What are we going to do about the Holla Forums problem?

What are we going to do about the Holla Forums problem?

They must be purged

What we should have done about Holla Forums.


Holla Forums isn't from reddit, leftycuck. all redditors out

No. Holla Forums is reddit.

One of my favorite things to do is go over and start a "guys, I'm struggling with my medication. What are you guys on? I need some solidarity" thread. They're all mentally ill, and if you frame it right they'll fall for it hook line and sinker and tell you what's wrong with them. Most of them aren't from chans, so they have no idea what's bait or not

Also, they'll sort themselves out. The more outrageous they act, the further they dissociate themselves from the rest of america. If they try to actually do shit, they'll get curb stomped. The right is still fighting with one hand behind it's back. Quite frankly the majority of Holla Forums are bourgeois betas who are both mentally and physically weak. They think "the working class" means a starbucks barista or walmart cashier. They aren't producers and are basically worthless. Anyway, I can't wait for them to chimp out. When the left riots they loot starbucks and set student unions on fire. When the right riots they march in lines and build camps. It'll be a good time

Says the cuck from a board that openly advertised on reddit to gain a handful of UIDs because they're butthurt about being 1/3rd the size of Holla Forums.

Holla Forums wouldn't be in the top 50 boards were it not for Redditors. Projection is a Jewish trait.

>>>/reddipol/ is that way stormtroll. C ya wouldn't wanna be ya!

You wanna know how I know you're new?


This guy posts here too?
You never answered me when I asked on Holla Forums.
You stopped spamming your retarded catchphrase everywhere for a good couple of months, and then started again out of the blue this past week, and I was wondering why?
Were you sick?

He says after projecting something his board is very well known for doing onto others boards.
No u's never work user.

Give the jews their own planet, then blow up that planet.

not everyone shares your delusions m8

You literally had threads dedicated to attracting redditors, and they were plain for everyone to see.
You're like a kid taking a shit in the middle of a classroom and then blaming a kid in a different school for it.

Keep giving them shovels. Every time they are given a shovel they keep digging themselves deeper into their own shithole.

Take cabinet meetings for example. Obama would let a few press members in at the beginning of the meeting for photo ops, then kicked them out for the actual meeting part. Trump has insisted that no only press members remain present throughout the meetings, but law enforcement officers and other members of the general public as well. Meaning that the press and the public get the full and complete information at the same time, and the press can either report the truth, report lies and be called on it, or do what they have decided to do and not report on them at all. This is the transparency that Obama promised and never delivered on, and they are ignoring it because it is coming from a Republican president.

Then they report yesterday that most Americans view Trump's first weeks as president unfavorably, using the same poll sources that had Clinton ahead by 10 points the day before the election. And they act like it is an unquestionable source. Meanwhile, most Americans are fine with what he has done so far, and understand that he is taking a very typical business approach to running the country. You want an omelette, you start by breaking eggs. Leftypols are so mad about the eggs being broken that they are smashing all their plates and bending all their forks, so that when the omelette is done they won't be able to eat any of it.

So we really don't need to do anything about the lefty problem, OP. They are doing a great job of self-destruction all by themselves.

Vat arz ve goink to doo about di naasi proplempt?
Ve arz goink to panzch zem inn za fais!

You could say that I suppose…I was suffering from CDFS (Chronic Drumpf fatigue syndrome).

What's problematic about it? It's a small forum on an internet backwater. Unless its very existence triggers you, there's nothing to worry about.

Holla Forums has never had any threads attracting reddit nigger

Goddamn your memes are pathetic. You know that's why you lost, right?

While you stagnate the left will continue to grow AND refine it's techniques. The fact of the matter is that a single truth is more powerful than a thousand lies, and that is ALL that you silly little bigots have to offer L-I-E-S-LIES!

Keep your head in the sand though it just makes my task easier, while you are "memeing" i will be TRUTHING…Let's see who is laughing a year from now Drumpflet. Not you, that's for sure.

I warned, I warned hard and nobody listened me.

With comunist DONT play.
The /leftpol/ need be deleted NOW.


whats wrong with ifunny?

Holla Forumsyps everybody! Hypocritical much?

everything that's also wrong with 9gag

Oops…Forgot to sage.

9gag isnt funny. Ifunny is good so there should be no problem with getting stuff from there.

You're either a troll or reddit tier. I refuse to believe that even Holla Forums fags are that retarded


get them a QT horsey, each one, for life

wise man

This reads just like a nigger. It doesn't.