4chan's user interface looks 50x better

No wonder they have more users than us. hot wheels should fix it.

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Yeah 4chan's interface is so superior… just change the fucking CSS newfag.

How do I make Holla Forums look like 4chan on Android?

4chan looks great but Holla Forums looks like a stoned person made it for a college assignment

If your app doesn't have a dark theme available then you need a better app.

oh and I hope you're not viewing Holla Forums through your mobile's browser instead of a dedicated app, that's just shitty.

What is a good app?

Honestly I'm not sure since I don't really browse Holla Forums from mobile. I think there's a one called Exodus but idk how good it is. If I recall there are apps that will allow you to browse multiple chans so if you can't find a good one made just for Holla Forums that might be an option.

Not involved with the site anymore you don't know what your talking about.
Yup, 8chans potential is wasted without enough uses. But real talk the top boards kinda suck so I can see why they don't come over. Bad moderation and site mismanagement that's the story of Holla Forums.

The apps look better but aren't even functional.

nice trips dude! Was that intentional?

yeah i did a quick look to make sure.

I would tell you how to into Holla Forums mobile. But you're a cuckchan faggot that needs to go back to where you came from.

Eat shit.

Everychan sucks

You suck.

All your points are valid but you can actually drag and drop upload you just have to drag it to the "broswe" button

The one thing cuckchan has that I like is pic related. tells you how many posts / images / posters / and what page said thread is on.

If full chan has an equiv lmk. My biggest thing was the drag and drop post. fullchan is superior in all ways other than traffic. which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

you can see the amount of posters in boards with ids enabled

Exodus for Holla Forums. clover for cuckchan.

You can get exodus from f-droid.


I was taking a shit today and opened up exodus and it wasn't loading thumbnails properly but i'm notorious for not updating apps. haven't used it in years but exodus is the app for 8ch


I don't want id's unique posters is a better compromise I think. I'm cool with the name field too. I stop there tho. Fuck id's fuck being de-anonymised

He has been dead for months.

What's wrong with using a typical browser to view Holla Forums?

no. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredrick_Brennan

It looks like a 2001 website

I dunno about anyone else, but every time I try to use that feature it makes my browser crash upon attempting to post.
Anyone else have that problem?

you mean like the nigger dick CSS we had for a while?

I know this is like criticizing alcohol in a bar, but I feel like the only reason people are against thread specific IDs is because of their very bad social anxiety.



Just go to reddit if you want fucking post id's. Forcing people to be id'd is literally the opposite of anonymity

wtf are you fags on about
loads fine on opera mobile
although i must admit the site's script makes it have some issues