McDonald's or Burger king?

McDonald's or Burger king?


Wendy's is better than both

datamine or datamine?

i turned ip checking off

datamining is good though

do you honestly believe that?

would you be embarrassed if it turned out that every single time you called out "datamine" it turned out you were wrong, and that nobody really gives a shit whether you like mcdonalds or burger king?

This, but Sonic is better still in my opinion. Probably an even better place but that's all I have nearby.

burger king has tendies

mcdonald's has nuggies and NUGGIES ARE FOR NORMIES

Burger King has nuggies, too.

Carl's Jr. has great tendies.



I make burgers at home. Its ridiculously simple to make your own big mac. All you need is american cheese, an onion and thousand island dressing.

In all seriousness BK has a better variety of food you would try because why not. McDonalds tastes better overall.

$2 have been deposited into your McCount, fucking kike shill

mcdonalds has much better french fries

If you think BK's chicken nuggets taste better you're clearly a shill, because no one, in the entire history of mankind has ever thought that.

fuck off MIDF

Back to the gutter Burger Jew.

let's be honest user, there is no way you prefer burger kike over a nice juicy mcdonald's bigmac.

Both places are no match for Wendy's nuggets.

Let;s be real here:
Mc>Wends>BK>Everyone else.


clever mcdonald's COINTELPRO, shill, but wendy's chicken nuggets are actually SPICY chicken nuggets therefore making them TENDIES

burger king has tendies
wendy's secretly has tendies
mcdonald's a shit

for the price of a couple tendies at burger king, you can get around 20-30 nuggies at mcdonalds.

you get what you pay for, hebe

You get what you pay for though. McDonalds nuggets breading has the consistency of a spring roll. They can't compare to the actual breading of Wendy's nuggets.


Burger king has bigger drinks.

Burger King confirmed as official restaurant of Kek

This sounds too absurd to be true

mcdonalds nuggies are cheap yo

How much should i get for maximum value


get a big box a 50 like mommy always does

mommy doesn't buy me chicken nuggets.

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Hungry Jacks*

Fast food is over-priced tripe meant for children.





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wtf i love capitalism now

You have a computer user, what do you think the creator's incentive was when he was developing that computer?

Why do those people at Samsung keep designing better, cheaper, smartphones?

Capitalism results in exploitation of the third world, and the weakening of the recipients of it. If an item does nothing to serve the people of a nation, there is no need for it to exist. Any other reasoning is an appeal to hedonism, and as such degeneracy.


am I suppose to care about the third world?

Good argument when just a moment ago you posted a video called is capitalism moral.

wasn't me, more than one person use this board.

also has anyone noticed an increased Holla Forums presence on other boards?

Not only leftypol is opposed to capitalism, kike.

But you still haven't explained why I should care about a worthless third worlder.

lol you faggots are too obvious

People with this little regard for how your life choices impact the rest of the world, you are not conducive to a functional nation. You would be outcast in a nationalistic country.

Educate yourself if you're not a shill

calm down there Holla Forums

Did you even read what I read? I said you would have no place in one. If you legitimately view nationalism as some edgy ideology where you hate people with different skin colour, you're probably not old enough to be on this site.

sorry have you explained why I should care about third worlders yet?

That comes down to your own morality, not a matter of proving or disproving, but as I said earlier, such a mindset if widely held would result in a failure of a society.

who said capitalism is bad? consumerism and hyper-individualism is the cancer.

can you post some actual facts or just your beliefs?

Moral positions are not justified by facts, but by one's morality.

yeah but you're saying it would result in a failure of society, societies that "exploit" the third world are currently the most powerful in the world. that means exploiting them more could only be a good thing

trick question

it's carl's jr

The US is one of, if not the most degenerate nations in existence. China and Russia, before giving up one Jewish ideology for another, were also very powerful. Germany, under National Socialism was able to defend herself against Russia, the US, as well as many other nations, and until some tactical blunders were made, had the upper hand. What's your point?

you have failed to explain why I should care about third worlders

You have clearly failed to read anything I have written.
Considering you think my previous post was tldr, I have my doubts about your intelligence, but I'd recommend you find a PDF of Mein Kampf and give it a shot, you may learn something.
I'm done talking to you now.

Exploitation how? Is the exploitation bad? Is it good?

Did China not turn from a famine ridden land to a modern nation with a booming economy and a high living standard after they embraced capitalism?

first pic is obviously fake, where did the giant fuck off mountain in the background go?

the beloved supreme leader had it removed to improve the living conditions of the people in modern chinese city

A real nazi would have put that fat fuck in a death camp. How can he talk about the health of the body when he's a fatass neckbeard himself.

No matter where you go, you will never find a full pound of delicious beef like this burger that I make in my kitchen every Friday night

Burger King


made on an everything bagel?

They are both shit, just go to a normal restaurant and get a good burger there. If I had to chose between those I would go with BK.

Don't you have stores that make burgers exactly the way you ask them to? I can think of two places that would make me a buger like that.


It's not a bagel. It's an onion bun

Both are disgusting. Panera bread is the only fast food I buy.

McDonalds. Every time I go to Burger King I throw up.

Five guys does it. In fact, just last night I got a five-Patty burger from them. However, between the burger and two large fries, I paid over $19. The burger I make costs about $7 and is much better than 5 geiz. I use 80/20 seasoned only with fresh cracked pepper and smash it flat in a pan for maximum crunchy sear.

I also pan fry my French fries in the same pan as my patties. Pour them right from the frozen bag into the pan. The grease makes them taste absolutely fantastic.

Also see pic related. I call it

Beef circle and chicken

Oops I also season with salt

That looks so greasy and unhealthy and so damn good


I prefer kays Big Mac tbh


This causes me physical pain

OP, I am disappoint.

If I had to choose between the two, BK. In my area (Buffalo NY) it's
Checkers > Wendys > BK > McDs