Shoplifting tips

Broke as fuck and need cash.
Any tips for shoplifting? also crime general thread.

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>find receipt near (in) garbage can outside walmart

Alternatively, keep the receipt and use a bag from that store to shoplift the item in question. If you have the item in the bag with a receipt, most people won't question you. This works particularly well if the store (I frequent WalMart) has multiple areas with checkouts that are not near the exits. Just make sure the bag isn't fucked up and that the receipt is visible through the semi transparent bag. Bonus points if you actually buy something else while exiting, because it makes you look like a normal customer.

Either way, don't shoplift in your hometown, don't wear eye catching shirts, wear a hat OR sunglasses because both makes you look suspicious, and go during peak activity.

Hate to be the faggot that links reddit, but they have a lot of comprehensive guides on where you should and shouldn't lift and why (also some how tos)

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If you're truly broke you can get food at soup kitchens, look for a job or a one-off thing that will pay you money like handing out fliers. Shoplifting makes you a shitty drain on society. Unless you want to pull of a heist on a (((Vegas))) Casino or something don't start thieving.

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Oh please don't steal from walmart. You're a drain on society if you steal from a company that refuse to pay their workers even slightly viable wages.

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This guide is completely wrong, here OP let me guide you.

fill cart with full bottles and cans and take them to return machine

Tip 1: Check your local laws and make sure the retail value of the item(s) you steal total per incident are less that the Felony Grand Theft limit for your state (some states it's $300, others it's $1000). A misdeamor can be a serious annoyance on your record down the line but you might as well start suckin cock for a living if you get a Felony, cuz that's the only way you'll make money.

Tip 2: No Jewelry, it's value is shit on the secondary market and it is highly surveilled.

Tip 3: Don't hit the same place twice no matter how tempting. This will get you busted more than anything else.

Tip 4: Steal from stores in the nicest part of your town, they have less crime and less LP staff.

Tip 5: Don't do scams (receipt returns, credit card fraud, etc.) Those leave a paper trail.

Tip 6: Small, valuable consumer electronics are obvious, and highly surveilled. Department store LP guys spend half their time staring at monitors of their electronics department. Pick something else.

Tip 7: Always work alone.

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