Holla Forums Gore Thread

Share images and webms of computer gore

Is that second pic /furry/'s server?

I got an old computer from my uncle that looked exactly like that (it was even a Dell). That's what happens when you smoke next to a computer and don't clean it for a few years.

Nicotine covered lint. We meet again.

Wait, how does a frog somehow crawl into a computer and then die?

Probably like anything else, it's warm inside so they make their way in, but can't find a way out

fucking smoker box


The owners keeps a dirty house full of cockroaches and flies, this attracts the frogs cause free food everywhere. They crawl into the computers because warm, or because they think it's a nice dark hiding spot. They then proceed to die cause they get electrocuted when the computer is turned on and they just so happens to touch the right spot, alternatively if they're "lucky" they die from heat stroke once the computer turns on and the owner decides that they need to play a couple of matches of Call of Duty: Modern Future Shadow Warfare in the Past.

Now we know how kek got into Holla Forums.

RIP kek :(




I have yet to build a computer, but when I do I'm gonna be OCD as fuck


Does someone has that image of a homebrew Apple II Mockingboard card (it's a white one with horrible soldering, can't find it anywhere)? That's true Holla Forums gore.

Also adding some photos

That's not gore. That's porn or at least, it would be if it weren't a fat fucking faggot wearing the computer


Pic is almost slightly related.

You mean tech support threads? Mac threads?

That is disgusting