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why'd she ruin herself with that piercing?

cause it's her body

2/10 would not bang

Take off the shirt slut

still cute even with a very shot hair


she did that on purpose. typical attention whore faker

kittens /soc whore

Her hair is the least of her problems.

faggot, her tits is nice actually.

Those are pleb-tier tits. If you had patrician-tier tastes like me you'd find them utterly reppelant.

She's an admitted pedophile too


post proof

way to contradict yourself retard

It's possible for tits to be both small and tiny. If they hang instead of being perky, they are sagging even if they're small.

yes dipshit, its called a synonym.

I meant small and saggy.

you're an idiot and most likely a virgin

this. small and saggy are horrible to see.



Try again.


Both posts are within 11 seconds of eachother dumbass.




Small tits can sag, assclown.

kek'd at this

post them as mp4s

ye kittns


Its a tampon user, not a fucking rope


Yes, that's s tampon. What about it? Women menstruate, yes? Nothing disgusting about that (unless we are talking bout menstruation chunks)

lol nice gyno, fag

holy fucking shit get a load of this motherfucking chad


you better post that shit rn fam

Even before I knew about sex, I knew about women and their periods. Did you even have female family?

Fucking tampon string Kek
Fucking amateurs

Otherwise she seems like a meh.

I'm a faggot cuck with mostly female family / friends, and I learned about periods on the internet.