Check my trips

check my trips

Absolutely checked

meme magic is real

how did you know you would get them?

oooh baby a triple

The fuck happened to Holla Forums? Have you seen this place? The catalog is is pure garbage


maymay magic


OP was abusing the recent posts log.

rolling is all i can do with my life now!

i'll see myself out


no shit dumb faggot. do you think anyone other than a cocksucking mod who lets gay chatroom threads would make this to sticky it?




then youre a retard.

all stickying this shit does is proove how much Holla Forums has become cancer and only cancer. the mods and the bo all need to be purged.

Is it that hard to believe someone who isn't a vol got a get, and then stickied?

kill yourself lad. it's a fun stickies. fags like you are why the random board hardly ever has any fun. Holla Forums is supposed to be fun, go fuck off to a unfunded board like Holla Forums

please sticky epic GETs and happenings modanons / volunteers

user gets BTFO

so Holla Forums bo and mods are paid to run it into the ground. Kill yourself faggot. Holla Forums's new owner worst job on modding in a month than anything we had in years.

how does it feel to get ass fucked like that?

I've yet to see any significant changes

The Jews pay him to keep up the gay threads.

They're on to us.

I just came, and it felt nice. Dubs?

kys you faggot cucc



why did this shitty thread get pinned?

because one guy got trios? this board is filled with hicks

Exactly. Welcome to Holla Forums ya cunt.

that's becuase there hasn't been, I'm still dysnomia, or maybe a troll pretending to be, you'll never know.

as the OP of this thread, I approve

you should be ashamed. also chex my dubs

OP just can't stop GETting those digits


Says the user with singles.