What are we going to do about the Holla Forums problem?

What are we going to do about the Holla Forums problem?

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who cares about some communist rpers on a nigerian polaroid photo hosting toad licking communication cork board system

real socialism or Marxism will never be an actual thing imo
so basically, it's a gone idea that some brain dead people still believe in

You forgot one:
Never genocided people.
Can you say that about Hitler?

The only thing wrong with Holla Forums is Holla Forums, I don't know how you guys can look down on other boards. But I am glad this place exists, it at least keeps you assdicks quarantined.



Yes. For people that supposedly were the victims of genocide, there sure are a lot of kikes still infesting the world and Holla Forums.

That's still quite a lot of people, not sure what you think you're proving.

the argument in your jpg is ad hominem.

you're clearly thinking to dense as well, what is your meaning of failure? is a state a failure when it isn't perfect? wouldn't that mean the alternatives to marxism are failures also?

also, all the applications of his theories have not ended in failure, since they never have been fully applied. If you're talking about stalin or mao for example: they where not communist, they were stalinist and maoist.

Marx was journalist and labourer organizer. on as good as lenin, but still
if pic related won't btfo you it's because you can't read book and take all information only from (((irish))) media


What did he mean by this? or it's just common Holla Forums's doublethink?
lel, so US is basically third world country with strong military?

Holla Forums is a bunch of retards, what else is new?

Day of the rope. Nothing has changed.

family camps for Holla Forums people.

The feeling is mutual, only we will be (and have been) successful.


You tried Holla Forums


General Mao.
Fidel Castro.
Bernie Sanders

So I have a question for /leftpol/. Say you do get you way and communism takes over. Now for the greater good of the country we don't need more grad students but we need asbestos minners. So now you get moved over to minning, but safety is expensive so we are going to forgo safety for the greater good. But it works out people are dying at high rates from the minning but we need materials for inexpensive housing so it's an acceptable loss for the greater good. Would you be happy with this life prospect?
I don't think so, get some life experience before pushing a bad idea

I don't kmow, op, but they shit up more threads than even Holla Forums. Quite a feat. (I think a lot of them are coming from reddit to try and subvert the 8ch boogeyman)

Holla Forums truly are nigger-tier trash


Capitalism is killing fuckton of people for "greater good" (read: it's good for economy = it's good for (((irish))) ) I doubt commies will be able to get on their level

Holla Forums got here much more redittors. Reddit hates leftypol because they don't buy into muh we need to import milions of immigrants to not be sexi and trump is fascist and so on. Pol, on other hand, have nice pro-trump and similiar boards(?) on reddit

Simple- we must become militant fascists and crush the Marxist proletariat scum.

*To not be sexist
it looks like i need to go to sleep

Being sexist is a good thing, apparently.

You didn't answer my question. The current system is shit but communism isn't the answer either.
I'm not saying I have answers but as it stands I have some choice in my job options or education.
Your inability to answer the question is evidence that communisim is far worse.

Constant gorespam of all their threads?

Fascism and/or National Socialism is the ONLY answer. The ONLY way to save the white race and western civilization entirely.

Are you against freedom of speech or something?

Freedom is freedom, even if what's being said is stupid.
Holla Forums AND /lefty/ are both anti free speech.

They would both disagree, at least in their own backwards echo chamber logic.

Holla Forums is for free-speech, but against Marxist and Globalist propoganda.

Holla Forums is simply against evil racism, bigotry and what they define as 'hate speech'– which is anything to the right of Bernie Sanders.

You mean the authoritarian problem, left and right are spooks to distract you from the real problem which are corrupt assholes trying to control the masses. It matters not what they call themselves and what they tell you they represent, you have to resist them no matter what to protect your will.


It sure triggered you, friend :)
I guess Holla Forums can't handle the bantz afterall :))

Thats a funny way to spell Jews.

None of those names is Marx.

yes goyim trump is your guy for sure! please ignore his undying support for israel, however

Trump had no choice, the moment you refuse to kneel to the Jews in the USA, you might as well give up ever being president or holding public office.

Christ-cucks with their jesus obsession ensure that the small 1.7% minority of jews run this country.

This is the one time i'm glad i'm not a woman.

he lived and died (1883)in london. that's wasn't an easy place to pogrom the locals and he was gone well before the existence of a marxist state. Stalin killed more than hitler.

ugh, ok
why it would be expensive? There is no profit to be made, which leaves us lot's of room for investing to safety equipment

How don't you understand that this is every day scenario of how capitalism function?

Marx's idea of non-exploitation simply means that if you work 40 hours, you should get stuff created in 40 hours.

sweden act like this just to please big capitalists. There is nothing leftist in importing millions of violent criminal to your country, but it's good for capitalists because more people = more consumers. Even if they won't work, middle class will pay for their welfare which means

But user, the holocaust didn't happen. If you're going to credit Hitler with deaths of a war he didn't declare then Gandhi is a better mass murderer.

hey, come to
and get the beating you deserve.

The Jews have genocided more people than the shoah claims the Nazis did.
The Jews were in charge of executing people in Soviet Russia.

even in the camps, jews gassed jews. the sonderkommandos were jews. the kapos were jews. the medical staff were jews. the builders were jews, the crematorium staff were jews,
the physical labor was jewish, but the impetus was nazi. nazis made the rules and had the installations built, nazis trained in the victims; the jews shovelled other jews into the ovens and were then gassed themselves by other jews.


I'm sure they were, faggot

Not all christians are jew worshipping retards. Just the ones that believe the schofield bible which was financed by the rothschilds

More on this, please?