hi Holla Forums.

are the mods that keep banning me but also know my name online? im happy to go through with deal but if u dont email me im gona keep trying to repost my nudes.


Dude that's gross. Spoiler that shit.

sorry my butthole offended you.

If you're going to post ass pics, at least try and make yourself look feminine. Right now you look like some icky greasy guy.

you're revolting, but i don't see why this is banned

um.. nah, ill just keep as i am.

thankyou! not for the revolting comment, but i agree, this shouldnt get banned considering all teh fucked up shit that gets posted on 8ch, this is just my butthole

Just a regular day on Holla Forums

I hope you get permabanned.

You look fucking disgusting. You deserve to be banned just for that.

you guys are overdoing it. im not THAT disgusting.


Yes you are.

oh my fucking god… wow.. what the fuck.

fuck you



oh.. fucking wow.. how many other pics of me do u have?

i cant believe i did that one.. the fuck nipples.

that doesnt get posted around a lot does it?

Requesting that Trump template