> zipinfo and open -> some comic reader).

Any application that you can use on X you can use on Wayland with XWayland. Except things that rely on: pointer locking/relative pointer and confinement. Think first person shooter video games.
That's still a bit hairy in Wayland itself, let alone XWayland.

Literally the only thing holding me back from making the switch. Muh gaymez.

if gaming doesn't work on Wayland could I still game on sandboxed windows while using Wayland?

Also, password manager autocompletion to wayland windows is also a use case where it fails.
The problem is trust, and wayland tries to do away with the "any window can shit on another window" X protocol paradigm.

With the overhead of a X server for each instance? No, thanks.

Do you mean each window? In that case, that's not how XWayland works and thank you for playing, retard.
In fact, there's more overhead with compositing managers -> server than with XWayland itself.
You got any other delusions you want to vent about? Perhaps you can bring up "network transparency" next.

"sc", the spreadsheet calculator runs in terminal.

There's even actual paint program, but it's for svgalib:
Maybe it can display on fb with a wrapper library, or else it shouldn't be too hard to modify the code so it uses SDL instead.

Most SDL stuff should work on fb, including mplayer and lots of games.

Imagemagick is enough for many simple operations, although you'd have to be mad to use it for everything.

See the textpunk thread:

elinks, links2, or w3m depending on the features you want. elinks and w3m can be made to mostly look like a modern browser for fingerprinting purposes and have better cookie controls, elinks and links2 can support iframes so you can solve the noscript fallback captchas, and w3m and links2 can view images inline.

Not happening with a browser that doesn't support javascript now days, and to my knowledge there are no currently supported browsers that support javascript and don't require X11.


Pretty hard to find:
Also, see

Well there's this:
It can handle some stuff like amazon and paypal, but most modules are for french websites.
maybe you can add your own though

We already have an ASCIIpunk thread you nigger

That doesn't imply a lack of X and a lack of X doesn't imply that. You can have graphics without X and text interfaces with X.

best non-x web browsing experience I've found. This was quite a few years ago though. Used to use it as an image viewer aswell.

Particularly recommend this browser for the "Access Keys" feature, which makes things so much easier. Not sure if there are other fb graphic capable browsers out now which offer this feature and tabbed browsing.