Its already 36 days into 2017. Have you gotten laid yet? Are you even trying???

Its already 36 days into 2017. Have you gotten laid yet? Are you even trying???

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are you even trying to hide the fact that you are datamining?

If you don't, others will

I got blown this morning, actually.



Gee you're cute, why don't you have a GF?

no, im not trying

No and no, I really don't give a shit. My own hands are good enough and they (probably) won't betray me like a woman. If they do, there's no way it's gonna be "sabotage condom and leave me with child support" level betrayal. I highly doubt a pussy feels so much better that it's worth that kind of risk. Even if it does, ignorance is bliss.

I haven't even seriously started looking for a job. That was supposed to be my new years resolution. Feelsbadman.

First girl and Third Girl is Cute… Third girl Looks Better though

no and no

trying is the first step to failure.

25+ years here actually

I don't think it counts as trying if you're in a relationship.

No, but I found my pizza folder.


Wow, ITT: Normies amiright guys?


are you the bazinga user? Going around saying bazinga and shit?

Is that a fucking challenge? Ca ill take it!

i'm approximately 5181 days without getting laid. why should this year be any different?

No, because 2DQT > 3DPD


I want to but there's only kids where I live and all the women my age don't hang out here. I'm in a shitty spot, so unless I find a new place I'm not getting laid this year. Plus my son doesn't bring the attention i need from certain aged women

Are you living in Kokiri Forest or smth nigga? And besides

no and no
3D frankly PD
voice is better than physical

useless cunts
would be good to marry virgins in a tradi society but that's gone down the drain 50 years ago friendo

That is some scary tech.


I did already
but that was a month ago

Yes. In fact I posted a thread about it on here when it happened.

January 10th. Fucked a girl I messaged off of fetlife. She just came over and picked me up and we spent the night together. The night was fantastic, she was 5'6, a bit chubby, but her breasts was absolutely massive, and I'm a breast guy. She was a fucking H cup. Pale skin, green eyes, glasses, brunette. We had all the same fetishes. I came three times.

Problem is it turned out she had bi-polar and also I was shit in bed. A week later she gave me a lame excuse that she couldn't see me for two weeks because a terminally ill male cousin would be staying with her.

I have been steadily fucking little nigger boys in the butt

No, not anymore.
I'm thinking of dropping it altogether

No i just fap solely to hardcore gangbangs now.



Proxy Paige is an absolute goddess in terms of looks and body, but I hate her anal scenes (which is 99.5% of what she does) with a passion. It's just gross and gay so I don't watch anything she does now. Before you guys say "hurr but how is it gay durr", it's anal and only gay guys like anal


Its already 2 days into IDs. Have you removed them yet? Are you even trying???

why do you think tthese mongoloids are always raging over their stupid kid toys?


I like her because she looks like Kari Byron

I fucked a girl at the end of december with the understanding that we were basically together, who then ended up getting pregnant to someone else a week later. I know this bevause she basically came and bragged about it the minute she missed her period. This is after a long string of betrayals and broken promises that honestly hurt me more than I should have allowed them to.

If I never had to deal with women again in my life I honestly wouldn't complain.

lol you really believe that theory?

I'm already late!

Last night. But by my wife

Try 30 years

I also fucked this guys wife.

No and I accepted the fact I never will.
Feels a bit shitty but not the end of the world I guess



Don't you want to know what it feels like to love and be loved?

Oh, I know…

sure, but 3DPD can't feel love for a person, only for utility

You sure?

I technically raped a Chinese girl who kept saying no while laying in my bed. But then I took her to the movies. Does that count?

yeah, it makes evolutionary sense, and there a lot of evidence to support it.

No and no.

If you're already on that level of thinking you're probably better without, even though it's infinitely better.

What evidence? Has there been studies done on the topic?


money is most important thing 3DPD look for in a permanent mate.
This is common knowledge, if that doesn't convince that 3DPD don't love you for you, but what you can do for them, then I don't know what will.

Men gather resources, and 3DPD pick of these men. This is how mate selection works in the human species, and it has some implications.

Video evidence can no longer be trusted.


I agree

I was hoping for hard evidence to confirm what I believe about women. Just because money is the primary thing most women look for in a permanent mate doesn't mean women don't love men for who they are, or their personalities, it only means they love money and resources more and they are biologically driven to acquire them at all costs, even if that means discarding men who they believe can't acquire them

Nonsense, a woman will hook up with a broke guy if he gives her what she needs emotionally. Women are not jews, only jew women are jews.

you can also see it in their hypergamy
the indifference is quite apparent

Key phrase:

Women hook up with all kinds of males when they want fun and emotional excitement. When it comes to long term relationships money and resources shoots up to top priority but is still part of a larger process of consideration with other male features

No and yes. I try really really hard. I swipe and message on tinder every day. I have a fetlife and message people. I go to the gym and lift three times a week. I wear good clothes. I drag myself to parties on the weekends. I ask for numbers, get numbers, and message them. I don't act overbearing or creepy or needy. I know what I'm supposed to be projecting: a confident, slightly disinterested yet also interested kind of persona.

Nothing. Fucking nothing. Rejection and after rejection. Failed normies have it way fucking worse than robots. At least you guys can be vindicated by having turned away from it all. I have keep going through the motions and I have as much to show for it as you guys. I don't know how much longer I can do it.

post picture of self you use on tinder and we will rate

I'm busy hating myself, leave me alone.



gonna delete it in a few minutes because I'm regretting posting my face here


Woops. Pls no bully.

you're not a 3DPD, so you're probably safe from anyone caring

okay you're a good looking guy BUT you aren't capitalizing on your looks.

1) hair, the regular guy look is out, you need something trendy and put some product in it
2) t-shirt - okay for a tinder photo you really need something much trendier
3) your pose and attitude. you have to pose well and show that you are either a sexy guy or a cute smiling friendly dude.
4) background - background is very important.

remember the photo sets the mood in her mind.

Do something like THIS. women live a fantasy in their heads 24/7. Their entire lives revolve around scoring a fantasy guy like in the magazines, and even if you're a regular dude, they will still build a fantasy around you when they meet you.

This is good advice. Thank you.

This is what NOT to be, it should be self-evident but sometimes you need to be told.

Another thing, eyes. Make sure she can see your eyes. I think you have blue eyes, thats a pretty good panty-dropper for a girl. Make sure your photo doesn't hide them.
If you're still confused, just let your beard grow 2 days and put on a biker jacket. Women love all the symbols of rebellion.

Last relationship I was in was with what I can only describe as a literal borderline personality disorder woman. She was also with a literal whiteknight who was way too forgiving when the love triangle began.

I was willing to try to make it work but maybe a month or two of "us" (whiteknight realized the lies were never ending and bailed for good), the stability never came. A literal woman child who had been with more partners than a person has fingers, with no hope of being fucking normal. I could feel the axe of uncertainty hanging over my head and even krept up to her bedroom window one time to see if she was fucking someone.. (She was supposed to meet up with me but didn't show up). Nothing was going on in her apt but that just goes to show you how little trust I could put in her.

Whiteknight cucks literally exist.

Crazy sluts literally exist.

I can easily see how a stupid woman can hijack your life and crash it if you let them.

I got a hell of a lot of practice on her but never got deep satisfaction. Sex is only as hot as you think it is but I couldn't feel truly intimate with something that easily takes the cake for being the most untrustworthy, emotionally fucked, modern day woman I've encountered.

Throughout highschool I always felt the loner so to have the teenage slut experience is a relief in that the unknown doesn't torment me; but again its only as hot as you think it is.

Choose wisely and don't deal with batshit crazy. I dumped her ass and have been single for years. Though I wish I could get some fukk..




Looks like Trystan Kennedy, but can't be sure

Earn Money On The Internet


situation: fucked

you're right!



Fucking your wife doesn't count. Any married guy knows that.


No, I'd just make a fool of myself

How old are you?



Whitegoods make me hard as diamonds


Bro, what if you're autistic

Yeah, anal hurts.

At least you're not a slave


I only feel attraction to gook cartoons

Because, user. Sex before Marriage is a sin.

Where the fuck do we go from here?

I've been there. The key is to not depend on them for your happiness. People are gonna do stupid, mean shit. Go into the relationship expecting it and as long as you have a life you enjoy, it's no bother.

that is until you have to pay for some other dude's kid

das gay

How'd that happen?

depends on where you live and/or how stupid you are.

Does fucking an other man in the butt while drunk count.

Posting other people being happy

I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I am trying to give you and him the possible consequences.


I've spent hours trying different websites for the sms verification to sign up and I've had no luck with any. Which did you guys use?

for fetlife btw

i havent gotten laid since november 2015

I haven't left the house since November, so I find it unlikely that I'll get laid.

wew did it boys. Used Burner app and signed up with burner app with a number from here
Feels good

There's somebody for everybody

If you want love, get a cat. Women are reptilian, they have neither loyalty nor empathy. Like an alligator, you could feed it and love on it everyday without incident for 70 years and maybe nothing bad will ever happen to you. That would be very unusual and newsworthy though. Much more common that it will randomly decide to bite your fucking head off for no goddamn reason at some completely random moment, just like a women. Trust them as you would trust a snake. Trust them to do you harm at the first opportunity.

Forget online entirely. It might be a lack of pheromones. Do not wash your cock & balls when you shower, ever. Try not to get soap on them at all but water is unavoidable. Don't use fake scents. Women are stupid beasts and do not chose their mates logically at all. Give the dumb animals what they subconsciously want. (your skanky cock)

nasty smelly unwashed cock gets the ladies

Hey, so long as it works. Got to get up near them one-on-one without forced ventilation or other overwhelming/competing scents though. Can be difficult in a bar or night club so a house party/hangout is better.

Who don't I use my old unwashed stinking cum sock as a chick-magnet?

this is so fucking true.

It's not talked about enough. Failed normie means all cost and no reward. We're also proof that it's not really the incel's fault that their incel. It's also far more humiliating on a day to day basis.

No, and I don't bother with such animalistic needs.

Sex is for the little and the weak.

Women don't love you, the only woman that ever loved you and that will ever love you is your mother.

In some cases even your own mother won't love you.

Still who needs this, hate is much stronger and the need for vegance will push you towards greater things.

Just look at Hitler and what he achived thru hate.

Sure he fucked up in the end, but still, he created military power.

Why would I? To make a fool of myself? To drive myself closer to suicide? Failure can only make you a better person if you win from time to time.

With 4,500,000,000 women on planet Earth your chances of ever finding that somebody are uncomfortably close to zero.

Got blown again this morning!


Hitler had a girlfriend…

GAWD she was gorgeous. Im still in mourning.

The most supreme of gentlemen.

What will happen to you if 2018 rolls around and you still haven't had sex?

I haven't gotten laid in about 4 years. I wish I never got laid. I wouldn't be so worried about finding some strange pussy. B8ing can only keep you going for so long. I'm really tempted to hit up backpage and go drive an hour or so to find a hooker. Spending a few hundred bucks seems worthwhile to get my balls drained with a real woman. At least I don't have to buy her dinner and hope she gives me a handy afterwards.

Too bad every woman even your own mom is a whore. life is suffering

Why would you NOT want this?


Quality post, user.

reminds me of old Holla Forums

It's not worth the heartache, headaches or empty bank accounts. Sure I got lucky and had my son's mom die, but who else will get as lucky? But this 3dpd shit is really cringey

a gynocentric mgtow

You will always be virgin.