Board owner banning people

Shit board owner is banning people for saying remove id. Fuck this place ill be back when you remove the id's you jew.


If he wants replicate the board in the image of his ancient homeland Reddit I don't see why can't, its his board.

That's not how you pluralize that word user

Dude is a serious fag. Worst bo ever. Are there any active alt boards?

No. This is the best.

2Bee2007 nice

I heard somewhere that we have a new BO, is this true? If so what happened to Dysnomia?

Is it this guy? Everyone says he's a mod but it could be anyone.

This man looks like he carries out justice without rest, mercy, or hesitation

Apparently he does. That's the Holla Forums board owner.


IDs RULE !!!

That's a real boner killer there

Why did Dysnomia leave? He was doing an alright job I thought just before he quit abruptly with no word to us.

They say he's a tyrant and he's part jew. Look at that nose. A fist could rek that thing.

More like he hasn't slept right in years.

I heard he got doxxed, and then he got in trouble with poe poe for kiddy porn he didn't post. I also heard he just got sick of being a mod. This information came from other Holla Forums users so any truth is completely moot.




I'd like to know the backstory of that there image


Well you show your true colours whe when sperg out for the entire day screeching the same shit. Turns out you were really shitting up the place.

You made a shithole even shittier somehow.

Isn't Holla Forums magical?


A part of me subconsciously knew something was off. I mean check out the pony threads, it's like 3 people doing all the posting, now if we could just ban a few more key players maybe things could get back to shit-lite.

If you think about it user that's an incredible amount of work for a few people. it's like they are so miserable they come onto a Mongolian bow and arrow posting forum to shit all over it, every single day for a year 24/7.

They are using threads like a IRC, people come and go but they will always keep talking.

Anyone who isn't a retard knew that before IDs got enabled.

Welcome to Holla Forums, we sperg out to get our way.
Leave if you don't like it, for the sperging has only just begun.

You just need some solid boundaries, every manchild thrives on discipline.

They have to go back.

The Rachel Maddow Show won't screencap itself.

This salt is amusing

My asshole won't lick itself, you know…?