Windows Package Manager

For what purpose? Why should I trust a nerd's server instead of the actual fucking developer?

Why have 1 update program when you can have 50?

Doesn't Wangblows already have two package managers nobody uses?

Babun comes with pact, a piece of shit.

Why not just

Make a folder

With all the shit you need in it

It's called the Windows store and it's shit, but it doesn't have to be.

why cant microsoft give its users a real fucking package manager. a CLI with simple and powerful commands, and a GUI that doesnt require any account (unless you want to buy something) for ease of use. and of course the ability to add your own repos.

seriously. windows is shit, but this would be it a lot less shit.

Well, if you mean by default, then AFAIK Windows has 1 package manager officially, and that's apt-get, which is part of Windows Subsystems for Linux and is actually just the standard Linux apt-get that gets 64-bit Linux applications from Ubuntus official repos. Of course they're native applications, in the sense that no emulation is involved, just a kernel call translation layer. In other words its Windows' equivalent of WINE

Windows has a nuget and windows store you autist

the problem is nuget is mostly for development tools and libraries and windows store is full of troll uploaders charging money for 7zip

Ever tried installing some software and forgot to uncheck the (((free))) Ask Toolbar or whatever useless shit gets bundled? Windows software culture is so broken that Chocolatey is a real blessing. Plus most of the Windows software you will need to a basic install is proprietary anyway and even if it weren't, building software on Windows is such a pain. I'll take Chocolatey any day over the "next, next, next, finish" ritual fifty times for each new PC.

nope, not retarded like you




Do you know who uses windows?


why do I need a package manager over clicking an .exe file?

also isn't this just a type of centrailisation? making you less free, because you're dependent on one provider for your programs.

Then you haven't installed enough Windows programs. When you find yourself installing the 20th thing that should have already been included in the OS will will eventually get so tired you will miss one little tickbox.

Not to mention all the time wasted. It's easier to just type
cinst adobereader libreoffice ccleaner javaruntime 7zip firefox git thunderbird vlc python
And go do something else in the meantime instead of having to babysit a PC for an hour. Installing software was always one of the most dreaded tasks I had to do when I was maintaining a PC pool.

I could download Ubuntu or some other noob Linux, install it and have a system out of the box that has everything for most use-cases ready. Windows out of the box is completely useless. But hey, at least it comes with Candy Crush preinstalled now.

Why can't they just admit that Windows was a mistake and cut their losses by creating their own distro? It would save them so much work.


If you're not careful, you might actually get up-to-date software when you do it manually. A package manager ensures you get old versions with half-assed downstream patches, the way true professionals want their software.

Why give people a reliable OS when they can ship it without recovery CDs and siphon off another $100-200 when it breaks a few months later?

ReactOS has a package manager of sorts. There's just not enough stuff in it yet.

you can do that with .exe files too, just store the old version on your hard drive or download from an archive. Using an old version of firefox with updates disabled. Can easily upload the old exe to any file hosting website to share with others. I still don't really see the advantage of a package manager except convenience and a small sense of security.

The package manager is an easier thing to attack.

You're confusing things. OneGet was added to PowerShell in Windows 10 and that is merely an interface for managing package managers, not packages themselves.