Dear Moderation of Holla Forums's Holla Forums ("Random") board…

Dear Moderation of Holla Forums's Holla Forums ("Random") board…

I want to become the owner of this board. More than you LIKE being the owner of this board- trust me. I'm not saying you're bad at moderation, just that I deserve it more.

I will make this thread every day until I'm the owner of this board. I will make Holla Forums great again and it will be better than whatever's going on right now. Thank you.

See, if I was bo, things like this wouldn't happen :^)

You're our savior.

samefag is likely


I don't really see a problem. It takes 2 clicks to stop the spam and you're helping me out anyway because I was deleting cancerous threads left and right.

Thanks for your concern though, fugthelug.

Why are you so smug, dude?

this is so totally fucked now… as if it wasn't already

Good luck ;)

I watch anime.

Thanks :3 OwO :D

Maybe you're the faggot causing all the problems to get into power.

Everybody on Holla Forums is the same poster except you.

Tell me OP.
What would you do about the pony thread and 'love' thread?

Keep them as cyclicals. Hell, make the "post a random image- don't even look at your thumbnails" thread and the webm threads cyclicals too. They don't need to be posted over and over. And bring back the tripfag cyclical, that was really fun to spam.

Already better than anything Newfag has done

Anyone that realizes that spam is a problem and is willing to do something about it has my vote. That sounds like incredibly low standards but newfag still doesn't meet them. I like early 404 but thread creation limits are solid to.

volunteers need to be able to temporarily enable captcha.

you know admins won't do shit until it happens on Holla Forums or Holla Forums, most likely /leftypool/

Nuke the ponies while you're at it.

That already happened

That would be great but the bo needs to use the options that are available to him so the catalog isn't getting nuked constantly. This is like what, the 4th time in the last 7 days?

They are still here, they need to be permanuked

Fuck you.
You would make no difference because you are no different.

stop wanting to ban and delete people you dont like faggot.

not to mention they are not the problem of spam or anything else, other than your rage.

Don't worry, there'll be a meta cyclical for you to complain all you want. Maybe I'll actually listen because I'm not a faggot

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post? Eat shit, stop defending the blatant tumor on this board.
Exterminate tripfags, ponies and the 'nice' thread. Blow their pure faggotry to kingdom come.

Doesn't matter what I post, this is true.

The only good cycle thread was a meta, when it wasn't plagued by tripfags.
Either shut down the pony threads or go home. Otherwise you aren't any different from the current BO. And frankly, you seem quite like another poster on Holla Forums that also wants to be BO.

You're right, doesn't matter what you post. Pedos use the same fucking argument everytime anons roundly condemn their cancerous presence. Why don't you fuck off back to halfchan?

You know you can just hide them, right?

How about remove them because their presence poisons the rest of the board and ruins overall quality of it? "Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away" never fucking works.

I'm considering it for a long time.

accept freedom

do it

Consider it more. When you find a nest of cockroaches I'm sure as fuck you don't just toss a blanket over it and consider it over. No, you go out and you buy spray to get the little fuckers out of your house. Otherwise, it becomes their house and not yours.

I reject the cuckoldry you promote.

They've been around for years, and have mostly stayed in their thread. Other than you seeing a pony every time you open Holla Forums it shouldn't be a problem for you.

They're the only thing keeping our PPH past 90.

pls b nice

You won't ban the ponies. The fucking backlash would be too much, they are great in numbers, they literally crippled 4chan when they started banning them from Holla Forums, they frove moot crazy. You are no moot. You are a weak and feeble fool barely and wet behind the ears. The moment you did anything to them, you would instantly regret it. Go ahead if you'd like, it would be a great first hand experience for you to learn true regret.


Again, same arguments are made for pedos and they are equally invalid. Everytime I go to a public restroom and there is shit on the toilet seat, I don't just accept it and sit on the shit seat, I get a piece of toilet paper and wipe it off. They have not been here for years, their existence here is recent and they, for a long time, spammed the board with chucken bullshit. So fuck off and lie to someone else.

trying to start a civil war in Holla Forums i see

I know. That's one of the reasons why I'm considering it. What's the point of this board if they are all the traffic we have? Back in late 2015 the pony/pedo threads made up around 20% (each) of all total posts on Holla Forums that's 40%, that was in late 2015. It got worse after the infinity next fiasco.

I'm scared they'll nuke the board.

Is that a challenge?

It's a thread just like any other thread, and should be treated as a equal compared to other threads. The only reason you compared it as shit was because you cannot think about it without your opinion overtaking everything.

No, I was scrolling through and read your post when I felt compelled to point out the obvious.

Listen faglord, you'd only be so lucky as to have OP as BO. He is lax and may only curtail you, if you had me? I would eradicate you off the face of this board. IP bans the likes of which you have not seen, if it meant cycling threads to the point of pushing pony thread to the second fucking board than I'd do it.

OP just pretends but he's a former mod that got the boot for datamining users. I won't let Newfag make anyone BO especially OP of this thread.

just give the board to me, i'll make the best decision

No. A cockroach is not the same as my dog, thus the pony thread is not the same as any other thread. Nearly every other thread that pops up possesses far more quality than your thread. I have no doubt that you are a horsefucker because you defend this cancerous shit.
You should consider suicide.


Banning people is a slow process on Holla Forums because the SQL database structure is complete trash, it takes around 10-30 seconds to ban and delete people's posts. You would get tired fast as the process of creating posts which you would deem bannable offenses is a much more efficient process that would quickly leave you overwhelmed unless the board was cucked by captcha, but then that would serve only to motivate people to seek greener pastures and would damage this board.

Nearly every thread is complete shit, and has far less quality than you think. What other point do you even have to delete shit you don't like other than saying it's cancer, shit, and low quality? Those things are posted frequently but you only care about deleting 1 thread because you're butthurt.

literally no proof

You and what power faggot? Why don't you fuck off back to whatever shitty forum you came from and stop shitting up this place.

You aren't becoming BO in my lifetime.

I was a good boy, I dindu nuffin

Whatever it takes to remove them from the board. Banning? I would ban. If I got tired, I would find people to carry out my will 24/7. I would hinder you and your efforts and force you to seek another board. Go make your own fucking board, make a pony one or go to nice. Stop shitting up this one. But like I said, I would do anything to make sure you fucks are oppressed.

You can take multiple mod actions as the page reloads to carry out the first one. Makes it quicker. We desperately need fixes on mod.php though, e.g. a button for deleting all posts by an IP and banning them at the same time. We also STILL can't upload more than one flag.

Not nearly as much as the pony thread. Nice non-argument. The reason other threads are so shit is because you attract the quality of people that turn away good posters. But even then. The shit posters that your kind attracts, happens to make better threads than the ones you dwell in the most. I've been here since the beginning and I hold a strong grudge against you cancerous twats.

damn he's getting old.

wow, I could almost swear the same thing was said to pedos before. Looks like cancer has still been coming in. How can a single pony thread attract cancer? It's like 7 people in it.

Who is "them" in this context? The pony bread people? I am not one of them. I don't care for your obsession with them, I am simply pointing out the obvious mixed in with a little of what I know from observation.


25 pages will fix it, or set a cap on threads that can be made per hour to 10.

You know why it was said to pedos? Because pedos, horsefuckers, nice thread. Hint! They are not fucking different posters. The pedo veneer could only be kept for so long and so they adopted and attracted people like them and people attracted to their new face.
They do not belong, they have been tolerated for too long and they attract others of their kind.

the only thing 25 pages accomplishes is even MORE shitty threads that stay in the catalog even LONGER.

The thread is cycle'd for the purpose of being able to hide it, and also so they don't create 20 threads in the catalog.

You must not have been around for as long as you say if you really thing a single thread is causing this much cancer.

I'm not falling for it horsefucker. You don't fool me and you never will.
'Them' are pedos, horsefuckers and anywhere the namefags and tripfags congregate.

Than remove every thread they make, filter pony and autoban anyone who posts the shit. Simple.

OR we could delete it so they create 0 threads in the catalog. I got here August 21 2014.

You're right, but its the only 2 alternatives which effectively removes board spam. If we're going to have 10 pages, then we also need a cap on how many threads that can be made per hour. (7-10 threads per hour is a safe measure).

The ponies will never be banned because the community is full of brown nosers who are quick to persuade anyone in power to bend under their will by simply being as cutesy and obedient to whoever they perceive as a threat. This board owner has likely already been persuaded by this infective menace, he is irremediable if he has already spoken to them.

Delete it for what reason? They would just come back in another thread too.

If you're really that concerned with it being a special thread, would you not be as angry as when they have multiple threads?

Delete them. Delete them all.

Fuck off horsefucker.



This is the only correct answer.

lol Holla Forums has always belonged to the ponies
Holla Forums might as well stand for Holla Forumsronies

Yes clearly the answer is to just nuke Holla Forums and leave nothing.
Why not completely delete the board whilst at it?

what about the pedos?

They need to be purged from Holla Forums until Daddy Trump can purge them from IRL.

Fuck off you stupid fucking faggot. You lost the argument.

Do the pedos have a perpetual top of the board safespace thread that is advertised and slapped in the face of newcomers on this website? No, they fucking don't. Who does? The fucking ponies, that's who. It has been this since September of 2014 and will continue to be this way. BO after BO, there has never been any real change aside from each BO's autistic CSS shenanigans.


compliment accepted

No, but they love to spam the board almost every day.

Why were you so epicly triggered by my retarded shitpost? I was joking yo know.

What retarded shitpost?

Not an argument horsefucker.

Nice adhom, I aint a horsefucker faggot.
I'm actually pretty disgusted by it just like I'm disgusted by the constant Holla Forums shitposts.
I wouldn't ban them though because I'm not a retard who can't handle seeing things he doesn't like.
Are you sure you're not a newfag and that you actually got here when you said you did?
You're acting like a plebbitor, how long have you been on image boards anyway kid?

This is rule cuckery and you have destroyed the spirit of Holla Forums.

Did everyone forget that most people came here because of being banned for posting something a mod didn't like on halfchan?

Looks like that triggered your autism a bit. But didn't get a real argument out of you. Try again and this time with feeling (and arguments).

This. We need to rebuild Holla Forums. We need a standard of genuinely high-quality posts each thread, and people willing to actually contribute within their full ability. I do it. Some people back in the day did it. It can be done.
It's naive, but I believe that this place can become unironically famously good. As in, talked about in the same way pre-2006 Holla Forums was as screencaps of it spread to ebaumsworld and whatever and it tripled in size.
The mods here do literally nothing but directionlessly screw around, but they're not the cause of Holla Forums being so bad. They're a scapegoat, and their autism is fun to rag on, sure, but the real problem is how that attitude is reflected by the users.
Look at the catalog of this board (when it's not being spammed), and find 1 (one) thread that's so good you'd be inclined to screencap it and save it. Not only is there nothing there, but there's also no focused intention- by any single group that makes the board what it is- to get something there. There's no restoration effort, because nobody, including the mods, give a shit. I shitpost, sure, but I also try to make up for it by making quest threads and high quality threads. It feels like nobody else on this board does that anymore,
You know what kind of users the random bullshit I'm describing attracts? Children. If there's not a lot of effort required in browsing the board, and there's no standard for individual participation, and literally no one calls you out for your personal army requests or autism, than the board becomes super attractive to underage b&. 4chan is living proof to this. Do we want a board full of kids?

infinite boards brugh

The one where I said I was some kinda shill, mining reactions to porn to use as forim sliding, feeding info to goons, etc. You replied "So what you're saying is I have to purge all the porn threads before this place turns into cuckchan." And you went on you banhappy, thread deleting spree. This triggered asshole spammers into flooding the board. I know they would have done it anyway, but c'mon.

That was dumb imo and gave regular posters here the impression that you're a shithead power hungry pocket gobbler. Then you nuked and permabanned me when I tried to make new threads.

Is the "no trolling" rule really in effect, and to the point of a permaban?

I understand that you mentally incapacitated living failure. The point was the way the ponies have been treated gives people the impression their behavior and content is what we want here. These people could simply create a specialized board for their thread and community style, but instead, 8chans mods are so fucking thirsty they will bend to their will and pull the mental gymnastics required to deem their will to maintain presence here as justifiable rather than just staying here to leach on the little traffic this place gets. The reason they demand to stay here is because they have the idea that they can "convert" other Holla Forumstards into their kind. They simply wish to spread their mental STDs.

I have no idea what you're talking about. You're not OP are you?

It would just turn into 7chan with content being moderation biased.

Sure thing feggit :^)
I am totally triggered fam like totally shaking. Let me write about this on my Tumblr blog later.

Or I could report you to my friends on reddit and have them yell at you.

Cause they'll ban you for liking what I don't like and therefor you're wrong.

After all this place is reddit and bans people for not liking what you like right?

Seriously stop looking back on Holla Forums with rose tinted glasses, it was always shitty, there was just occasionally really funny stories.
That is it, even pre-2006 it was still mostly shitty porn dumps and anime shitposting or threads full of the word nigger. Holla Forums has always been cancer.



Not of this thread. But of the other earlier tonight. That's me at the bottom, "datamining jewcuck."

Then the pruge began as you can see going up the list.

I didn't know Holla Forums existed before 2006.

what the fuck happened, guys?

Way to be facetious dipshit.
I meant imageboards, this case would be referring to 4chan, just like you mentioned in your own post.


Problem faggot?


That's the rundown.

It's about fucking time someone say this. I've visited Holla Forums less frequently because I'd try to do something for the lulz but the tread gets ignored or spammed. But I see bullshit like cute and pony threads on the top of the catalog.

Rangeban them for 3 months. I don't give a fuck. I just want these cancerous tumors to get the fuck out.

The current board owner sounds like a real nigger.

I didn't do shit to save the ponies. I'm passive against them. They can fuck off or stay or fill the catalog or post in 1 thread every day. Check the board log fucker, greetly isnt the BO.



I'm really not, honestly though you're retarded.

Fuck OP and the mods and the spammers. Fuck Holla Forums as well, we all helped make it shit.

yout retarded


Yes because you didn't cyclical them, anonymously warn them and console them during the apocalypse. Because you surely did not go into their thread and anonymously assure them that you would help mitigate the storm over their heads.
You are fucking pathetic and a liar.


Whoa, really? I wouldn't call that bit of spamming the apocalypse.

greetly hidden 2 hours Holla Forums Made cyclical thread #6760653

I've been uncycling them got bored doing it though and greetly seems too cool to get rid of.


Die ponyfag

Crybaby millenial detected. Fuck off snowflake!

They are already getting aggressive and posting their "don't fuck with us" pictures. They're like little internet thugs.


Nice get douchebag


you're just as bad as them, maybe worse



Hes like a woman crying rape when it was her being drunk and consenting the next day

he is too fucking disgusting.

I know

these are the pony fags







all of them are a bunch of disgusting faggots with furry and diaper fetishes

purge them all from existence


are you skitty stalker? or who?
what a rude thing to say


I thought it was Disco.

at least that user spared you from purging

might be the same person, who knows

lets keep ourselves sane in this thread by posting images with actual aesthetic value
ponyshit has terribad art style, and the autism isn't concentrated enough on one site after all these years

pony pls git gud at animation k thanks

Off yourself

Post a pic of your face to add to the collection, faggot

no u, planefus are shit

that looks like AUTISM

you are no better than that bunch of disgusting furfags


No u

ponyshit is furfagottry


Planefus are dah shiz nit

what does that make you?

I'm not the pony fag here.

go back to your containment thread you disgusting homosexual

Already banned and came back.

Nu huh, im user

range ban them

But this is a salt mine

Somebody ban this faggot again.

Hey, Vol, you should make me a mod, I always seem to be here when you aren't. All this spam has put me into an autistic fit.

Is this better?

I ain't even mad you homo

Just cause your a kid getting triggered doesnt mean some mod is gonna save you

Salt =/= Mad


Salty doesnt mean mad.

I ain't even salty but your kind belongs in masterchan.

postan moar ecchi because it triggers jumbo jet niggers

I like both tho

these pony niggers truly deserve exile

quality thread


switch that e to an a and you've got the good stuff

Sexy mares

ponies can never into nopan



Can too

It's here

he is like the haemorrhoids of Holla Forums

nopan means that she is wearing a top, dumbarse muslim slav

go back to Chechnya, filthy albanian





you havent seen us when we're aggressive, jiggaboo.




youre adorable *pets*







Now all the fun is ruined with the wanna be Travis pics

Kek. Never seen that one.

Only your fun ,faggot



Shitty shops arent trolling anyone, its just pathetic

keep goin nigger, this is fun to watch

excuse me?

Avatar fagging as a pony is what's pathetic.


Yea but at least ponies are cute

blewberry is shitty bu definition


No. They're not. You're just an autistic faggot.

We're open to doing whatever's necessary to helping /b to thrive. When the community here does well, so do we. We need new recruits coming to our bread from /b, so we're interested in keeping the board going as much as you are. Cyclical, not cyclical, whatever, we'll work with you if that's your desire. Pony traffic is better than no traffic.

If we're banned, there might be a slight increase in posting for a while, while a few angry newfags celebrate thir "victory" but then we'll just evade and continue to post, except it won't be in a cyclical thread or confined. And if it's an IP range ban, I'm sure you're aware you'd be banning half the US, and then we'd just proxy up anyhow. I don't know if you saw us at work on 4chan during the mod war there, but our traffic increases when people try to get rid of our threads. We'd still be the majority of traffic here, just we'd exist in a state of constant war with the staff and user base, who would be seeing a lot more ponies, and sending a lot more incoherent, monosyllabic screeching emails at you, day and night.

I didn't come here to make threats or to pressure you, do whatever you want, I'm happy either way. I'm just here to have a chuckle and screencap these newfriends who clearly don't get chan culture or the nature of /b



They are cute af


They are about as cute as the obese neckbeards that adore them so much.

That cant be true

i bet the creators of the little girls show(MLP) would be disgusted to read the ponyfag thread and even more disgusted to read the conversations between blewberry and reece

Sure it could. Blewberry is the perfect example of ugly, dumb brony scum.


Can confirm, unless you want nothing but pony threads on Holla Forums for days on end, don't try and ban them.

He doesnt count, at least i tell myself

So do you dislike blewberry?

Can you slow down? I'll get to your posts in a bit but theres so much buttdamage in this thread I'm having trouble cataloging it all.

And that was on 4chan, which has thousands and thousands of posts a day. Here, it would be considerably worse. The newfags who think we can be banned have clearly never moderated a chan or evaded a ban, they just think there's a magic button the mods can press to make the bad people go away. Its rather cute in a way.

this is one of those faggots

not surprised you and your kind are the ones with brain damage here



Yes, it was a pretty amusing occurrence, but I can't help to feel that It's almost like you're trying to allude towards the idea that if they do something you don't like here, that picture is what they could expect for Holla Forums. I'm responsible for that ever happening, if they triggered your autistic snowflake ass, I can tell you I definitely aren't going to mitigate your shrieking autistic hunchback with down syndrome ass by spamming this place. I don't really give a fuck. So stop trying to sound like you're capable of anything other than slapping some shittyy mspaint pictures togather and autistically posting them from your basement for hours on end hunched behind your spittle laden monitor.


dam son


his real picture is disgusting but this ones are too hilarious





never seen this one before



I'm all out of blewberry pics

lets ask that nigger lover for new pics of hid face

I wish he would but I doubt he will.

ah man now its just Dossy and his faggot pals. Oh well, guess thread isnt fun anymore.

give it some time he is too stupid to even tell who he is talking to

well you guys have fun, the butthurt has dried up and I can't be bothered with you, you're just the dregs of what was a highly amusing thread. Im back to le containment bread.

the only one drying up here is you

I despise Bronies because their spend all their time whacking it to cartoon horses instead of the vastly superior real thing.

That's being saved as a pasta.


he's an imp fucking lying?

This is now a horse porn thread

Im ok with this Satan



two and four are some of my all time faves


good taste user









Good thread


end of dump, heres some bonus deer

Considering the board owner and mods have a habit of deleting threads they don't like, rather than anything that's actually against the rules, there may be new moderation sooner than expected.

If you don't like a thread, hide it or fuck off back to your nearest hugbox.

It's not

When am i getting mod?

When Barth becomes admin of Holla Forums.

ya'll niggers are seriously fucking butthurt that only wants a sekret clubbe where averyone thinks exactly like you do, and if they don't you screech your buzzwords and want them all removed
so much for being random
and don't come tell me anything about there being the same thread every day when that's all we've gotten for the past 10 fucking years

He dropped his mask, now his 4chan is showing.

go back to facebook you tripfag scum

You are the one who does not get chan culture or Holla Forums. You are shitty cancer that are merely squatting on Holla Forums territory. You're not tolerated on other boards so you come where its weakest. Eventually you will be purged. Hard times breed strong men.

Cataloging only helps us you blithering retard.



le tripcode


And what could you do about this exploit you dumb faggot?

Barely any of those bans were justified. Seriously Board Owner should fuck off and kill himself.

For those wondering, this man was kept alive for 3 months in this state. He begged doctors to let him just die.

he needed to be kept alive to study the effects of massive radiation exposure.