You have a pistol and one bullet, that can kill any poster on Holla Forums, who do you kill?

You have a pistol and one bullet, that can kill any poster on Holla Forums, who do you kill?

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Then i, op, kill you, filthy tripfag n1x.

One of the tripfags. Not sure which one though.

ayy I only tripfag when it's relevant tho fam

The point i am making in this thread, is that we have a lot of d&c going on here. I want to see how many people would kill each other and find out who will stay alive.

the nazi poster who bitches about how jews are the reason he cant get married

Divide and conquer?

me tbh

The guy who posts with the nazi flag


Why do you killing yourself user? Why are you betraying workers?

I bet not just one Holla Forums user visits this board.

any trip fag

It doesn't matter which. Tripfags are like porkies: a seperate class that shits up the world for everyone else.

please dont spout these Holla Forums buzzwords here

Life is empty and meaningless for me. I'm not sure I feel human any more

Daily Reminder™ that the only people worse than tripfags are people who whine about them like this.

The filter is there for a reason faggot

fucking this.

Lel. Yeah, sure, snowflake.

If tripfags triggered you that much, you'd just use the filter.

The fact is that you do in fact actually like the tripfags, because they give you a Them to be mad at, and like most faggots on imageboards you enjoy being angry at people on the internet.

kill urself d1x

I flip a coin for the target to be either myself or Howard_Scott.

You know I'm right. And even though I hardly ever use my tripcode, I've found myself more annoyed by people like you who whine about tripfags than the tripfags themselves - because really, if people who tripfag all the time are subhuman attention whoring filth, then truly the people who get genuinely upset about these faggots are low indeed.

Anyone who mentions the jews in a 'valid' argument about economics

I'd save you the trouble of a 50-50 chance you fuggen idealist.

And so what if he's an idealist, at least one of us has any hope for the future.

But its indeed a real tactic on dealing with your opponents. Not to mention that Holla Forums has problem with intersectionalists, who are destroying the board's will to work together towards achieving socialist utopia.

If Holla Forums is united against us, and successful, how can we stand against porkies, while being so divided? Wait for Stalin? Fuck no. No need for messianic leadership, lets work together.

We are the workers union after all.

im just bantering with ya d1x u know id let you ravage my boipussi anytime

m8, we are a fucking 400-user leftist politics board on some obscure and loathed corner of the internet who daily respond over and over again to the same shitposts from only slightly more autistic e-activist reactionaries from that same corner of the internet.

We're not the fucking Vanguard. Drop these delusions of self-importance and go do something IRL if you give a shit about overthrowing capitalism. This e-activism is weak ass shit.

I wanted to create a union against Holla Forums's shitposting and ideology being spread cross Holla Forums boards. More lefty memes will go outside to combat nazi memes, more recognition socialism will get in the world.

Holla Forums proven that it works through their support of a clown named Trump. The meme magic actually works.

I believe we can make socialist meme magic.

Trump's winning because the average american is a moron. The guys you see on Holla Forums are their basement-dwelling children.

Their propaganda have reached the political news channels. Politicians sometime refer to their buzzwords and shit like that.

We need to get a hold on that.

That post was like this speech if Tony Montana were played by a gigantic faggot.

Gigantic faggot or not, being compared to Tony Montana is still being compared to Tony Montana :^)

I am really fucking disappointed that i have only 1 bullet for all of you. I guess i'l have to make you stand in line while i shoot through your heads.

n1x because post-leftism is a joke.

Are you a libertarian municipalist by any chance? :^)

Certainly Howard "fascism is ok" Scott.
'Stralian low-life who gets keks from being an ex-tankie technocrat, and being a general prick to people,

Nazi who cries about not being married
bonus if I can fug satannazi over the corpse as a sacrifice to a sex god or something

Any of the Nazis or Libertarians

Myself because im an depressed autistic transgender loner that watches mlp and wants to die

Is the bullet loaded into a cartridge or do I have to bludgeon them with it?


Probably that autistic nazi-poster that whines about girls. He is literally the most insufferable cunt in all existence.

Next in line is yui-poster. Fucking idealists.

Yui. Contributes nothing and namefags loudly.

you are giving us a bad name

Now now, yui poster does occasionally contributes to morale when a comrade is in despair they could do this without tripfagging

I choose you for assuming that comrade user there is a feminist who is obnoxious about their issues

you know, you can drop tripfagging, you idiot

Tripfags aren't all bad sometimes its good to be able to know who a person is across posts, Though i could probably identify Yuiposter just by his constant Yui's, just like how everyone has their own style of posting, some having more shitpost content than others, ect.



first tripfag, namefag or swastika I see

Tripfags line up over here, please

Rebel, so I can finally end his existential angst for him.

I'm pretty sure Howard Scott doesn't post here

Satan poster.

Nazi poster.

Every anarchist in a line.








The first fucking tankie i see.

I'd be your bf and watch poni with you if I weren't already dating someone

I can't believe that it took that long for Checker's name to show up. I guess that it is because he is kind of fun.

Are you telling me these people actually reproduce?


Checkers also hasn't posted here in months though. Maybe he finally got the help he needed.

He's just stopped posting here. He still talks shit about leftists on his twitter.

slavic shitposting intensifies
Bosanac jesi li to ti? pravicu tred uskoro

n1xy tbh, if it was two bullets I would also off Yui.

Can't argue with that.

Board owner. The posters should control the means of production. :^)

Probably Xexizy and Rebel tbh.

ONE bullet!

kill rebel


Crnogorac ustvari

Classic Anarkid wanting to kill the only leader that could move the revolution forward.

Would Kronstadt anytime.

Just kill me now fam, let's not wait for a Kronstadt.

Until someone better appears, I'll accept Xexizy as the reincarnetion of Lenin that will take the train and lead us to revolution.

Leninists, everyone.

It's sad actually….

Still better than Anarkid.

You may be a gaylord who thinks muke is qt, but that's not criteria for a leader unless you're a tankie.

Also, we need a leader to organize and ispire us.
Not to do things for us.

Anarkids will never understand how psychology works.

Maximum retard

Classic authoritarian.

Well, I am a Leninist, you know!

I humbly accept this new position as sole leader of the revolution, subject to no dispute.

When Corbyn gets in and his reform fails, leading to ripe conditions for revolution, be prepared to watch me lead the fist of the people against the state.

and by that I mean make shitty videos about it while painting warhammer models

The experiment showed, that if you instruct people to be X they will become X.

The duty of the Leninist is to find the correct X.


40K is meh IMO. Tau is propaganda. Skaven FTW.

Skip 2 weeks

I warned you, comrade!

Not every transvestite is sucking dicks.

Dream on, though, fagget.

You misunderstand. I'm not saying all trans suck cock. I'm saying people with boring hobbies turning into trans suck cock.

Might as well be a liberal then and just hope you vote in the right person.
Also, that's not what the experiment showed, if you read what Philip Zimbardo had to say about the experiment, its clear that the unchecked authority that was given to these people was what made them do this. They had the power, they were in control, if it were a real life scenario like one that can be observed in the military system, the prisons system and various other hierarchical institutions with uncheck-able power that people will abuse that power. So good luck find your X that isnt constrained to basic human psychology or power dynamics.

Tell me about your non boring hobbies, comrade.

Ofcourse absolute power corrupts abslolutely.
This is 101 for Leninism.

The greatest question is how not to allow Rebel take over when Xexizy is no longer with us.
How do you make the people able to not allow Stalin accumulate power and the nomenclature to stop the state from withering away.

Also, the experiment was bretty biased, hasn't be repeated and Zimbardo himself became corrupt until his wife told him to stop (checked his authoritah).

Hierarchies are inevtable, in society as is now and until we are able to live without them, we need to form them in such a way, as to not allow abuse of power.

You are a wart upon the arse of this board.
While I find the Anarcho-Kiddies to be more disagreeable, you are by far the most obnoxious and all-together pretentious bastard to inflict themselves upon this board.

Please end yourself.

You are just upset that I called you out on being the fat child that you are.

Grown some thick skin, Rebel.

I don't post much here anymore.
I started posting here not long after the exodus.
Unfortunately, the decline in both Holla Forums as a whole and the quality of discussion on this board has meant that I now only post quite rarely.

On topic:
I would like to see that following posters be executed (in order)
#1 - Yui
#2 - Muke/Xexizy
#3 - Anarcho_user
#4 - Rebel_Obesity
#5 - Kaworu

I have no hobbies, man, I have passion. I'm not some burned out 50 years old cunt or a teenager picking up others' interests.

There's your answer. You are to leftypol what idpol is to the left.

Only actual leftism in this thread


What's stopping you fam? I believe in you comrades.

Leftypol suicide attack on Wall St. when?

Please let this happen. Arm your despair, comrades!

yes my wall street idea is catching, do this suicidal anons, shoot up wall street

my parents don't deserve this shit after putting up with me for so long. I'll probably cut ties with the family in a few years, move to some small unnoteworthy country and end it there.

If only terrorists were not anarkid faggots, attacking politicians and cops.
If only they attacked the stock markets…

Oh, and cause am not a nihilistic anarkid.

Crnjo Gorcu moj
stvarno se nadam da nisi titoisa, to je cista nostalgija :^)

Line up anarcho-kiddies, it's your turn.


pls kill a porky before doing it

His dedication to lacanian psychoanalysis is nuts

that won't be hard considering they're all faggots

Line all Anarcho-Kiddies, Tankies and Nazifags up in one neat line, we won't need than more one bullet. :^)

In my experience any kind of dedication is viewed as fanaticism in an era of cynicism. Very few go to the end, and that includes politics.

Oh, I thought he meant the real Howard Scott. I forgot you existed.

Yeah, but there comes a point where you are pretending to have ESP.

To anyone talking about how 'power corrupts and that's why leninism never works and we need muh anarchism" please go and firstly learn what leninism actually fucking is and stop conflating it with M-Lism and then go and learn why Leninism, nor anarchism or ANY form of socialism could of ever worked in shitty fuedalist Russia.

Ffs anarchkiddies.

Guns are illegal here.

Are you having a bad case of cigar-envy?

Given that the "real" Howard Scott has been dead for 40+ years.
I do doubt that he posts on Holla Forums.

Not necessarily, more of a Post/Libertarian-Marxist with an appreciation for Ocalan (the current flag is the old one I had when I started posting on here and I just put it back on for Irony's sake).

Xexizy and I agreed I'm Trotsky.

Pic related, faggot. That rolling head is you when I'm done.
Read a fucking book also.

You mean that tiny picture for ants?
Next-time, try not saving a thumbnail.

OW! The edge!

I happen to be quite well educated in both Greek and Legalist philosophy, Utilitarian ethical theory, Technocratic Administration and History.
Maybe one day you will gain a basic understanding in one of those fields; However that will only be possible once you graduate past the level of colouring-books.
People in glass houses, Rebel…

Cause you are only good in creating theory (and leading armies) and prefer to care about bitches than the survival of the revolution and eventually you die exactly for that reason?