What do you Fags think about Naked News?

What do you Fags think about Naked News?

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liberal biased shit

needs better looking skanks


the fuck? how does baking soda help against fire?

It's stupid, but I want to stick my dick in this


Because I have a Penis and i dig chicks

It smothers the oxygen from fueling the fire

I'll take the one in the middle

sure, but so does just about any other powder. who has enough baking soda on hand to smother a fire?

someone who is in the kitchen, where grease fires happen

3D women are so disgusting holy shit

so people keep huge bags of baking soda in their kithcens?

all I've ever seen is little shakers like pic related that wouldn't put out any grease fire

The only other powder readily available in most kitchens is flour.
That flour will most likely start to burn also adding fuel to an already bad situation.
Baking soda is not prone to be flammable, therefore giving you the best chance of putting the fire out.

We just use a CO2 fire extinguisher. Its a lot more practical than large amounts of baking soda.

Its a silly idea, but very japanese. The japs have done one thing better, they have female newscasters and then guys jerk off on their faces while they're doing reporting.

I didn't think I couldn't care this much

are you stupid?

most people have a box of baking soda, you idiot. you don't a 30 lb bag unless you're paul bunyan cooking up flapjacks on 100 ft diameter cast iron skillet.


calm down, jesus

Don't you dare tell him to calm down, lives are at stake here.

That isn't going to end well.
the most common reason for oil to catch fire is exceeding it's auto-ignition temp

This user is right. Hundreds of people die each year because of grease fires.

Cooking is no joke. Keep a bag of baking soda in your kitchen.

At least use a powder based one you idiot. Enjoy blowing liquid fire everywhere.

or, you know, don't be a retard who lets grease catch fire

educate yourself. this high school kid with a shitty $10 experiment is smarter than people here


Is it possible to not enjoy that?

You're asking far too much you entitled brat.

Easier said than done, my friend. I don't need to remind you that, while a woman will be(or should be) most familiar with the kitchen environment, asking her to not create hazardous situations for you and your loved ones is a bit too high of a standard to hold. When keeping a bag of baking soda in your kitchen, your woman will be able to put out a grease fire all by herself, not only preventing the horrible slow death of everyone inside the house, but also takes away the need for you to come over there to put out the fire yourself and having to give her the good old back of the hand.

It's very convenient.

I don't know. my mom is a woman, and in the 28 years I've lived with her she's never started a grease fire.

mother fucker

read the cooking section

Basically, when heated sodium bicarbonate turns into sodium carbonate, water, and CO2. CO2 and water are products of combustion, so adding more of them to the fire slows the combustion down.

Have you checked?

What is it, user? Don't like bags?

I have seen her naked, yes

too little, too ughly

its easier to dump salt on it

have fun getting molten salt sprayed all over your face


yes, it's salt that's molten

yes - it wont melt

explain molten salt reactors then

topic change: failed

it's not a topic change. you claimed salt won't melt, I provided an example of salt melting.

in a nuclear reactor, not on a frying pan

also its a salt of fluorite and beryl, kitchen salt

no kitchen salt*

depends wildly by the "powder".

powdered coffee creamer, for example, would actually cause a large, intense ball of flame.

I didn't know that, actually. interesting.

learn what "salt" is

no need to be rude

It's utterly fucking useless in a world in which you can watch porn featuring women of any race and nationality performing every act from straight missionary to puking while eels stick out of their asses right on your phone.

Where can i download episodes

way to old

here you faggit pornolab.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2229500


Tattoos and piercings are hot you pleb.

I like the one whose labia you can see. they are mostly pretty nice. some I really like. haven't watched it in years. I wish they did harder news also naked.


you i like