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Now don't get me wrong, I really like their work but they're literally arguing that Donald Trump is going to cause more problems by denying the TPP after all the work they had against it. Why are they trying to discredit him for doing what they urged everyone to work for? Pre-emptively attacking him because he's an politician?
Because as far as I can tell, this is a salt leak.

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Its their confirmation bias. They are against the TPP but they are also so biased against Donald Trump from cultural Marxist brainwashing that they deny that Donald could possibly agree with them on a subject. Its childish

M8, EFF if fully pozzed. I'd go to a Ruby or JS convention before donating anything to these jews.

This. I love the work the EFF does, but goddamn they can be stupid sometimes.

I'd imagine that most of the people in the EFF and those that support it hate Trump. Why not get the jump on whining about the things he'll do?

Instead of taking note of how the gun rights lobby succeeded by never giving an inch to gun grabbers and responding to questions like "How many more dead children?" with "All of them." these activist will keep being ineffectual.

Always fighting losing battles and conceding ground, even their most optimistic members must admit their cause gaining nationwide attention and support by any politician who wants to stay employed seems impossible. I long for the day a more militant group displaces them and doesn't have their headquarters in San Francisco.

Their thinking is probably something along the lines of "Donald Trump is a rascist, misogynist, anti-semitic, homophobic, transphobic, lobbyist loving corporate stooge, Rethuglican, literal reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, as well as the Pied Piper of Bigoted White People and there is, therefore, not even a remote possibility that he could actually do what he said he wanted to do and kill the TPP dead."
Even if he does kill TPP like he promised, they will probably come up with some ridiculous excuse as to why it actually had nothing to do with Donald Trump and TPP being killed is actually something he was against.



Obviously true

All true

No shit

So which part of these facts are triggering you user?

A 45% tax on Chinese products will not benefit China. TPP being kill also harms China.

Why are you pulling a 45% tax out of your ass suddenly user? Is that what's causing the butthurt?

They're not. You're cherrypicking. This is the start of the article:

They're basically celebrating that Trump won. They think that his reasons for opposing the TPP are flawed, and they warn that this doesn't mean that all the threat of the TPP is gone, but the main message of the article is that the TPP is finally off the table because Trump won.

They don't say that Trump will do more harm than good, they say that Trump doesn't mean that the problem is completely solved.

Please stop.

Cool your jets lefty. I know Cultural Marxism =/= Traditional Marxism.

the history of society isn't class struggles though, it's conflict between nations


if that's your argument, i'll check back in a couple days and see if you have one then

muritard or pejeet?

I know right? The guy you're responding to is a total retard XDDDDD

They're actually right.
It's mainly why the lolbertard supports TPP.
See, if you don't commit, China will swoop in and do the same thing relatively quickly.
This is what some people were trying to tell you fucking retards but you just cried "muh globalism" for months.

Also, "all their work against it" was due to the fact that it was closed proceedings.
Yeah, there's some really bad shit in there. There's some okay things, as well.
It's like not eating cereal because there's a regulated amount of rat shit in it.

You can eat your government regulated rat shit if you'd like, user. I choose not to eat rat shit at all.

And you're almost as retarded as him ;)

It figures Holla Forums would be infested with San Francisco. Kill yourselves, degenerate scum.

You realize that tying rules to trade deals is literally subverting democracy?
What the fuck is the point of representatives if some rich fuck down the EU is going to throw money at them if they accept their Draconian copyright laws without the populace knowing?

Yeah right because the retarded copyright laws didn't have any pass in those.

It's not a government-regulated amount of rat shit you faggot. This is gilded age Jungle levels of rat shit. But yeah, go ahead and gobble it up user. It's just a little shit. Just hefty fines and jail time for posting a fucking reaction image that happened to come from a TV show. Just the sale of millions of first-world jobs to third-world nations. Just the end of free software.

Literally kill yourself Chiang Wang, you stupid chinsect shill fuck.

So you don't eat cereal?

Nice refutation, faggot. Still doesn't change the fact that China will take advantage of no TPP.

I don't see any refutation of the fact that China will take advantage of no TPP and become even more of an economic powerhouse.

Mostly because I didn't see you posting any arguments supporting that claim.

The argument is in the article up top. The argument has been made by anyone who realized how international trade works.

Again, the fact is that China will take advantage of this,

That part of the article is funny and so are you.

Years after fighting the TTP on America, they suddenly reveal that China just has another trade coming on their way and that we enabled it.
And they do this just to spite Donald Trump's speech, even though it means they shot their own work in the foot.
If that's not a salt leak, nothing is.

Dialectical materialism is a retarded model of the world that depends on conflict to exist (leading people to create conflict or faux-oppression where there is none) because it's a view of the world based on the structure of arguments.

Yes, we gave China the authority to push a trade partnership with countries around them.
Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound?
That's like saying the EFF is doing this to spite Obama's bullshit.

You haven't refuted the fact that this gives China even more of an economic powerhouse leg up. News flash, international politics is hard. There are hard choices to make.
The only salt is from retards like you who refuse to acknowledge this, start accusing everyone of "spite" and such.

And I'm not going to do because,
A)what is the point of mentioning that on this article, or on EFF altogether.
B)Why should I give up my freedom for a restrictive trade deal

Because it's an actual fact.
What freedoms does the TPP restrict, that are not already "restricted" in your mind?
Oh wait, none. What it is, is enforcing US copyright dick on asian countries.
If you didn't know, US copyright law is enforced in the US.
Unless you're a fucking gook, nothing would change.

As usual, retards like yourself are fucking retarded.

That is to say, TPP has always been criticized by EFF because it "entrenches" these copyright laws with a trade agreement.
Leave it to faggot slacktivists like yourself who were railing against the TPP to not even know why you were fighting against it.
You think Trump's House and Senate are going to tell the Mouse (Disney) to go fuck themselves next time they want an extension? No, lol. We're going to get even more restrictive copyright laws. They're already entrenched, right here, at home.

Not to mention, net neutrality is probably going to be repealed, or at the very least it will be completely nullified with 'zero-rating' bullshit from ISPs and their data caps.

I wanted to mention, in this article about Soccer, about how Donald Trump policies are going to be spread to China, because hey its fact.

As for and the rest of the comments, its the same thing EFF did: Switched form TTP talks to "LOOK, DONALD TRUMP IS GOING TO FUCK EVERYTHING UP FORGET HIS ATTACKS AGAINST THE TPP" because you don't like him as President.
And of course you'd support EFF switching form talking about TTP to attacking someone they don't like. You're doing it yourself.

No, it's saying that Donald Trump's justification for his position is bunk.
This will strengthen China, it's calling out the irony in this.
Please, refute this. If you can't refute their statement, then there's no reason for your retarded comments to even exist. The only reason you're bitching about them is because it calls into question the wisdom of your god emperor.
In fact, considering this, he may do a complete 180 and renegotiate with even worse copyright entrenchment, under a new name. All because the alternative would be strengthening China.
You are a fucking retard.

I should just leave while I'm ahead.

You're not ahead, dipshit.
This entire thread is predicated on how they're "insulting" your god emperor.
Except, it's true. It's ironic, that it was killed for strengthening China, when in fact it doesn't.
And it's true, this doesn't mean the TPP is dead. It may be revived and renegotiated under another name, and the lobbyists will be there.
There's nothing to your bitching, other than being another faggot triggered by someone calling out the wisdom of your god emperor.


Except they don't agree with Trump on TPP. Not for the same reasons.
Trump believes that it strengthens China. It does not. In fact, the killing of TPP strengthens China.
Why EFF wants it killed is the entrenchment of copyright laws that they're fighting so hard to kill themselves, via trade agreement.
Why Trump wants it killed is the strengthening of China, which is wrong. In fact, Trump probably wants stronger copyright legislation, for American interests.
Don't think that his House and Senate are going to say no when Disney comes asking for another extension.
In fact, his Supreme Court candidate might well be the straw that breaks the camel's back, when the previous court told the house that they cannot extend copyright protections any more.

This isn't your hugbox. Expect uncomfortable facts.

ITT: Highschool dropouts try to discuss international trade deals


>his SCOTUS candidate might be the straw that broke the camel's back

Care to point out how each poster is wrong in this thread? Or are you going to strawman.

Every other thing in that post is a fact. Feel free to fuck off any time.
>>>Holla Forums


It strengthens China because, if it's killed, there's the RCEP.
You are a fucking retard, truly. Just go the fuck back to Holla Forums, you retards have made another shitty thread within two weeks. This was after the embarassing thread, where your mods permabanned Holla Forums users who tried to explain how stupid you fucking retards are over at Holla Forums.


What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you brain damaged? Or are you just having a stroke over the fact that your god emperor is wrong, and wrong on multiple subjects?

Criticize, not completely condemn. The article is celebrating that Trump won but also pointing out that Trump isn't perfect. The general tone is not anti-Trump. Did you read the entire article or did you judge based on the tiny part quoted in the OP?

Trump autists can't tell the difference. It's a consequence of their hugbox they subjected themselves to for months and months.

there's no surprise a "non-profit" businesses is out of touch with reality.

I would be cautious incase Trump has his own agendas or unintended bad side effects of his efforts.

Don't be a faggot. The post is pretty unbiased. EFF's job is to protect digital freedom so coming up with possible threats and how to fight them is nothing but their duty. TPP is off the table now, but there's no guarantee it won't come back under a new name.

Well, fuck. They're still a good organization, but that means they've began to rot. An apolitical organization seems to be impossible since these cunts always get in sooner or later and destroy it from the inside. At least "Media Justice" sounds like a useless position, so we should have two years or so until it's terminal.

So do I have this right?
Get rid of the TPP
Good for Chyna
Marginally good for freedom

Get rid of TPP

Do you feel intelligent after bashing a community of paranoiacs and autists? None of your statements were factual in basis, and relied solely on your opinion of the perceived consequences. You ought to realize that just like the pundits, your opinion on what 'strengthens China' is similarly subjective. Continue on your tirade but you're really doing a terrible job justifying your reasoning. Maybe if you'd link to an actual publication that comes to this conclusion I'd agree, but considering that won't happen, I'll just wait for another ad hominem.

A trade agreement where we'd get a leg up on China versus China reaping all of the benefits strengthens China. It's a fact, but it's a fact based on the assumption that the RCEP is further negotiated and ratified.
It strengthens China from a trade perspective. Fact of matter.
Here it is: fuck off, retard. Go back to Holla Forums.

Assuming the TPP wouldn't hurt America, you would be correct. However, the TPP would cost America a lot, and not all victories are worth the cost.

I don't have to assume anything about the TPP. China is strengthened from agreements like these because they are an economic perspective. We are not.
You don't seem to be able to follow this, you fucking retard. If we had the infrastructure to start with, free trade would be a good thing. Instead it's been 30 years of backwards trade agreements mainly to the benefit of companies wanting to outsource.

Once again. Go back to Holla Forums. This thread is another embarassing stain, just like last week.

And by 'economic powerhouse' i mean 'manufacturing powerhouse'. Even though they're starting to clean up their shit, they still benefit greatly from RCEP, if it is ratified. There's no way to dispute this fact. Attempting to do so, you sound as fucking stupid as the autists from Holla Forums.
Probably because you are one of them.

No, you don't understand. TPP not being passed may benefit China, if they can get RCEP ratified. However, the USA signing the TPP would weaken the USA much more than whatever benefits China would receive from RCEP being ratified. In other words, by not passing the TPP we stand to gain more than we lose by letting RCEP be ratified(assuming it will be ratified).

Torrent Freak had a better analysis of what Trump being president means for US copyright law

You'd think the those fighting the TPP would throw Trump a bone for also opposing it.

The purpose of the EFF is political.

They do. Read the fucking article.

This isn't about what we fucking gain, you stupid monkey.
The statement Trump makes, that killing TPP strengthens China, is wrong.
How fucking retarded are you?

Or rather, killing TPP weakens China. That's what Trump said. It's wrong.
Read the fucking article, you stupid faggot. Or better yet, read the fucking quote in the OP. That's what we're talking about.
The fact that you can't fucking read three sentences, plainly shows that you are a drooling retard. There's no reason to be having this conversation. It's a shit thread, OP is a whiny faggot just like you, and Holla Forums is a bunch of autists who take any statement that's not drooling on his dick to mean "LOL SJWS AMIRITE?"
>>>Holla Forums

Ok I found the actual quote just to make it clear what Trump said

So Trump was talking about the agreement benefitting China by letting them take advantage of the USA. Those statements don't say anything about making China stronger that aren't directly related to them taking advantage of the USA. As in, Trumps concern was never about China getting stronger, but only about the USA getting taken advantage of by China. So I stand by what I said in . Maybe you should try reading his actual words and not some politicized summary, especially one that doesn't even quote the man.

China isn't part of the TPP, you fucking imbecile. It's not planned for China to come in and negotiate. It's not planned for Russia to come in and negotiate.
You are fucking retarded. Straight up. Stop replying, before you embarass your board further, as if that was possible after last week's embarassing thread.

It's a stupid statement, because it's patently false.

And further, there is no back door. If they do not meet the requirements, they cannot negotiate. It's one of his stupidest excuses, but it just happens to be good for those against globalism and especially the TPP.

The TPP is a ~6k page treaty with 12 countries. Are you saying there is 0 possibility that China could find and exploit a loophole in the TPP through one of these twelve countries? I find that a very hard claim to believe and would like to see some proof.
What are you even talking about?

There is not a zero possibility, but for that possibility to take hold it requires massive changes to their economy, and if they did those massive changes it would in fact benefit the US.

So, again, the only future to this conversation will be arguing in circles. You'll start repeating some bullshit about a "back door" when such a backdoor doesn't exist, and I'll remind you that there are economic and regulatory requirements to even negotiate.

Fact of matter: the killing of TPP allows China to shape trade, in this manner, in the pacific, before the US does, with RCEP. The killing of the TPP benefits China, if RCEP is ratified.

The argument is over.

The thread "COMPROMISED" where Holla Forumsacks flaunted their stupidity. It's probably still up, it was a hilarious thread.

You seem to be misunderstanding. I am not implying China would ever join the TPP. I am implying China would use one of the 12 signers as a proxy to take advantage of the treaty without being held responsible themselves. For example, they could set up companies in Vietnam which would ship Chinese goods into the member states taking advantage of the 0% tariff and who knows how many other regulations prescribed in the document. Are you sure that something like this could not happen? I don't think you can be.

Another fact of the matter is Trump only ever spoke in concern to American industry and the American economy. He said that the TPP would enable China to use underhanded means to exploit the law and take advantage of America through it. I have not seen proof this is not possible, so it's a safe bet that it is.

Really though, I believe you're ignoring the meaning of what Trump said and instead focusing on the specific words. I find that kind of unfair but I don't believe either of us will convince the other. I will check out the thread though. Was that on Holla Forums or Holla Forums?

You just fucking were
That's covered by rules of origin.

Now, you're going to say "lol but they can still take advantage of it to some extent."

Not to the extent of the RCEP, you fucking retard.

Argument over. Stop posting. >>>Holla Forums

RCEP doesn't harm American workers, key difference. TPP will let all signature countries and possibly China, as you just implied, harm American workers. Trumps comments were specifically in this regard. I don't see why this is so difficult for you to understand.

It does, because we gain no economic benefit from it.
Key word here, possibly. Without the TPP it's guaranteed that we get nothing out of it, and even less jobs.
Because it's a bullshit excuse. I'm not complaining. It's just patently false. There's no benefit to China with the TPP. There might exist a few small loopholes in the TPP's rules of origin. That pales in comparison to the leg up they get with RCEP.

So, again, Killing benefits China more.

I don't see why this is so difficult for you to understand. You're the fucking retard who didn't know about rules of origin until two minutes ago. That's why, I suppose.

RCEP wouldn't magically disappear as soon as the TPP was signed, you massive, cocksucking retard. This whole fucking time you've been talking like it's a choice between one or the other and it's fucking not. If there are benefits to the TPP, they're gonna have to try re-implementing them in a deal that doesn't murder us with draconian copyright laws and doesn't enable foreign companies to steal even more of our jobs than they already were. There are way more downsides for the average American than there are upsides, unless going to jail for posting a reaction image from a movie sounds appealing to you.

If it was Bernie that won, who also opposed the TPP for reasons unrelated to copyright, they'd have acted as if it was a huge victory.

This has nothing to do with Trump but their obvious political bias. For over a year they've been fighting the TPP and now that it's over their post on it reads like it was a defeat.

It could have been Clinton or ¡Jeb! in the whitehouse for all I care. What I do care is seeing the most prominent digital rights group heading in a direction that's divisive.

In fact, it won't. Most likely, it'll be ratified between all those nations. In fact, you don't even seem to know what the fuck we're talking about here. RCEP is how China will shape trade in the Pacific.
Do you have brain damage, or were you just stupid from birth?
No, I'm talking like you are a fucking retard who's defending a stupid statement.
Killing TPP does, in fact, benefit China. We have no choice in RCEP. TPP was the US chance to shape trade in the Pacific, and cutting China out of it unless they overhauled their economy to the requirements.
Again, Trump doesn't care about copyright laws. He cares about it based on the "muh backdoor" argument, and it's already been explained in the last 5 posts why it's bunk.

You are the retard here defending stupid statements, just because the individual doing a thing is doing something that you don't like.
That's the whole argument. EFF is calling out the stupid statement, even though they're throwing him a bone.
lmao, you are fucking retarded. Typical slacktivist, don't even know that the TPP isn't enforcing any new copyright laws, and just entrenches them in the asian companies.
That's the EFF's whole argument against the TPP: it solidifies, via trade agreement, existing US copyright law. It doesn't add anything.

I'm starting to think Holla Forums was a mistake, because the echo box/hug machine got so bad that slacktivists didn't even know what they were fighting for.
Instead of actually knowing their enemy, it was eight months of retards repeating shit they didn't even know was true, and then when someone corrects them they start spazzing out in an autistic rage.

Read a book, fuckhead.


Again, THE BERN doesn't think China benefits majorly from TPP. Because it doesn't. If Trump had simply stated that globalism hurts the US worker more than it helps, that would be fine, that's what THE BERN says.
And, again, you take three sentences in the article and spin it as if it's some seething manifesto on why Trump is bad.
When, in fact, it's simply saying that no. TPP doesn't benefit China. Killing TPP does.

Again: read a book, fuckhead. Then go back to Holla Forums. I'm really tired of reading stupid cross-boarder posts, classics like "UR GONNA GO TO JAIL FOR POSTING LE PEPE FROG" and "T-T-THEY'D HAVE CELEBRATED IT EVEN MORE IF THE BERN WAS ELECTED!11!!"

Just fucking kill yourself.

What does China have to do with any of this? So Bernie killing the TPP is better than Trump because his motive is more pure?

You really seem to be losing it. This about the EFF and their reaction to the TPP being killed, you'd think that they'd be glad not assume that things can only get worse. So please take your poor understanding of global politics back to Holla Forums where they belong.

The entire fucking argument of this thread is over three sentences.
No, it's not.
You are taking three sentences, summed up thusly: "Trump's reason for killing the TPP is wrong, because killing it does kinda benefit China", and extrapolating it into something it's not.
What is your major malfunction? Are you just a fucking retard, or what?

Cultural Marxism is a completely different beast which arose from the ashes of Marxism, you can't use Marx quotes to disprove Cultural Marxism.

You might as well disprove the modern, common understanding of Anarchy by using Bakunin quotes.

Not relevant to modern day definitions.

Actually, nevermind. This is a rhetorical question.
You are a drooling fucktard. Because you don't seem to have read the thread, nor did you read the post I was replying to.

Here's the OP of this thread:
Summed up thusly: "lmao SJWs amirite they must be attacking him because they corrected the misconception that TPP benefits China"

EFF doesn't fucking care about any of that. EFF cares about the entrenchment of established, draconian, US copyright law via trade treaty.

They took the time to point out that the justification as to why it was killed is not entirely correct, and is flat-out wrong. i.e., it wasn't the reason they wanted it to be killed.


Well, no shit numb nuts. EFF wouldn't need to say that, because Bernie didn't say that.

And then you come in at the end and take a reply to the stupid post out of context.

There you go. I have given you a Cliff's Notes version of the thread, since you're too fucking stupid to read it yourself.

It's all in the name. If it's truly different, we should be referring to the idea with a name that does not involve the word marxism.

I get that. This piece is a desperate reaction, I don't think they put enough thought to it.
what? Is cultural Marxism the go-to ad-hoc hypothesis and conspiracy theory the right uses to explain everything away?

and you are following them

TPP would benefit the elites of signing countries (mostly US megacorps) while fucking their populations; but that wouldn't include China. TPP would turn other third-world countries in China competitors for cheap labor.

what's the modern day definition of anarchism? Chaos?
You just said it, that's the common (mis)understanding. There's a difference between a definition and the vague colloquial meanings surrounding a word, they are kind of opposite things.

By that token you might as well dismiss the theory of evolution citing the all common perception that it means chimps turned into humans.


Center for Media Justice board of directors as of 2013:
* Malkia Cyril - Founder, executive director, only paid employee. Co-founder of Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net).
* Lisa Jervis - Treasurer. Founder of Bitch magazine.
* Amy Sonnie - Secretary. Author of Revolutionary Voices.
* Pia Infante - board chair. Co-Executive Director of The Whitman Institute. Founding member of the Coaches of Color Consortium and the Movement Strategy Center's Organizational Development for Social Change working group.
* Sage Crump
* Alfredo Lopez - founder of May First / People's Link, "one of the first progressive Internet Service Providers in the United States."
* Bryan Mercer - Co-Executive Director of Media Mobilizing Project, works with Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net)
* Joe Torres - Senior External Affairs Director for Free Press (, board member of National Association of Latino Independent Producers
* Betty Yu - Membership Organizer of the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net)

MAG-Net is one big shilling/PR group for leftists

Berkman Center: Amalia Deloney the Center for Media Justice and the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net).

WAM = Adria Richards of Donglegate

Praxis Project pulled out of an anti-racism letter because it disparaged Cuba.

Praxis is also funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which has some investments in Cuba, and Bill Frist was talking up the Cuban health care system a month and a half before he met RWJF executives in Glasgow. Gotta wonder if something's up.

Pia Infante and John Esterle run the Whitman Institute which invests in offshore accounts. Board member Les Adler was a commie in the '70s and was dean of the history department at a California state university. One of the companies they invest in is Rosemont-Solebury which is run by John Kerry's son in law.

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99% of ALL tech industry is total POZ who would GLADLY support TPP just to spite trump

the TEACHERS who teach tech subjects in college are actual cucks who repost the most AUTISTIC shit on twitter

if you think its just tech you are fucking wrong, this entire website, in fact the whole internet, and all right wing movements are co-opted by marxist cucks, yet we do N O T I N G about it

You're thinking too deeply. There is no deeper meaning to this other than the direct association to this image with gamergate.

To Holla Forums, there is always a deeper meaning.
This is what happens when you court mental illness.

You're the cancer killing Holla Forums I bet you don't even code.

from Holla Forums

Yeah, nah. Good try tho.
You're right, I don't. I write software, you subhuman piece of shit LARPer.

I look back through this thread and by far the worst shitposting and most persistent shitposting is by some autist faggot telling any user who disagrees with him to "go back to /pol".

Based on the fact I at least have posted code on Holla Forums within the last day, while you have only posted mass quantities of shitposts, I will correctly conclude you are in fact the larper.

Pitiful. Autistic, no-coder larper, and low self-esteem confirmed, good to know.

You mean disagreeing with you, because you're wrong?
This thread is taking three sentences and portraying it as if they're attacking someone. When, in reality, Trump's just wrong on that little tidbit.
No one cares about your fizzbuzz, larper.

You seem really upset over the fact you got fucking told in the thread. Did the revelation that you didn't even know about "rules of origin" send you into a frenzy of asshurt?

This thread is filled with Holla Forums, because it's filled with shitposts like
and yours.
You need to go back.

This is also an issue with the ACLU

The ACLU acknowledges that "articular federal or state laws on licensing, registration, prohibition, or other regulation of the manufacture, shipment, sale, purchase or possession of guns may raise civil liberties questions."
It was only in District of Columbia v Heller (2008) that the court interpreted the Second Amendment to mean individual's right to keep and bear arms.

This is off-topic, though. The EFF doesn't care about any of this. The EFF cares about solidifying draconian US copyright laws via trade treaty, in the context of the TPP.
How many times does this need to be repeated in the thread until you get it through your dumbfuck skull?

There was a ruling in the '30s that legal restrictions on sawed-off shotguns were allowed only because they would not be found on a battlefield.
Found it, the case was U.S. v. Miller

It also recognizes the militia as "the general obligation of all adult male inhabitants to possess arms, and, with certain exceptions, to cooperate in the work of defence"

What don't you understand about 'this is off-topic'?

The court case you're referring to, is interpreting it as a COLLECTIVE RIGHT. Not an individual's right. The ACLU is correct, the interpretation has changed.
Further, I'm not a noguns fag. But I view my firearm as a privilege, not an absolute right. I wouldn't feel my civil rights were violated if I had my gun 'privileges' taken away because I committed a string of violent crimes, especially with the weapon.