Why are niggers so:

Why are niggers so:


they are subhuman

because they're niggers

It's a paradox. If they weren't ugly, loud, and stupid would they still be niggers?

That's racist.

There are millions of non-white women that a probably stunning.

I can ask the same thing about redneck Trump supporters or juggalos or trannies or cuckoid liberals. But the reality is, there are people who are ugly, loud, dumb or angry in any group.

There's much more ugly, dumb, loud """people""" in the nigger community than there are in any other demographic.




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Why is Asuka such a:


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Their parents were poor, uneducated and uncultured. They are also poor, uneducated and uncultured.
Your new culture becomes about being poor and stupid. The cycle continues.

The negro used to be noble and honorable, then the JEW showed up. The jew slavers in Africa destroyed cultures and made africans what they are now.
The JEW in America created activism, blaming the white man for all of black man's perceived problems, then created a welfare state solution, ruining black culture.
Its always the fucking jews, nation wreckers.


You left out smelly and violent.


lol she's never going to find work


Who cares?
What I want to know is why they can't make up their minds about IDs.

It's debatable.

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But all people who buy lottery tickets are retarded, the few who aren't don't count. Just because you find an exception in a group of people doesn't compare to a group where there are little exceptions

Niggers are disproportionately ugly, loud, dumb and angry.