Must move away from the botnet and not be open to every kind of /fucko/ spyware and basic-tier TAO

Why the fuck hasn't anyone made a decent security-minded GENERAL PURPOSE, EASY TO USE linux distro in all these years for all of the paranoid anons who need to move away from the botnet but don't have wizard powers?

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Bumping to watch this thread. OP, the answer is fucking money. No one funds secure, user oriented desktop distros.

I don't get what is the problem with Alpine? You can't fucking have all of your "easy to use" botnet, with games, and still have security.

Alpine is sufficient for regular desktop use (let alone how absofuckshit amazing it is for servers and network appliances)

And as a long time Alpine user, my only concern is that the NCopa is a bit more distant after Docker picked them up, and he no longer seeks (or even has a method for accepting) donations from regular people any longer. So it went from begging for survival, to "yeah I got real backers now I don't need you". Which lowers my trust a bit.

You'll never have proprietary nvidia drivers with it, and games and multimedia stuff in general is difficult to compile due to Musl. But damn it's still a fucking amazing distro.

Can heartily recommend as a headless LEMP server from personal experiences. So simple to keep maintained.

Also my Alpine LEMP server is on a toaster (Pentium-D) and has performance I would never have expected

Just in general, you need to actually understand a bunch of basic concepts to have security. There can never be a distro that just does this for you automatically, it will always take some personal development of skills and knowledge. Anybody that claims otherwise is taking you for a dangerous ride

Promise you that when i become some kind of fugitive i'll let go of my gaming habits and not compromise security for playability, but in the meanwhile; yeah.

Ubuntu, honestly. I know, the whole past with Amazon, but I'm pretty sure it's fine now. It's as "just werks" as it gets.

If you really don't want Ubuntu, then probably Fedora.

And if you don't think Fedora is safe (insert stupid NSA comments here), then you're tinfoil hat and there is nothing I can say that you'll believe in and the "basic" distros just aren't for you, anyways.

Because of SELinux?


Not really, i have all the tech support i need with my friend; i'm just bitching at operating systems in general.

Listen here. You need training and education to be secure. You cannot get over this requirement to be properly educated if you want security in your OS. Without proper education, the number of security controls you put into your computer is meaningless if you operate your computer in a way that defeats those controls. There is no shortcut in OS security that you can just install and run.

And where exactly does one find this information and education in a format that isin't 3 years of university or scattered across 18 websites, 22 messageboards and 172 youtube videos?

Living it, learning it, loving it.

You'll learn best and fastest if you take the whole trip to a secure OS piecemeal. You don't need to know obsure NSA hack #10000000 to be secure from everyday Joe hacker.

Start small and work your way up to some more secure level. Eventually you'll have to read things which is, like, totally a bummer, man, but once you're at a technical level of knowledge where the need to read books or text is required you won't mind as much.

Why are you even here?

Does Alpine still not have a package for zsh-completion? I'll probably be replacing arch with it on my x61s. Especially a good choice since I use Gentoo on my desktop, so I know OpenRC well enough.

Linux is not for you.

Windows is for people who want to do things on a computer. Linux is for people who want to do things to a computer.

You make it sound so dirty

So I guess that would mean Apple is for people who want to do stuff with a computer?

whops, meant to quote

Opensuse is also good

You sound like a defeatist fuck too lazy to learn and expect other to do the work for you.

So listen here you little precious millennium faggot, you either learn how things work or you GTFO and use windows like a good consumer drone.

Sounds like you have a bad case of being a lazy retard.


run Mint then you dumb shit
Works fine and is secure though with some Firefox addons

Holla Forums autism has no bounds


You realize RBAC needs to be fine tuned for whatever task your computer is used and can't therefore be general purpose? And that its ruleset configuration is as easy as it can be for what it is?

You're either a lying sack of shit or you and your sexual partner are retards who should just stick to apple products. Compiling hardened-sources takes less than fifteen minutes on my AMD potato.

and I forgot: if you're already troubled with the easy things like compiling a kernel without a billion modules for hardware you don't have, then setting appropriate PaX flags for binaries to keep shit from not working will be hell

They have. It's called Debian with custom security (which is what Kali is)

Sounds like you want Whonix or HardenedBSD.

# apt install linux-image-grsec-amd64

Use an Ubuntu derivative like Lubuntu or Xubuntu though. Ubuntu core with the Unity desktop is fucking cancer.

The user is in CONTROL you decide what you want to do with your system, you can change literally anything. The system isn't going to think for you. YOU have to use your brain and make the decisions what you want to install and what you don't want. For example graphics drivers, you can choose between free drivers or proprietary drivers. That's what I like about GNU/Linux, you are in the drivers seat. It may take you a few months to get used to it but it's all worth it.

I bet you alpines enforced ASLR and W^X would absolutely destroy a lot of steam games.

At least understand what special snowflake means.
You're as bad as Holla Forumstards who call everything "cuck".

im sure it would at least fuck over the steam overlay as it depends on dll injection.

e-even linux? does it inject .so files?

Why the fuck hasn't anyone made a decent security-minded GENERAL PURPOSE, EASY TO USE car in all these years for all of the paranoid anons who need to move away from the bikes but don't have wizard powers?

its hard to actually get infected with spyware or malware
then find one
then don't use it
then don't use it
then don't use it, and why is that a problem. it should run fine.
you're clearly not capable of using it, so don't
why the fuck didn't he just download one with grsec pre-patched
then use AMD or the proprietary drivers
then don't use it
literally what
its for VMs
if you're so damn worried about security, don't use linux, use BSD. linux has so many security holes. and even then, none of those matter unless someone gains access to your PC through something like SSH.

You sound like a fucking autist

Unfortunately, chans (and their tech boards) attract that type.

A retard is you, my friend.

i don't know what you were doing, but we used this

here's your problem, you're falling for a meme

arch is easy to use if you aren't retarded. read the wiki, fuck up the install, read it again until you get it right, install the packages that turn it into parabola. done. enjoy your new fucko protected and easy to use machine.

don't blame gnu/linux for you being retarded

I'm just gonna follow that one user and install kali.

Thanks for the straight answers.

I guarantee you that 90% of those who use a computer, and a good portion of those who use linux, couldn't install arch easily; and not for being retarded. It's fucking complicated. I'm sure arch is great when it's configured right, but configuring it right is not easy, simple, or straightforward. It has nothing to do with being retarded. Being retarded is not being able to clean up your temp files on windows, saving direct HTML pages to your desktop as "bookmarks", not knowing how do to anything more than open facebook. That's being retarded. Not knowing how to install arch or how to deal with the problems the wiki doesn't show you isn't being retarded; it's not being an expert.

If he can't handle a linux problem or installing arch how the fuck do you expect him to be even able to start up BSD?

those are ways people become retarded by using windows. if they just went on the slightly less convenient path at first, they wouldn't be retarded.

it took me 2 weeks to install arch my first time because i was genuinely being retarded. i wasn't paying enough attention to the instructions. and i actually learned how to not be retarded from that experience.

i would say being retarded is mostly not having the desire to be less retarded, which is what op is doing

I would put that more as being completely overwhelmed rather than just not wanting to learn

You're not going to play games on alpine much at all. I wasn't implying otherwise. It's hard to get even simple graphical native linux games to compile with musl

Arch has no redeemable features. Not fully free like Debian, not source compiled like Gentoo, not debloated like Alpine, not fully supported like Fedora or Ubuntu, doesn't just work like Fedora or Ubuntu, isn't package manager free like Slackware. It has nothing, it's a meme distro, unless you think the AUR is something.

These are contradictory unless you want snake oil meme shit in the vein of "just let us do your security goy, trust us we wouldn't betray you :-DDDD"

Also kill yourself, basically all your criticisms are memes or excuses for being a lazy waste of oxygen.

Install debian.

I can't count the number of times they've shipped completely broken distro spins or random bugs that only have one guy maintaining it.
I moved to arch from fedora. Best way I can describe it is that arch is the bleeding edge of fedora without being shit. Better testing, better package selection, better user-level packaging, better everything.

Go ahead and become accustomed to building your own packages with mocktool and all that, versus pkgbuilds.
Red Hat is good, in some situations, but not in any of these.

Also the only context in which fedora is better, that I can think of, is that SELinux configured by default for most packages.

Canonical did but then they ran out of money and let amazon install spyware to keep the lights on

Now.........I don't know what the fuck that company is doing anymore, ubuntu phone is the definition of too little too late nobody fucking cares

gentoo is your only option.... its only distro out there where you have 100% freedom to make whatever you want... dont be lazy and fire up handbook and start reading. PS: i use gentoo and i dont have problems with sex

I can't even understand half of the products they sell. It's so steeped in marketing jargon and silly code names like juju that I cannot force myself to care.


Kill yourself over the ceiling



I know a faster way to get tera and other games installed on linux
it ain't easy being cheesy
here's an anime girl to make my opinion seem le sophistikated an progrezziv

Doesn't matter because all comms are Internet and even landline connects to a big VIOP hub. No mpre analog switches for phone calls.

Self driving cars will ruin the economy and make everyone dependent on the government. We're all going to be forced to get GPS RFID chips via vaccination so they can drone us better.

VR won't make anime real. Just kill yourself while you can.

Yep, it's a linux thread.

Debian officially maintains repositories that recommend installing non-free software. Debian are no better than Arch in that regard.

The FSF would disagree with you about that.

They don't like that Debian provides proprietary software, but Debian makes it absolutely trivial to keep proprietary software out. As long as you don't add those extra repositories it's completely free. They did a mass import of Debian's main repository into the free software directory, accept Debian entries to h-node, and reportedly use or used Debian internally.

It's much better than Arch in that regard.

The FSF have no problem with Debian's main repository, that's why they have no problem using it in their internal systems. That's not the problem.

The problem is that the project is officially maintaining Debian's recommendation list of non-free software for users to install (aka. the non-free repository). This recommendation list is not a blacklist that prevents explicit (or implicit) installation of the listed titles. This recommendation list will assist people to install non-free software when users choose those titles. The fact that users have to explicitly instruct the package manager to use the list is not relevant. The important part is that Debian are officially endorsing the list of software for people to install. If this was a blacklist to actively prevent the installation of listed non-free titles, this would be a different matter.

Wine is absolute provable garbage. No one has ever been able to prove me wrong, and until autists stop with this retarded GAYMES ARE FOR NORMIES XDDDD nonsense they never will prove me wrong.

Feels great not being a fucking pleb. :^)

Enjoy not being a fucking pleb. :^)

I like Linux because I feel superior to plebs who use mainstream OS. Who wants something that works? Haha! I enjoy using my precious hours of my life to constantly fix something.

God I wish I could get laid...

this. Ubuntu is perfect. Get rid of unity, coz I agree it's a bloated DE, install a lightweight WM and you are good to go.

Nice projecting famiglia

Stopped reading there, fuck off /r9k/.

My most recommended distribution of GNU?


It's the 'free' version of RHEL (no not Fedora, CentoOS).

But, I do recommend two other distributions much more highly than CentOS.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Editioninfohash: 66817A94A70EE41BF7B0782CAF5E621F109BE18C
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Editioninfohash: BA0A88FCDB3A24AB499D7BB4AD6381A0DBA0C376
Tool to activate the above, straight from the sourceinfohash: FB59D3260575A6BFDE6880CE4FF8893D10F01B06
If you honestly cannot learn Windows Server, or at least cannot configure your system confidently with gpedit.msc and regedit,
you have no business trying to convert to GNU.Windows is everything GNU is but on easy++ mode.
Ex-Gentoo user here (daily driver), now daily driving 2008 R2 and may soon daily drive 2016.Daily drive with Active Directory and RDS on all of my home systems.(So if one Directory Server crashes, I still have a functioning Directory).

The FSF is autistic, the operating system by default doesn't install non-free software and won't do it unless you explicitly do it by yourself. That's all that matters to me.

I'm saying that they think it's better than Arch, not that they think it's good.

It's time for a mac.

are you hosting diablo 2 server or what

You are rather a whiny cunt, aintcha OP?

Either use Ubuntu or Linux Mint and STFU for now.

What you need is an old 8-bit computer from the 80's, like a VIC 20 or ZX Spectrum or whatever. Download all the games to a standalone/portable media player, and hook it up to the cassette port. Ideally you want them in lossless format, not compressed to MP3. But they're small, so should all fit easily the entire software library.
Congrats, now you can compute securely, away from the botnet. And if you run out of games, you can make your own in BASIC and machine code.
Don't try to setup modem or other networking, and don't use the media player for other stuff once you copied all the files on it.

not sure if this is a joke, but still pretty funny fam tbh


Most home computers used a proprietary edge connector for their cassette drives because aside from receiving data, the computer also had to control the tape functions themselves like stopping and playing the tape. And there was no microcontroller inside the cassette drives either. Making them much more analog devices than digital

Cassette programs did in fact make audible noise when played through a speaker. In addition, you can easily copy tape programs by recording the output of one tape to another tape using standard audio equipment and auxiliary cables. Good times

or you can buy and have a fully functional Amiga

not sure if botnet

Stardew valley from GOG works great
Hotline Miami only requires proprietary drivers which you can switch to on mint with a few clicks and a reset
Rimworld colony runs well withotu modification with an intel graphics card, jsut turn down the resolution
I can get Deus Ex running if I jsut install wine and start it 5 tines, I don't know why it requires 5 attempts to start but it juts werks

also look at the shitty guide I made for shitters like you

>create mclargehuge guide to install mint
>and if you do explain wine it's buried in your faggot guide
Yeah, no, this is better than not dealing with Linux for games or anything. Just install Steam!

user you clearly did not read the entire guide

the primary purpose of the guide is to help you overcome the main hurdle of installing and getting used to linux mint

search the page for hotline (it's right under steam)

as far as wine goes you just install it and for the most part it just werks, I installed Deus Ex after installing wine. but you're right, I do need to update the wine section with some examples of how to make it work

for now though look at the linux games on GOG and humble bundle that don't have DRM and see if you can get them from the Holla Forums share thread assuming you can stop sucking dick long enough to make a real attempt at anything

Pure 64 a shit.

T60 with trisquel and libreboot

No, it doesn't.

you're right, I had to switch it to OpenGL

you say this like it is a bad thing. Embrace your wizardry user

Well, and tinker with it for 10 hours.

Last I checked, which was yesterday, Debian works out of the box and the only configuration really required is to edit the sources list which takes MAYBE 7 minutes of research and 3 minutes of effort doing it for someone who never has before.

Wanting to be free but not wanting to learn and put effort into bettering yourself are in direct conflict with each other, I'm afraid. So whatever your choice, we don't really care tbh fam

bump for OP.

Wine is amazing and you are fucking retarded but everybody know that. :^)

Being free and not wanted to spend 10 minutes for every little issue are not mutually exclusive, I'm afraid. Lincucks have become so used to being battered by their operating system that they don't know any other way but there are plenty of linux distros that don't infringe on your privacy and aren't stupid.

Just kill yourself already

user it does not take 10 hours of tinkering to run deus ex

you just have to start it 5 times every time because it crashes literally 4 out of 5 times on startup

I don't know why or pretend to understand the magic that is technology but that's how it works, and it seems to run perfectly when it does

There are no linux distros that infringe on your privacy and are stupid.

ayy lmao

Fucking pleb. Go back to your Windows and Nutella

I bet you use Debian. The irony being obvious here of course.

Send help pls

Install Gentoo


Linux is piss easy. Its literally just following tutorials while using common sense along with searching everytime you encounter a problem you can't fix. Even so-called "advanced" distros like Arch are easy as fuck. I can't stand when skriptkiddies make using Linux sound hard on purpose.

That said, you don't have to give up Windows completely to use and understand Linux, I recommend getting a cheap laptop or something to experiment with while keeping your Windows PC your main PC and when you decide later you want to quit Windows for good well thats your fucking decision but my main PC will always run Windows

On the other hand, the worst cancer in this place are the ones that make Linux sound like it can do more than Windows.

If you're very specific, you can do as much as Windows. But let us not kid ourselves.

If you gave any sort of fucks about security, you'd be using BSD instead of searching for Linux distros.

especially now that Windows has full-fledged Bash and 64-bit Linux binary support

But what if you're like me who wants an instll thats no-compromises free as in freedon, we're talking down to the bootloader freedom, to run alongside hs nonfree Windows gaming PC?

Don't most of the BSDs have binary blobs? Currently using Parabola Linux-Libre

the only thing hard about installing arch is dealing with partitions if youre trying to dual boot. everything eles about installing arch is just fucking typign what youre looking at in the correct order

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as
Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it,
GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather
another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by
the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising
a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day,
without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of
GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its
users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by
the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just
a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the
system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs
that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system,
but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete
operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU
operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added,
or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really
distributions of GNU/Linux.