Greetings my dudes

greetings my dudes

r u drawing thingies again?


draw this, please. midlick

i tried

maybe i picked a bad frame. this was my reference

hopefully you didn't draw this last time

Draw rudy giuliani checking those trips

Here's a belated "thank you" for the last one you drew for me, assuming you're the same person.

Take a crack at etching this one if you want, or don't, your call.

cool mimikyu bro

you're welcome.

out of curiosity, what did you request in the last thread?

These ones. The Christmas hat was a nice touch by the way.


its really flattering that anyone has my retarded drawings saved on their computer

draw him please

No problem, it gave me a hearty chuckle. If some stranger offers to draw me something, the least I could do is hold onto it.

draw this


Thanks man. Here's an on time "thank you".

Can you please draw this, thx






fuckin awesome dude, saved.

i have to sleep now.

obviously it goes without saying- if you want me to draw new shit and get to the stuff in this thread i wasn't able to do tonight, keep the thread bumped, preferably by posting more things you want me to draw tomorrow

i hope you die in your sleep and never etch-a-sketch again

Thanks so much

draw an apple with wings and a benis , holding a gun while saying "your is near nigger"
I hope i'm being original enough for you to draw it

sorry it's " your end is near nigger