Give me one reasonable reason as a reason of why you didnt kill youreselve yet

give me one reasonable reason as a reason of why you didnt kill youreselve yet

there are so many people left on this planet worse than me. i want to see them die or better yet, help to exterminate them from the face of the earth before i fade away.

We still have yet to take back Jerusalem.

I'm lazy and don't like pain.

I can't because I did. 😱💨👻❗👊

Reason I haven't killed myself: I was waiting for you to post this thread so I can tell you this.

How would I orbit camwhores if I were dead?

My wife and rabbit would miss me

Once you have already been born there is little reason to kill yourself unless it is to prevent future pain. Currently my life is overall pretty comfy in the grand scheme of things. Do I wish I was never born? Of course. But it's too late for that, for me to kill myself after I have already begun to exist would do nothing more than make the world a more depressing place than it already is. By staying alive and trying to be nice, living vegan, and attempting to make the world less dark, I can at least have the illusion of purpose.

Because I am irrational.

Pic related, tbh, fam.

Well I started lifting, doing cardio, and eating better. This led to me losing 30 pounds so far, and if I lose another 40 I should be in pretty good shape. I'm also joining the Mormon church. I've never really been religious, but I'm meeting a lot of nice people. The girls so far are all very traditional instead of being feminist whores, which is fucking amazing. The Mormons regard the family as the most important thing in life, which I think is pretty cool. Maybe I'll find myself a qt Mormon grill of my own. I'm trying the having faith thing, and who knows where I'll end up from here. Things are getting better though.

You married a rabbit?

Good to hear that things are getting better for someone at least

Because I want to see the colonization of Mars, Biological immortality, and the fall of Religion.

1. i live alone with no one to notice if i were to die and i have a cat. i don't want the cat to go to a shelter or starve to death if i die
2. too scared to pull the trigger. i want to die so much, i just don't want it to hurt.

if to the head, you'll be gone in like 2 seconds, so just do it.

Okay, right after you. Be sure to livestream it, fam.

It is nice to make improvements. My advice to anyone that feels like things are hopeless is to start off by making a small change that you think over time improve your life. For me that small change started with working out, and as I did it more I improved my routine. Keep yourself open to doing things that make you uncomfortable. I got kinda lucky and had 2 cute Mormon missionary girls show up at my door which made it easier to listen and get into. But normally I wouldn't have even given it a chance which would have been a mistake. For all the hatred religion receives, it really can help improve your life

when my cat dies i probably will.

fuck off sick troll.

Because the one person I'm staying alive for is still alive herself. Also there's drugs I haven't tried.


The shotgun one is bullshit.

i am too much of a pussy

i am too selfish to relieve my parents and society of my parasitic existence

guns are bad and i am not into autoeroticaffixiation yet

i should kill myself
u should kill myself
u should kill urself


There's no point in an heroing. The damage is already done.


i'm a man of poor taste and need to thrive on shit for as long as i can before the void takes me


i dun wanna

It's against the law and if you break the law you'll anger Týr.

tyronnasaurus rex?

No. Týr the god.

Guns are banned in my country.

then how are people there supposed to themselves?

My natural impulse to stop myself from dying works like 90% of the time and it's still possible that I might meet at least one person who cares.

So hope and a very rational fear of nonentity stop me from dying.

supposed to what?

kill themselves


oh i see

wtf man? wtf?

life = fun
death = not fun

fuckn kys shithead

drugs and video games sustain me


kekked but wtf does that image supposed to mean

All those happenings are too addictive.
It is like you living in this reality show and always get teased to see the next episode.

When the world burns and i go down as hero by killing dune coons in an epic race war, i will allow myself to die.