Neoliberal Eugenicism

You know what, Holla Forums, you're exactly goddamn right. Congratulations, you've figured it out. We're fucking you proles. It's artificial scarcity. But you know what? You'll sit down and fucking take it. And you know what? You should. The problem with you bleeding-hearts is that you have a far too optimistic view of humanity.

Did you actually think that us of the uppermost elite actually believe in the egalitarian bullshit you eat up? No, we're not fools. Some humans are superior to others. We know that. The science confirms it. We've known it for a long time.

HAHAHAHA, you really thought that the Nazis killed eugenics. No. No. Here's the thing: your anarchic utopia would be an absolute nightmare of dysgenics. Unlimited abundance would be a horror show of unlimited decadence.

When I say that, I don't necessarily mean social decadence, though that's probably true. No, I mean GENETIC decadence. The worst of society would breed like mad. It's already bad, which is why we really need to move to more of a hardcore state-socialist control grid system. Our society is slowly rotting as is. You can't just allow lower order humans such insane prosperity. Something has to be done. Consider us the guardians of society.

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yes yes i'm sure you're very edgy, well done

decent effort, low effectiveness (at least you got me to skim it)

i'll be generous and say 4/10

At least try with a pic of Elon musk or something.

I can't believe I'm even responding to this edgy drivel. Kill yourself pls

I'm making an argument you stupid prole fuck.

By the way, if you were more intelligent maybe you would have realized that I'm saying that you workers do "contribute" things, and it doesn't matter one fuck.

No matter how much merit your argument may have had in some potential universe where you aren't a reactionary bootlicking fuck,

Fucking dropped. Come back when you can communicate like a non-autistic adult.

You commies really are something else. No you mongoloid, I want progress for humanity. Reactionary is your outdated armchair philosopher French enlightenment masturbatory garbage. It is (genuine) liberalism that is reactionary. My philosophy is cutting-edge. My philosophy is scientific. I love humanity. You are incapable of such genuine love, probably because you're of low-breeding like most anarchist troublemakers.

Uh it does matter because how else are you going to measure merit if not by what work someone does? Trump would not exist in your meritocratic universe of "elites".

Bumplock this BS!


I'm uninterested in defending individuals. Of course, I see that no one is very interested in my intellectual argument.

Smh fam

If you are unable to point out individuals who would benefit under your system and make a case for them your philosophy is as valid as cave drawings.

The wealthy are the superior class.

And how wealthy are you good sir?

You don't sound like so, apparently.


So what you're saying is, "Burn the rich; class war now!"?

gas urslef thanks

I'm sure that settles the matter in your mind. Now leave the philosophy to us adults.

I never said that, you absolute idiot. I said that the wealthy are superior as a class. You all prove my point

superior how so then?
lol at least get some good taste

Did you see the links I just cited?

Rap and pop are not in good taste.

I hate to burst your petite bourgeois bubble, but the power of the private capitalist comes from state-backed property rights, not any notion of "merit".

In fact, the modern bourgeoisie came into existence partially by crushing more "individualist" modes of production, the old cottage industries, with a more socialized mode of production. The only thing "individualist" about it was that it only benefitted a small group of people.

just saw a new word on Holla Forums that describes anons like OP:

Limp Bizkit Conservatism.


I think this answers ya dunnit
And if yer just gonna throw around vivaldi and mozart like some pleb who just listens to what your music teacher mentinoed in elementary school, sure

No, you don't, you're just an edgy teen who thinks he's better than everybody else. The only person you love is yourself, unless of course you're just acting superior to hide your crippling anxiety and self-doubt.

BINGO! All humanism relies entirely on a conception of "human" as some abstracted particular from the ruling class themselves or the would-be ruling class, which enables them to marginalize any Other as being not a valid human by their standards.

I fucking love it!

Jesus, this is some kinda special shitposting.

Dropping mah sage.

Honestly that doesn't sound nearly as bad as

"the environment is going to become completely fucked because of never-ending exploitation of our natural resources and an over-reliance on fossil fuels just so we can have an "abundance" of "cheap" consumer products that serve no purpose other than to distract on from how much money porkies have"

Like, even if stormfront was 100% right about niggers, Marx was maybe 80%-90% percent right about economics, and that's still more important

Yeh I mean it's not like the ruling classes have traditionally been inbred or anything.

I wish since the world is drowning in dysgenics right now. And no, neoliberals are not interested in improving anything, including the genetic health of human populations, except their own bank accounts.

You could be a drooling retard and remain rich like this and go on and have rich drooling retard kids so long as your financial servants remain loyal and do their jobs.

fedora overload

Cottage industry kind businesses are usually staffed by an average sort of people. Mom and pop. Middle age Trump voters. Weak-minded, conservative, Christian — but I repeat myself.

It's not precise. That doesn't invalidate the reality. And you'll note that the correlation with self-control (which is really the ultimate measure of one's humanity) is quite strong.

Why do plebes always make it about characters, rather than the arguments?

Did your poor person public school inform you of that? What a masterful take-down of my arguments.

As a class. As a whole. Empirically. And I follow Gates, Buffet, and Soros in endorsing an estate tax.

Think of how worse it would be in a world where scarcity would be a past dream.

Ow, OP cut me with its edge.