CRT filter for LCD screen

Is there really no way to do this or am i just absolutely retarded and incapable of googling?

And if there isn't a way, how would I go about making one?

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There is. They are used for retro gaming, I can't remember what they were called.

Why don't you just get an old CRT? Apeture grille CRTs can still be found.

Retroarch comes with a fuckton of them, and some of them look pretty good. Relevant because it's really only good for gaymes anyway.

I hate when people talk about these filters, they never looked like that at any reasonable distance, they're specifically designed with that in mind and have to be calibrated. Do you ever notice how close people have to get to the actual display just to show off the grid effect? The ideal would be not noticing them on a CRT at all ever and that's how it is if you're actually sitting more than 3 inches away from the glass.

Emulating this effect is almost as bad as people who put the bow effect on, that would only ever happen on cheap sets that are not even calibrated, any proper display, even cheap ones could easily be tuned to what looks like a square image when viewing it through the glass at the right distance which is key here, the set may not be displaying a a perfect square but it will look like one depending on the curvature of the glass and angle of view, if it doesn't then it's not calibrated.

Worst offenders are people that put glare effects on or the "black flicker", if you do these you should be jailed, the latter would only ever show up when viewed through a camera, and the former is a result of the display cover (usually glass), yet people still emulate this as if it makes any sense.

People really need to stop imitating what they think a CRTs look like, because it's not what they look like in person, which I imagine is what you're trying to emulate. It's not even possible to emulate the real benefits of a CRT either, things like the contrast levels, the refresh rates, or the lack of a native resolution. I can't understand why you'd want to emulate technical but imperceptible properties of a CRT on an LCD, nostalgia isn't even an argument because again, they just don't look like that, unless you spent most of your time playing at some really low grade arcade that didn't give a fuck about their displays, or you only ever saw a TV at a bar from an extreme angle, or you purposely fucked up your calibration on your set at home, then maybe I could understand the nostalgia factor but that's it.

Either get a CRT, calibrate it, and play on that or just look at the image on an LCD display as is projected, unfiltered. If you want to be a real man look at the patents for SED and make one of those, make a bunch and sell them on the black market for massive damage.

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Nah you're wrong.
MAME's filter does an almost perfect job

The video you just linked has the exact thing I'm talking about when being viewed through a camera. There's so many factors involved when you introduce the camera, mostly in terms of how the light is picked up when comparing things like scanlines.

This is like when people see the attached webm and assume that's how propellers work.
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Another relevant pic

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That shit is not even close. Why do people think the "CRT look" require thick gaps between the scanlines? They actually should be very subtle.

buy a CRT and use VGA.

Jesus Christ. I still have a CRT TV (because it was cheap at the time and I don't feel like moving it to replace it, not because I think CRTs are superior) and own some older systems, some of those filters are fucking ridiculous. Sure my CRT TV isn't perfectly straight on the edges, but it sure as hell doesn't have a ridiculous bow effect like that all throughout the image. The scanlines are also less visible (other than flat color surfaces where they may be slightly more visible) than the video here: when comparing to my TV with Golden Axe on my Sega Genesis. I will still say that games designed for older lower resolution displays sometimes just don't look right on modern higher resolution displays though.

To add a bit more about the scanlines. They are quite visible with games on my NES with the blocky sprites and flat colors, while they pretty much disappear when watching a movie on DVD. I wouldn't be surprised if breaking up the scanlines was a priority for the artists who made the sprites for those older games.

A DVD should run in an interlaced mode and show no scan lines at all. Scan lines were caused by progressive screen modes only using a fraction of the available screen lines. e.g. 240p uses half the lines of 480i

These are great, I wish more people would realize that cameras and microphones don't capture things exactly how your eyes and ears do.

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Thank you, it makes me cringe watching millenials 'emulate the real feel of CRT' to make it look nothing like how I remember it

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Because old game consoles output in 240p by skipping every other line. Hence, huge gaps. It's not accurate for everything though.

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I use crt-geom-deluxe because it's good enough even when pausing and looking at the screen real close like some fucking autismo who jacks off over CRT look even if he never had a shitty normal consumer CRT TV as a kid in the twenty aughts

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I play without shaders at 1366*768 on my business laptop display.

I remember CRTs and the picture quality was sharp and buttery. but tbh, they were a big, dim, ugly, pain in the ass, and all of mine were a fire hazard till I trashed them.

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