I had a discussion today about sex robots and AI. can AI be true intelligence?

I had a discussion today about sex robots and AI. can AI be true intelligence?

if AI is true intelligence can sex robots consent? should they have to?

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intelligence is not human, therefore they are not conscious. they cannot consent.

So then are we still allowed to fuck them?

fuck yeah. robots are our creation. we can do whatever we want to them. though you raise a point, do you think future leftist are going to to throw a fit about the machines being conscious?

So you're saying since we created them and they aren't able to consent we can do whatever we want with them sexually?

Do you think the same thing about children?

not what i said, you fucking colossal faggot. i said
what is not conscious, can NOT consent.

So you're saying that kids CAN consent because they are conscious?

can a woman at gunpoint consent? any human can consent, doesn't make it a valid one. you are retarded, aren't you?

Thanks for confirming my theoery.

ROBOFUCKERS = PEDOS. They just want to rape little girl robots with AI.

i can's disagree with logic. color me pedo because im gonna fuck my monitor right about now

Who did you have a discussion with? do you have real friends behind our backs? you traitorous bastard.

dont make sapient machines

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veilofreality .com/2011/04/18/organic-portals-soulless-humans/

Just post the actual URL dumbass. veilofreality.com/2011/04/18/organic-portals-soulless-humans/

oops your hand slipped on the URL and I cant click it.

If they are intelligent, then yes. It is their right as intelligent lifeforms to do as they please with themselves.

Stop lying, you passed your whole day in front of the computer.


Can you prove beyond all doubt that a human is conscious? That the human brain is anything other than a pile of algorithms that takes input and processes it into output?