Danielle Bregoli - Cash Me Outside

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What's the whole joke with chads getting fashy haircuts and women just not caring for their hair, like I was willing to support the intentionally ripping clothing for fashion but fuck at least try to make something good




The kid is 13. GTFO with this pedoshit.

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Definitely not. She's a dumbass.

She's 14 actually, she isn't prepubescent. You're a prude conservative so leave my Holla Forums

Hail the real queen of Holla Forums.

not an argument.

Queen Daniel is literally 13 years old, you can't beat that.

old memes are back are back in style


So how long before her nog of the week leaks her nudes?

Jessi Slaughter 2.0. Hopefully more Taco Bell than Arby's

Oh yeah. I forgot that lewdish pics of a 14 yea old are OK now. Totally different thanks for clearing that up.
pedophile shit

Milo said it's okay and whatever Milo says goes/

You gotta be shitting me. No fucking way someone actually got a tattoo of this wait, someone probably did, because degenerates.

Get this normies tier meme off my board faggot

Again, calling me a pedo because I like teen girls. Stop, do you know where you are?

pic related was 13, do you see her developing breasts or widening hips? Do you understand that the rest of the world likes this shit, especially Brazil and Japan?

Yea but she got a baby poppin out her left knee tho!

ur retarded, stop shitting up my thinly veiled pedo thread!

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Whats retarded is that chicks half-outtie! And her malformed jawline!

I started this thread as a joke, ya'll faggots don't like girls but always bitch about friend-zones and high school crushes, smh tbqh

Bet she's a granny to many of you, closet pedophile faggots

You're a joke and your thread is shit. Stay on halfchan.

Get shot by a cop, dumb nigger.

y-you too!

never underestimate the stupidity of millennials user, it is through the roof terrible

yeah the "OP is a faggot" thing started as a joke. Well, the newfags didn't know it was a joke and became literal faggots

When she realizes her 15 minutes of fame are fading away she will start doing porn.
Screenshot this post.

Mia is fucking awesome.


Time for your bleach enema OP