The Boards Of Holla Forums

Holla Forums - pol with video games
Holla Forums - pol with memes
/a/ - pol with anime
Holla Forums - pol with movies
Holla Forums - the board that pol hates
Holla Forums - pol with comics
/k/ - pol with guns
/christian/ - secondary pol
/cuteboys/ - another board that pol hates
/r9k/ or /v9k/ - pol with virgins
/pone/ - pol with ponies
/polmeta/ - yet another board for pol to circlejerk on

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you could list them like that,
or you could just go to


Those were the best boards that are now dead

It's pretty easy to drive the Holla Forumstards away, just respond to anything they say by calling them a cuck and/or a "ctr shill" and eventually they get mad and leave.


/x/ is the best board

That too **tfw never got to see
It in its prime**

You have no idea how many lulz you missed.

I legitimately feel bad for you.

I do remember benji destroying swami
And hot wheels telling them they went to far.

How far do you go back user?

I came here first exodus.

Sept fag. Never visited a chan before. Heard about gamergate and came to Holla Forums. Those were great days. HW would shitpost and join in raids. I watched him rekt Brianna wu live on huffpost.

I never got to watch it live. Holy fuck when I got back on Holla Forums later that day it was all video related.

come on man

those boards have an emphasis on being a virgin though

Never gets old.

I haven't seen that first image in like a year.

So beautiful.

Let's try this again.
Holla Forums - a board made by moot to contain the fallout of deleting /new/, in an attempt to make a mockery of those people but accidentally a culture that's mostly kept its shit together until Learningcode weasled his way into the moderation
Holla Forums - a board for pedos, porn, and random shit, Holla Forums keeps trying to get in a foothold but is too retarded and disliked for it to happen, Holla Forums only occasionally drops in for a cheap laugh
/a/ - an anime board with sympathies to Holla Forums
Holla Forums - a board which was taken over by freech months ago
Holla Forums - an eternal joke which has to market itself on reddit to boost its numbers and makes continuous threads on how to subvert other boards, completely clueless on how this only makes people hate them more
Holla Forums - cartoons and comics, it's neutral and OP is a ass-puckered fuccboi
/k/ - outdoorsmen with guns who happen to agree with Holla Forums on certain things
/christian/ - don't ever ask about the pedo mods or how they cover for each other, you'll get banned
/cuteboys/ - OP's favorite board
/r9k/ - feel memes
/pone/ - OP's third favorite board, /pone/ will never know Holla Forums's girth
/polmeta/ - a /meta/ for Holla Forums for people to complain about getting banned by learningcode, only for the mods to laugh at them and circlejerk with each other

Samefagging is a crime, OP.

Dead as fuck.

I miss Ashley

who's that?

I wish I still had my folder. All those images, all those webms, all those vids, gone forever. Building back up has been hell.

An angel who went back to heaven.

fuck off faggot. im a newfag. teach me or i will start posting like a newfag would.

Quick reminder that porn brings traffic to websites.

Porn is also the most unoriginal and anti-conversation thing to post on a chan or forum.

Mom says to get off the computer and go clean your room.

Remember when the BO diddled around and turned /wx/ into an abomination for the eyes? Fun times.

you're in the same boat as me, aren't you?


b/ queen. A 13 yo Mexican trap.

It was great, barely remember who everyone in that pic is.


go back
>>>Holla Forums

More Harley Quinn

I'm not OP you ctr shill.

OP, pls.

cuck pls

Holla Forums holds the sway it does because back on Halfchan it was the last board that held the spirit of the website. Some anons on 4chan hated it, outsiders were infuriated by its content and it liked to fuck around with the real world or heavily analyzed it and made caricatures of it. Eg: Boards like Holla Forums used to have raids, but they stopped. Holla Forums fucked around with the Zimzam trial by ringing during the skype call.

Holla Forums has its head up its own collective ass, no doubt about it. But, like white people, it didn't end up top dog by mere chance.


Now this is a meme I can get behind.

fuck off back to facebook you normalfag.

samefag. your OC is shit. lurk more.

Thank you.

Post your OC right now. It must be amazing considering how easily you shit on others stuff.

i created oc for the wikileaks email spread during the election. your oc is literal brainless shit for toddlers. go back to cuckchan, faggot.

Holla Forums has reached the level of popularity that it should be treated as a containment board so that every other board on this site doesn't turn into just another variation of Holla Forums

You didn't post it though. Shame, it seems you can only mouth off repetitive buzzwords.

fuck off and LURK MOAR. how are you a global mod?

faggot confirmed. remove yourself.

look in the mirror and act accordingly.

nuke yourself.

impale yourself with a horses dick

I said look in the mirror faggot and then you will know what to do

I'll beat your ass little boy



/x/ pride site wide



That' extremely lude. Do you mind? I'm trying to rim my 3-yo daughter!

Come on now the mega archive is still there. I even have a copy of it and the rose v3 archive.


There used to be lots of YT archives but the autist mods got them removed.



Why this board even exist in the first place is silly. They were trying to fix what already not broken.

It's filled with faggots who can't handle a few bait threads and want to pretend they're superior for posting on a dead board. I wish it would just die so the community can be reunited already.

wasn't october 2014 the second exodus?