Is this opinion wrong?

What is your own opinion on this subject?

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no one can dispute the author's thesis and claim to be an intelligent person

Can't argue with that.

you forgot one:

Just wait until this era of civilisation collapses, and a new patriarchal era arises. Nobody would humour a bitter old hag who wasted their youth away either as whores or by working.

Notice these are the women who are always out protesting and complaining about 'muh reproductive rights' and feminism.

Anyways, they usually have more cats than they do children…

Let me give you a preview of what will happen after the collapse of society **imagine sceneries similar to the movie "escape from NY".
Niggers, Spics, mudlimes and neonationalistic Whites will form gangs. Male SJWs, beta cucks and hipster faggots will be genocided first because they are useless ressource eaters anyways. Their daughters / wives / sisters will then fall into the hands of the real men. Old hags will be left alone to starve or if it gets really bad, they will be cannibalized. People will fight endless battles for the little ressources that are left.

When there is no illusion of the rule of law, people will turn into their most primitivistic behaviours again and start impregnating teenage girls without any sense of shame or guilt.

Don't exactly disagree with this but around the time that gangs start, I feel that people won't exactly feel bad impregnating teens.

I hope we live to see the day we can take young wives again. Expect a family of 30+ children from me in the event of a Fourth Reich.

Tbh, I sorta want to work hard to make a time machine just so I can go to a future that is 9000x better than this one.

This is a bait thread, but a few massive holes in the claims:

-Your personal pedophile opinion on breasts is irrelevant, I'll admit that I'm on the opposite outlier, last girl I slept with was an H cup, but the fact does remain that larger breasts are universally preferred by men. Asked for a specific cup preference DD always comes out as the winner (I like bigger, myself) but I don't think the specific cup size is what matters to men so much as proportion. Universally the figure seen as most attractive and most appealing to the overwhelming vast majority of men is the hourglass figure. It conveys sexual maturity and readiness to mate and women with this figure are also the most fertile. Naturally a 13 year old is unlikely to have yet achieved this figure, the average is probably 16 since I would imagine the most preferable breasts would be found on 17, 18 and 19 year olds.

-Second and more importantly, every single study has found universally… that pedophiles are mentally retarded. Higher rates of autism, lower IQs, higher rates of mental retardation. You're dumb, your preferences should thus automatically be rendered irrelevant as RETARDS SHOULD NOT REPRODUCE.

Link to these studies than, back up your claims dude.

Click the first webm. I can pull up more, but the proof is right there. They all find the same result, you're a retard.

Link me these studies, don't show some random webm, The burden of proof is on YOU not me.

I would not say that the God of the Bible "knocked-up" (silly term, used by dudebros and illegitimate children) Mary, though things were certainly not the same in those times, or say Lewis Carol was one.

The first webm *is* a study, so that's one huge chunk of evidence you've just seen.

But, here's more:

That webm is pretty easily dismissed, where exactly was the guy getting his subjects from because if it was voluntarily or prison populations neither of those can be attributed to the wider population of pedos.

Nobody with an above average IQ is stupid enough to basically come out as a witch during the witch hunts, only those that are stupid or have nothing to lose will do that and thats going to influence the results of the studies.

I love this defense.

Pedofags BTFO

Yeah repeating my argument but making it sound like a stupid person is saying it is pretty much a refutation right?
Oh wait no its not try again, or should I pretend to be a feminist and throw some studies done on convicted rapists in your face and attribute that to the behavior of all men to prove my point?

You really believe this garbage? Just because (((hollywood))) pushes a certain ideal doesn't make it true, even if normies pretend to believe it. I'm not a pedo, nor am I exclusively a hebephile, but most of those women are fucking disgusting.

You're not refuting the scientific studies though, you're just asserting the samples don't count because "they must be dumb to get caught" which isn't scientific or remotely measurable. It's a straight up asspull. That's why it sounds dumb.

The rest has to do with the fact that you're saying this while proudly posting about your lust for children online. You're clearly not a smart man.

Hollywood is exactly who's pushing the pedoshit you doublespeaking faggot.

You seem to have supplied an opinion where facts are needed. Is this mental deficiency related to your pedophilia?

So you think it would be fine for a feminist to take studies done about convicted rapists and attribute that to all men as well then?
If not then you're a hypocrite, if yes then you're no better than a modern day feminist so either way you've lost this one bruh.

Also way to put words in my mouth, I've never "proudly posted about lusting after children" or even said I was a pedophile so instead of attacking my character try actually making an argument.

all of those "caricatures" of women are garbage.

give me a cute 6 year old who likes sex and isn't a spoiled little shit, THAT is a perfect woman.

Oh boy, here it comes. The rest of the statement will be a blatant strawman fallacy that uses a statement I did not say and tries to make me argue this point. This is how a retard argues, you're proving the studies true just by breathing, stupid.

You could take studies conducted on convicted rapists and apply them to rapists in general, yes. This is where your strawman falls apart, dummy. You're trying to assert that the studies about pedophiles would apply to all men when the exact standard is that you're shorter, dumber and more autistic than men who are not attracted to children.

You mean like your SUPREMELY RETARDED strawman about rapists? That wasn't an argument you flailing retard.

Pedo logic.

oh sorry, i forgot! women don't have a vagina until they're 30 years old!

silly me

seeds would be sperm

0/10 your analogy is retarded and so are you. enjoy getting cuckolded and paying alimony.

That's like saying Homosexuality is wrong cause they can't have kids…It makes no sense.

Their vaginas are tiny you sick fuck. I guess it's appealing to someone like you with micropenis.

Ad Hominem.

Pedo demonstrates he doesn't understand how analogies work. Further evidence pedophiles are retarded. In other news: Water still wet.

No, they physically do not function for sex with a normal penis. You would have to have a micropenis to get it in, and even then because her sex organs are not developed you would pretty much be guaranteed to damage her insides. Human bodies don't work like hentai, retard.

How young are you thinking dude? A baby? Cause no one is talking about that…

Get back to me after you've sat through The Gift. I hope you catch it btw.

You said SIX. A six year old would have an absolutely tiny vagina and non-functioning reproductive organs. An adult male penis of normal size simply would not fit and would destroy her inside if you managed to hurt her enough to get it in.

Thus, the only logical explanation is you think 2 inches is average.

reeks of normalfaggotry around here

if it helps you sleep at night

enjoy your """"perfect"""" feminist nagmachine i mean, women, then. not like you can get any either way.

she can use her hands, her mouth, her feet, her buttcheeks, and so on.

and it'd still be a better woman than any above age 13. but nope GOTTA BELIEVE THAT PEDOHYSTERIA IM SUCH A REDPILLED™ INDIVIDUAL

Your argument is taking a bunch of convicted child rapists and then attributing that to the wider population of pedos, how is that different than a man hating feminist using studies of men convicted of raping women and attributing that to the wider population of men?

Face it you're no different than a man hating feminist that demonizes all men as dumb brutish rapists waiting to happen, the similarities are very apparent.

When did I say that?!?!? Stop making stuff up…

And you've clearly never seen a real vagina as they can stretch to the side of a baby so tbh as long as it's a toddler it'd probably fit a 7.5 incher (It'd hurt but it'd probably fit and of course these are just guesses).

This isn't coitus you retard. The fact that she cannot physically reproduce and to attempt to do so would damage her should be proof enough she's not ready for sexual activity fuckwit.

Because the studies aren't specifically limited to child rapists. It's also men who sought counseling without ever actually molesting a children, men who had no idea they would be found to be pedophiles before they were tested for it, men who were convicted of more (comparatively) minor crimes like possessing child porn, propositioning a minor, etc.

Consent is an illusion, everyone is taken advantage of.

If a gay guy just started ramming some dudes ass out of nowhere that would damage the person receiving the anal anguish too but that doesn't mean its "proof enough gays can't stick their dick in eachothers ass"


You can say this wasn't you, but you're arguing their retarded point.

NOT. AT. SIX. Look into cases where girls have been raped at this age, they suffer destroyed ovaries and hormonal imbalances the rest of their lives.

The logic of a pedophile.

The studies you actually linked used sex offenders as subjects, all the people who are "voluntarily" sex offenders aren't exactly the cream of the crop.
Still have no idea how you can pretend a bunch of sex offenders are somehow representative of the general population when thats clearly not the case when applied to any other area.

You previously say adults are ruined because they've had sex, then say it doesn't ruin a child to do the same shit that would quite seriously physically destroy them.

I'm not talking about a "magical age" I'm talking about PUBERTY. That's when she's physically able to have sex, technically. Though for the record her brain hasn't finished developing, so you'd stil be taking advantage of a position of authority and an undeveloped mind. That's why they can't consent.

To quote a previous user's point sorta, if a guy started to fuck a adult girl immediately with no natural lube or anything, she'd get injured just like that those cases but it doesn't mean someone that young couldn't have sex (Not that i'm supporting it since that sounds like a case of rape n you know they're six).

And it definitely wasn't me


In most countries, yeah.

What's your point?

no, i say adults are ruined because they watch too much TV and normalfag media.

take a 5-6year old, raise her like a wife instead of a western shitvilization whore, and you'll have a perfect woman by age 12 and further

You're both sort of making the same "argument" so I'll respond to both here.

Anal is an unnatural act. I'm not saying it's "wrong" but the anus does not naturally lubricate. It's fine with lube, generally. And if you did anything by "surprise" that would be rape regardless of age, so you're kind of fucking over your own point.

Beyond that, no. Surprise vaginal penetration would do no where near the damage to an adult woman it would a child. Their bodies are tiny. You're not getting how much less space there is in there. It's like the difference between jamming a baseball bat into a purse or a coin pouch.



Let me dumb this down for you.

Do you or have you ever kept or masturbated to child porn? Okay, then you're as guilty as many of the men in the study, thus you easily fall into the exact same category. See? This isn't hard.

If you're sexually molesting her at that age, you are raising a whore by normalizing sex acts with a child. This does not make a "perfect woman" watch an interview with any adult woman who was used in child porn and they all tell the same story. The shame, the betrayal. Did any of them stick by their abusers? No, they were happy to see them imprisoned. Certfiable proof your pedotard mind is simply flat out wrong.

you don't need to have vaginal penetration to have sex, lesbians still manage to have sex.
You've just shown that just because something is "unnatural" doesn't mean its wrong, so whats the problem?

Too small of a search, You aren't referring to children who had sex at a young age with an adult, it's kids who were filmed and probably forced.

all manufactured emotions that YOU put in their minds AFTER the facts

how about you go read and watch shit? because you clearly haven't read jack, since you're just spouting the garbage that the mainstream media forcefed you

read the rind et al
read The Trauma Myth
and watch interviews with """victims""" that aren't cherry picked to suit your opinion. you'll see most didn't find it a harmful experience in the slightest

Jews (like those who run hollywood) introduced age of consent laws in the late 1800s/early 1900s in Europe and the US. I'm not the user you were replying to when you posted the picture of the women, by the way. Yes, kikes are fond of genuine pedoshit (pre-pubescents), but you can't compare that to the natural attraction to girls in their prime breeding age (14-16).

Not a pedophile, but of course those women are hideous. Fake breasts, slutty, and starved women are not naturally attractive. It's quite easy to determine what is most attractive:
- Plump, but not fat. A body that can give birth easily.
- As close to breeding age as possible. Female fertility peaks once they actually become fertile, and declines constantly from there on.
- More or less everything else varies depending on the persons genetic background. We naturally aim for something that is not too different from us (which would cause outbreeding) and not too close to us (which would cause inbreeding).

Proposing any sexual activity with a body that's specifically telling you it isn't ready for it is wrong, and as has already been pointed out is has horrendously damaging effects on her psyche. On top of that if you're not attracted to adult women it doesn't matter if you raise her to adulthood this way as you won't be attracted to her when she reaches adulthood rendering the entire thing moot.

There are adult women getting used for porn in human trafficking too but I don't see you saying thats the average relationship a man has with a woman.
Nobody is advocating for people to get forced into sex acts and used as a porn actor without their consent.

pictures of the women*

By definition they cannot consent. I was referring to girls who "starred" in child porn as kids. Just google adults who were molested as children, the same facts show up every time.

You're word for word just saying "any information that proves me wrong doesn't count and is part of conspiracy against pedos" this isn't an argument, it's the logic a retard comes up with. Confirmation bias, dumbass.

Again, this is affected by too many things (Even if it's right).

You are getting the worst of the worst cases not the average ones and since no proper study can be done frankly we can not know for a fact.

"horrendously damaging effects on her psyche"
Citation needed, bonus points if you can actually find a study that accounts for cultural conditioning, because if you do you'll clearly see the damage caused isn't inherent but based on the society the person comes from.
If you have sex too early in a society where its taboo you'll be seen as a victim and theres only so many times you can be treated like a victim before you start acting like one.
And just jumping the gun here no I'm not saying brutal rape wouldn't be traumatizing in other places of the world, I'm just saying not all cases are brutal rape and you should realize that.

yes they can.

ask them whether they want to eat vegetables or ice cream for dinner, and you'll see how gleefully they can consent to one.

the "they cannot consent" retard meme for retarded people comes from the written law, which is faulty at its core.

see? i can play retard too.

too bad you actually are a retard and not just playing it

Gots to agree with you, I was thinking something similar but I suck at words.

The pictures compile images of various women whose features have been universally voted as must attractive. You can say "I find them hideous" but your opinion is worthless because it's literally you versus EVERYONE ELSE ON FUCKING EARTH YOU IDIOT. This is one of the only cases where popularity is in fact what's at issue, and thus the overwhelming majority disagreeing with you is the entire point.

Then why would they introduce age of consent laws? AoC laws were introduced as a result of increasing knowledge of brain development. In childhood, you can tell a child there's a monster inside a box, and they will sincerely believe there is one. They'll believe anything they're told, thus they're too gullible to consent to anything. They can't vote, join the military, drink, rent a car, sign a contract, etc. It stands to reason consent should be bound to the same standard.

Have you ever seen the cases of people getting arrested for possessing child pornography?
You basically have to be dumb enough to get arrested for pirating movies to be dumb enough to get arrested for child pornography.
All the cases you hear about it involve someone putting CP on their school computer or mailing CP through a gmail to their work phone or other ridiculous shit that just proves natural selection is still an active force in the world.

That sure is a lot of anecdotes in one post.

No, there are numerous cases of pedos getting busted often when their home computers are examined for other things. "Mad Thad" carried an external zip drive full of child porn with him at all times.

So let me ask you something.

Shouldn't people with below-average intelligence not be allowed to sex?

In what country? In the U.S AOC laws were introducted by jealous feminists that wanted men to stop going after whats now called jailbait (for good reason) and start fucking their aging asses instead.
If you don't believe me do some research yourself for once into the origins of the age of consent in the U.S, its based on no science whatsoever.

This isn't an argument.

This isn't consent, in fact you prove the opposite point. Eating ice cream for a meal isn't healthy, but they don't think of health or long term consequences. They can't understand what agreeing to a sex act means. When they do realize it, they feel dirty and betrayed, tricked and lied to. Because of course they don't enjoy it, coercion is generally involved. Bribery with candy, toys or threats. "I'll tell your mom you weren't nice to me." This is why it's rape. This is why they can't consent. This is why you're fucking retarded.

Are you referring to someone carrying CP with them AT ALL TIMES as a case of a smart person getting caught?
Sure its all anecdotes but you could at least come up with some of your own anecdotes that don't just prove my point further.

So an over-weight person who eats unhealthy food is too stupid to have sex? Allllright than buddy…

Taqqiya thread.

If someone of normal intelligence has sex with a retarded person, it can be considered rape. There's a notable case of a liberal professor who was carrying on a sexual relationship with a retarded black man in a wheelchair who she claimed was communicating his desires to her through eye movements. When tested, he of course was not, and she was tried and found guilty of rape (though sentence far more lightly than a male would have been in the same situation, of course.)

Similarly an animal cannot consent.

And no, of course children cannot give consent.

Strawman because you have no actual counter argument. Pedophiles continue to validate the studies proving them retarded.

Define a smart way to possess child pornography and I'll find you a case of someone being busted for possessing it in that specific way.

Didn't say mentally retarded, I said a below-average intelligence as children aren't mentally retarded level of intelligence (Well some are but those are generally the mentally retarded ones).

Tons of young adults drink copious amounts of alcohol when they're young and then when they're old and their liver is a fucking raisin they think "why the fuck did I drink all this alcohol this was a terrible idea" but that doesn't mean alcohol should be illegal.

Theres loads of things that have long term consequences that adults everywhere do on a daily basis, what makes them being unable to realize the regret they'll feel in the future less important than if they were a few years younger?


Put it in a Thumbdrive n hide it somewhere in your house no one would look and of course lock it with a password.

The most attractive a woman gets is at the age of 21. She's fully formed and at the peak of reproductive capability.

Still has to come from the internet first

Logically that makes little sense…Sure it IS an attractive age but it's not the most attractive (Or in the very least even with other ages)


You provided the terms, now here's the proof pedophiles are retarded:

Not hard to get CP from the internet whatsoever, You can find it posted on chan sites a lot though it gets deleted quickly and with a bit of research you can find ways that pedos distribute it with each other (Course, I aint a person who looks at it or collects it but I've just learned of this info from browsing Chan sites for a long time).

Attractiveness is relative.


Those aren't reputable sites or scientific journals so I won't even click on those links.

Pfffhahahaha. You said that was a smart way to keep child porn, I asked you for the specific standard and then said I'd specifically find cases where pedos were charged doing specifically what you suggested a smart one would do. Those were just the first three results. You can't just dismiss offhand anything that proves you wrong. That would be retarded.

A story about a guy getting raped by his school teacher is supposed to illustrate what exactly?

How in the hell is that cherrypicking?





You provided the terms.

Those guys were idiots though, not smart guys.

First one let his thumb drive hang around, unattended IN A SCHOOL with no password.

Second guy went to a kik group called…I won't repeat it but ya know what I mean and other things which were just idiotic and the third guy had it on his PC with no password and he let his wife just access AND THAN admitted to it.

you're a troll and or a pedo, jail is waiting either way.

That women should be trained by their husbands since they are girls. Biblical style.

that guy talking about thumb drives wasn't even me, I was the one talking about only dumb people getting arrested for CP and once again those links only go to prove my point as they're all retards.

Leaving CP in a thumbdrive on a book at a public library? You think thats a smart move eh?

A police officer uploading child pornography on a KIK CHATROOM while ON PATROL, real smart one there.

And last but not least a husband leaving child porn easily accessible by his wife on the home computer, too many geniuses to count here I mean that was just a master plan how could it go wrong?

This guy's level of being right is 9/10

that webm theory sound pretty retarded/flimsy.
Also I do NOT find big boobs attractive, and neither do "the overwhelming vast majority of men" otherwise nearly all women would have big boobs, evolutionarily.

While I sorta agree with you, Women DO have large breasts, take a look at other animals which have non-exisent breasts unless they're pregnant.

Humans evolved to get bigger ones.


2 non-sexual pics of children = Pedo Thread


Deep down you know you're a retard. Lemme find that autism test, take it and share your results, okay?

Only one of those stories even involved a thumb drive and it was just some random ass user that suggested thumbdrives in the first place not me.
You're a fucking joke m8 step off.

You clearly don't seem to realize what I meant, if you hide it In a good area (Like behind a fake plug) and use a password to protect it and you use a thumb drive and you get the porn in a smart way than the odds of getting caught are 00.01%

The thumbdrive story you mentioned was a guy PUTTING IT IN A BOOK IN A SCHOOL…

You're a pedophile retard, this is the "tall asian" fallacy in spades. "There aren't many asian basketball players because most asians are short" "HEY! THAT'S NOT TRUE! I KNOW A TALL ASIAN!" That's the exception, you faggot. Every study has found men prefer larger breasts.

HahahahaHAHAHAHA. You really should have done some research before destroying your own argument like that. Worldwide average bra size is D, and it's going up all across the world due to mate selection. You just disproved your own claim. Look up "bra map". I know what your next counter will be, believe me it's wrong. Don't make a fool of yourself again.

What are you talking about? I was of the opinion that kids can't consent, not that pedophiles are smart.

Love how he just gave up trying to refute my argument.

ITT debatist faggots care more about their ego, than children being victims of sexual abuse

Who are you insulting?

You posted pictures of hollywood-esque whores, it's almost definitely kike research. Pic related is the percentage of ovarian reserve by age. It constantly decreases from birth. Of course, this alone doesn't make them attractive, but once a girl can conceive children she's at her peak - the point at which her ovaries are most healthy while being able to birth children. Fertility is one of the most objective and obvious measures of sexual attractiveness, so denying this is the same as denying your own nature. How likely a female is to conceive a child, how likely she is to have a child with down syndrome or countless other problems - these things grow worse for females with time. There was also a study where random men were chosen and asked to rate facial features of girls from various ages (the features were isolated so they couldn't tell the ages). The age rated most attractive was 14, which coincides with the average age of first menstruation added on to the average amount of time it takes after the first period for a female to be fertile.

Source for ovarian reserve timeline:

If you want the source for the study I mentioned, I'll try to dig it up, but I've had trouble finding it. There used to be a post on plebbit linking to it.

Perhaps so they could have more virgins for themselves, in addition to the fact that encouraging men to marry/date old hags adds to increased misery for both the hags that know their men aren't particularly attracted to them, and the men who are miserable for being tied down to some hag (who in this day and age, will have taken a million dicks already). What does misery bring? Spending on comfort items, which is mostly everything in the case of women who are emotionally driven. There's a reason that women account for 80+ % of all purchases. Why? Because they're eternally children, and can be tricked into buying shit they don't need. It's why informercials still exist.

Isn't that just a sign of belief in honesty, mixed in with the fact that they haven't fully expanded their knowledge of Earth yet? If you were (hypothetically) sent to another planet, and you knew nothing about it and somebody that had been living there told you there were space monsters there, you would believe it. If it's a matter of knowledge being power, than should geniuses only be allowed to have sex with other geniuses? If the gap between a genius and a normal person is so high that it's larger than that of a normal person and a baby, would it be an abuse of power? Obviously not. It has never been about a gap in maturity, because there are no laws or morals (except for the fact people would find you strange) to having sex with a retard. Heck, my mother has a mental maturity below that of the average 12 year old, and she's in her 50s.

What do you consider a "child"? I consider a male to become a man when he turns 15 (because that's how it was for me when I objectively look at how I matured), but for a female there is little maturation. Sure, they can memorise things, but knowledge and understanding are two different things. A parrot is not intelligent for learning a word, because it doesn't know the meaning of the word. It's a similar concept. The only thing we have to go by is sexual maturation. If she can conceive, nature has made it that way for a reason, I can't stress this enough.


Let's be real, here. Whether they're in their teens, 20s, or even 30s, females are manipulative monsters. They don't deserve to live, let alone reproductive rights.
Really, teenage cunts would have to be roofie'd 24-7 just to make them tolerable.

guess u weren't popular in middleschool

so the increasing bra size worldwide means that men are attracted to older women?
What about the increasing prevalence of shaved pubus? Or the decreasing height of wives? Does that mean men are attracted to child-like features?

Not him, but nobody can agree on the ideal breast size. It was a constant debate when I went to an all-male high school. Also, large breasts can be associated with plumpness, and plenty of young girls are well-developed to begin with. Have you seen how many have DD+'s even at 12? I'm not talking about fatasses, and not strictly the plump ones either.

Please. Have you heard them talk as an adult? Be my guest; see how long you last.

Can't disagree with ya there.

wrong ,my gf is 2 years older than me and we're very attracted towards each other

how did you manage to get a hand that's 2 years older than you?

not yet unfortunately , but we been kissing a lot and things like that ,didn't get the chance for sex yet I kind of know that she wouldn't mind

Studies have shown that women prefer men older than them.

To quote every user on a Chan site ever "Do it Faggot"

I don't have an opinion my fellow social network users but i will comment anyway to farm me some upboats. Will you be so kind as to spare a few?

👍Hori, GorillaMunch, Cumfartz and 2 others like this my post fir some fucking reason

You won't get upboats, You'll get (you)s though.

So far I haven't seen a single good argument as to why OP is wrong, and so many people have posted, it's weird.

Tell me you wouldn't take her hand in holy matrimony.

Looks slutty, Probably has had sex multiple times so no.

it's almost as if op asked for opinions and not arguments. weird right?

When I say argument I refer to opinions that people actually will talk about and say why they believe in it.

You know what I meant dude.

Looks to have a 20-50 N-Count which is way too high, a woman with a higher than 3 N-Count is unwifeable.


Sure she's sorta attractive (Skin's a bit too dark for my taste, and lips too large) but still, why would you wife a girl with such a huge N-Count?

do you know what "almost never means", you are atypical







What the fuck is a N-count?

Means Dick count, It's a Red-Pill term.

Pretty much means how many different dicks a girl has had In them.


I agree with this. Except that is Laneya Grace, not Kristina Pimenova.

It has always been consentual

fucking loled hard at "seeds" LMAO

Anyway lets stop talking about ages and talk about development. I've seen plenty of 12 year old that look older than my grandma and plenty that look like zygotes.

hebe master race checking in

If you wanna talk about that, than bring it up.

Start a convo about it don't just say that's what we should talk about.

AOC should be based on hip to waist ratio

Why? It's sounds odd to me.