Do you think girls should have a full public education paid for by the state? Why or why not...

Do you think girls should have a full public education paid for by the state? Why or why not? Would you prefer girls only schools or mixed gender?

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Everyone should get full education

Mixed gender, single-gender school is just a waste of money and resources.

Mods pls don't lock this thread just cuz he's a nuzi. It has been a while since there was a debate with nuzis in this board.

Everyone should have free education. The fact that quality of education in our society depends on your parents' wealth - something not even the most unflinching classcuck can blame on them for not working hard enough or some shit - is disgusting.

Mixed gender, i mean how do i get qt gf otherwise?
also because everyone deserves education and your a fucking sinner who wants to control all the power in one majority if you think otherwise.

I never got a gf in school. I think girls held me back, I would have gotten higher grades if it was male only. But I suppose it doesn't matter that much

The first question is obvious Ideology

On the second part though, seeing how boys and girls have different ways of learning and so on, why not have separate classes in mix-gendered schools?

Duh? Boys and girls should not be separated though because it just ends up stunting their social development.


Don't care, whichever gives a better education

Of course, because everybody should have one, in a cold sense which is not to say a person without one shouldn't be considered fully human with all the rights that entails a person without an literacy, basic understanding of mathematics etc etc, is not fully human and some parents don't read to their children etc

They should if they can

I don't think so. Generally, boys that grow up around other boys end up being more macho and masculine, and end up being more desirable to women as adults. Men that grow up around girls end up feminized and undesirable. This applies to boys with sisters as well.

Why not have both and let the parents or guardians decide?

Holla Forums confirmed for secretly being Haredi Jews who want to enforce sexual segregation in public life.

Again, what's wrong with mixed schools with separate classes?

Or, desperate elementary and mixed high (with separate classes)?

Also, I hanged out with other boys. Don't see much difference.
You can blame whatever you want for your life. Doesn't make it real, if you believe it enough.

There is literally nothing wrong with Haredi Jews.

The jews support it for their own people. Not for the goyim.

uhh yeah, everyone should?

Yeah fam totally kill the jews that'll fix all the problems in the world.
its not like the bankers are mostly white christians nowadays anyways

Yeah fam totally kill the jews that'll fix all the problems in the world.
its not like the bankers are mostly white christians nowadays anyways.

Education for all. Mixed-gender schools but include a mandatory unit on gender.

For boys, yes. For girls, it's debatable.

fucking hell fix your site

Capitalists know no nation or race, because they seek to subvert them. It's why they all support immigration.


I think education should be available for free at any level.

I don't see the need to segregate genders.

It wasn't the girls that held you back. It was that desire for booty. I personally didn't care about women until I was almost 17, and then only really because I figured out that having a gf could be fun instead of just stupid. Coincidentally, I did very well in school. I also had parents that pushed me really hard, but then again that approach only worked for me and not my siblings. They are both very smart, though.

Lol, but male bonding be limited to just school. Of course, it has to exist. This is part of our biology, but for that we have afterschool activities that could be segregated. Pic related, it's what I used to do as a kid and while I am now an atheist, it was a positive thing and I met a lot of men that helped me shape my world view.

Of course, girls were allowed, but we had time to ourselves too.



Because we, well not me, but the other Anarchists have to destroy the state, I will just watch safely at a distance.
If we don't bring the state down well then I don't pay taxes so I don't provide nothing and I get to keep all for me.

that's up to each individual, tbh Girls are very distracting at school, IMO I would have liked to be in a segregated school.

But everyone should be able to access education, if they can pay for it, if not work for it, if you don't work then go die somewhere else and don't bother.

Well, ok then, let's conduct scientific studies and see! No? Or should we even split classes acording to abilities and so on? Am open to all sugestions!
The industrial system of modern education is shit, though.

Women don't get cucked, moron.

Like what gender abolishment or something? Sounds like idpol central to me. No thanks.

source? I know people that come from both man-only and women-only schools. Women in women-only schools actually "defeminize" since they don't need to care about maintaining an image around men. They never wear makeup, wear pants, and throw around tampons and menstrual pads all day. Men in men-only schools never talk to girls and so get very shy and awkward around them, and they also start buttfucking each other. I went to a mens-only school for a year; everyone gave each other backrubs and shit afterclass and at night in the dorms they would pile on top of each other and grind each other's ass cheeks, no joke.

Gender abolition is like the fucking opposite of identity politics. I mean that's in the fucking name. Think before you post next time.

To answer your question, no it shouldn't be paid by the state, since fuck states mayne :^).
But to argue even from the standpoint of a .nationalsocialist (to the extent of how I understand .nationalsocialists), I think women should get the same education as men, since creating an imbalance between education between the two genders means 1) potentially brilliant women are wasted while potentially retarded men are favored over them, weakening society, and 2) unbalance and a hierarchy of men over women would lead to unrest, bureaucracy, and power struggles, also not very beneficial to even the nationalsocialist.

I think both should exist. Parents/guardians can choose what they want for their kids. But single sex education for males for example do much better and pass more than mixed schools.

I went to a boys school and I found that it was easier to get a girlfriend as girls didn't know much about you as they weren't in the same class/school as you and so it was 'more attractive,' (my theory.) School was close to another girls school so it was easy, and held events with the other girls school regularly. Also the school promoted masculinity, had to do sports, etc. So that too.

I don't know but it wasn't the case for our school. There may have been the stray gay somewhere (some members of our rugby team is under suspicion) but nearly all guys were straight.

Don't tell me what to post. How would gender abolishment even work? It seems like it would take a massive effort by some kind of governing body and a disgusting amount of intrusion into peoples personal lives. Sounds like authoritarian bullshit to me. I didn't sign up for that tankie crap. Unless gender is suppose to just wither away along with capitalism. In which case I could careless. It's not like gender is important either way to me.

Gender abolition is wrapped up in both the culture surrounding the gender binary, sexism, and child rearing, and the economic conditions that feminize labor and thus in doing so are able to marginalize it qua a category that is inferior to masculine labor. This most notably happens in housework, which is required for the reproduction of labor and yet is not viewed as labor and thus doesn't receive wages in a capitalist society.

It wouldn't be possible here and now to abolish gender for all living people without drastically intruding into their lives, this is true. I mean, I'm pretty heteronormative myself, and even though I recognize that it's fucking stupid and limiting to myself, I can't help the way I am without going through the painful and uncomfortable process of changing the way I perform gender. There are a lot of people like me who aren't interested in going through that process, and we kind of just have to deal with it. The abolition of gender would be a gradual process of raising children without the moronic spooky ideas that if you have a dick you're supposed to like the color blue and cars, and that if you have a pussy you're supposed to like the color pink and dolls.

These general attitudes regarding the gender binary and gender essentialism are reflected throughout the views our culture has on the matter, and not raising children either to be feminized or masculinized but rather to be their own fucking unique individual person will lead to the death of gender - and probably also would lead to universal bisexuality, which also makes far more sense honestly even if it again is something I personally wouldn't really be into.

Gulag for Tumblr.


Let's be clear about something: Liberal tumblr "feminism" is basically memetic e-politics, just like Holla Forums and just like a significant portion of Holla Forums. It has zero engagement with any actual feminist theory, and feminism is a very broad body of theory.

That being said, if you seriously think that there is some essential reason why males are supposed to like blue, and females are supposed to like pink, you're a spooked retard and belong on Holla Forums. Though considering that the other posts you've made on this board that I've seen so far are basically smug, edgy shitposts about how every other anarchist except your undefined anarchism is wrong, I'd suggest nonetheless that you fuck off there anyways.

Yeah, we're hardly at that point. It's just a bunch of edgy young adults/teenagers riding on the liberal queer/feminist trend.


There is no need to complicate it.

The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
I'm all for that, but I don't consider myself a feminist, or waste my time "studding" feminist theory.

Whoooah! Hold yourself there moron, when did I suggested any of it.
If you like pink go for it, I'm not holding you back, I won’t ever do it to anyone, but now that you mentioned gender, lets jump the shark.
Have you ever heard about Biological gender roles? Those are pre-determined by your gender, you can’t Abolish them, you are working against nature itself if you try to do it.
Who are you the Anarchist police?
What a fucking spook you are.
To me you are just an edgy Tumblr Marxist disguised as anarchist.

These "feminine' jobs don't reccieve wages becuase they don't generate capital. Hence why the CAPITAList don't pay them. Since when have capitalists ever valued long term investments. They don't spend money in the public sphere either becuase it doesn't directly benefit them. None of this would even be a problem in any post-capitalist system becuase people aren't going to be paid wages. Sounds like a flimsy reason for so much effort. I really fail to see why people being " hetronormative" is a big deal. Really just sounds completely unnecessary. Looks like patriarchy theory to me and I don't support feminist theory. Its all idpol crap to me.

You fucking stupid or something?

Is this board just completely unmoderated now?

I'm going to ignore the rest of the post then, since the main point here is

This position is literally

Are you seeing it? Do you not realize how antithetical that is to anarchist theory? Humans are free and unique; any conceptualization of their "nature", whether in general or on the basis of their sex (or their race, for that matter), is nothing more than a gross abstraction from particulars that limits the freedom of unique individuals. Positing that there is some kind of "scientific" or "biological" reason why we can't be a certain way is the same exact fucking argument that reactionaries use against revolutionary theory. And yet you have the audacity to imply that I'm the authoritarian here when you aren't even seeing this very basic and fundamental part of anarchist theory? Please.

Also, sex != gender

Firstly, no, you're wrong about that; not all feminized labor is labor that doesn't generate capital. And secondly, unpaid housework is necessary for the reproduction of labor, which is necessary for the production of all commodities.

I know why capitalists don't pay women for housework, and it is hardly exclusively because they don't generate capital. But really, housewives should be getting paid by their husbands to do housework, since they're essentially servants. Nevertheless, sure, you're right in part that this isn't entirely relevant to an anti-capitalist struggle since we ultimately don't care that much about having exclusive justice in an inherently unjust society, but on the other hand if you lag behind on this part of the dialectic by ignoring that capitalist labor isn't one-dimensionally reducible to classical Marxist materialism, you risk reproducing these aspects of it that aren't anointed into valid capitalist modes of relation.

Not that I'd expect most people on Holla Forums to grasp this or agree with it, since most people on here still think that literally everything in the world is reducible to materialism and literally everything will be fixed by it in spite of the fact that societies which historically attempted to implement socialism - kekalonia for instance - still had vestigial sexist bullshit. In kekalonia's case, the Mujeres Libres had to intervene and assure women the same status as men.

Even in anarchy's beloved kekalonia, sexism prevailed despite the socialization of the means of production.

1. spooks

2. which conception of state are you using. Communists don't want a state, by certain definitions there can be a state. If you're asking as an end goal, I want a democratic centralised structure making decisions, and mostly a localised economy.

3. pls go nazi, single gender wastes money

Again who the fuck you think you are to determine what ethical and what is not anarchy is about Freedom not ethics that is completely up to you
Yep they can do as the feely chose to do.
“Nature” woooah Tumblr hold back, you can’t question nature, you can’t abolish it, you can’t escape from it.
Throwing the race card, I didn’t bring that up you did!
Again who do you think you are to determine that? Scientific research is objective you can’t argue against it.
And again, I’m not denying any ones freedom, as I told you before if you like pink, go for it, if you would like to be a Helicopter, go for it, it may be against nature and I don’t know how are you going to achieve being a Helicopter, but I won’t stop you.
Typical Tumblr bullshit, and you call yourself a Nihilist, you are supposed to not give a fuck about anything, did you know that?
I want to tear down the state, or completely by pass it, to avoid paying taxes and spread freedom on my journey, I’m labeled as a reactionary by a Tumblrine, top fucking kek, no wonder why everyone hates the ones of your kind.
You Attitude is like:
Uhmm that’s not my type of “Anarchism” you don’t agree with me? I’m the real anarchist here and how dare you question me! I’m the real anarchist here.
That’s basically you, and yeah to me you are a fucking Marxist disguised as anarchist.

School should teach you about the real world. In the real world there is women. Therefore schools should be mixed

Stop right there

You're both shit, but that's to be expected of anarchists

I was parodying him.

You fucking moron, do you know the definition of Parody and Sarcasm?

Son, on the internet we are all autistic

Also I picked that out because it summarized your post just as well as theirs


In a communist society all education would be public, everyone will have access to it and parents won't be able to decide such things for children as:

A) The community is collectively responible for the care and education of children.

B) There is no state backed right to children under communism. If children don't want their parents making their decisions for them they can simply leave and the community will provide for them.

As for gender segregation, communism will do away with that. After all, in a society of free association only a handful of lunatics (like you) are going to voluntarily segregate themselves.

Before I lose my train of thought

It's important with such things as the toy trucks for male infants, dolls for female infants, that this isn't isn't an iron law, it's a statistical tendency

I completely Agree with you here Comrade Stalin.

Spooky as fuck.

The idea of the abolition of gender is not that YOU CANNOT GIB BOYS WHEELED TOYS, its to recognize that if men like dolls or women like cars, sure thing, instead of trying to reinforce gender stereotypes that are merely tendencies. There are people that work outside of these tendencies, thats fine. Its not as bad as either side makes it out to be.

He already answered that!

this isn't isn't an iron law, it's a statistical tendency.

Because you could sleep with your homosexual professors?

Everyone should have a full education regardless of race or gender. If there is a state, I think it's its duty to provide education to its citizens. The kids should be able to choose what kind of school they go to.

Who's is going to pay for it?

the state.

If it is state-funded the tax payers would be paying. If we're talking about communism then no one would have to pay.

sunshine and puppy kisses.

a Communist state then, have you considered killing yourself?


Communism is stateless retard.

I'm just joking in case you didn't noticed.

Yeaaah Right.

so the USSR never existed right?

The USSR never achieved communism and never claimed to. I doubt you know anything about anarchist theory if you don't even know what communism is.

I got you fam.

The USSR never achieved communism and never claimed to.

Citation needed.

You are a special kind of retard aren't you?


lol who cares? Are you gay homosex?


kill yourself my man

Most anarchists ARE communists you idiot. The USSR really never did claim to achieve communism. Communism is a stateless classless society. No one denied the existence of the state throughout the USSR and no one at any point claimed it achieved communism. You would know this if you studied an ounce of history or theory.

Being around them all the time made me nervous, and harmed my grade.

No, you need to be that in order to get a girlfriend, so it should be implanted into boys from a young age.

If there is a state, the state.
If there is no state, no one, because the whole idea of money is a spook.
Also read a book faggot, you are not an anarchist, you are a capitalist.

Yes, everyone regardless of gender should be treated equally and everyone should have access to full free education.

Why? Because I have a very strong belief that women are people.

then you are a beta cuck, who cares about your grades, you are genetically a piece of thrash.


You should leave this board for now, follow these easy steps and then come back.
step 1. Open a book.
step 2. read the book.
step 3. close the book.
step 4. hit yourself with that book
step 5. yell "I am a little spooked bourgie shithead"
step 6. you are now ready to continue posting on Holla Forums

Take it from me, I live in an extremely Catholic community where the only mixed schools are shitholes built in the 1980s.

All single-sex schools do is foster rampant homosexuality and hatred of women among the boys, although boys school was very chill and everyone was bro there's no denying it was gay as fuck. However in the girls school it sounded like fucking North Korea where the girls would bully each other ruthlessly, and ironically were extremely homophoic.

What age group? I would hope that in a NS society, people could be married by 15 or so and not have to worry about that.

Not me, I consider Myself an Individualist Agorist tbh.

IKR but it was very communistic IMO.

Debatable, in Catalonia the "Stateless" Anarcho syndicalists took away cattle and pigs with out even asking, after that they knocked the door, to give some food stamps to the previous owner of the live stock I read it and saw documentaries about it and they mention it several times.

I gave it a try but I couldn't get around the property is theft I read Kropotkin and Bakunin but they failed to convince me.

Henry David Thoreau sounds way more reasonable than those guys.

You may not like it but money is the best vehicle to exchange goods i cant imagine a world with out it.

To clarify Thoreau isn't a commie he is Anprim imo.

Agreed. People have completely blown up gender and sexuality on both sides, but I'm especially frustrated with the ridiculous special-snowflake idpol shit where they invent dozens of different "genders" and sexualities and quirky-but-mostly-harmless neuroses without the consultation of any actual scientific/academic literature. Shit like "mtftz quad-omega genderfluid demisexual (with tri and pansexual tendencies) Naruto-foxform-kin." What's really ironic is that it's this kind of rigid categoritization/taxonomy of identity that reproduces the structure and ideology of their "oppression"–that you can only be one thing or another, even if that one thing is "fluid." Shit is so stupid.

When you stop treating gender, sexuality, etc. in the form of discrete "markers" and either-or categories and treat them like polarities of identity and experience then the bullshit just seems silly. There's no point in force-labeling this stuff. No person is perfectly "masculine" or "feminine"; it's more nuanced and dynamic and complicated than that and so we shouldn't honor such simple categorization. And it's not like we can't respect sex differences either. I think we can have "girls" and "boys" and "men" and "women" doing their thing and not have to force-feed blue trucks and sports and pink dolls and cooking to children while idiot teens claim their 10-vector gendersex fictionalrace-reification complex is being victimized online.


I really cannot understate how fucked up the girls-school seemed when we would take classes there. The girls would literally sit in order from hottest (thus most popular) to ugliest (thus least popular). It was insane.

Women can't be trusted to be left alone to their own devices, men left alone to their own devices on the other hand is more or less exactly like the plot of Gayniggers From Outer Space.

Posting on Holla Forums the official guide.

There's something very wrong with that honestly.
like consent should be 13-14 sure because masturbation and shit. but idk about marrying… I mean its meant to be a deep bond between people. But whatever, i'm just a fedoralord who'll never get married myself, who am i to talk about it?
Also Hitler totally didn't do that just to have sex with his niece

Girls don't really need an education anyway, it seems it causes too many problems

again, you are not an anarchist, you are an edgy capitalist

P. sure she discovered some pretty big shit tbh fam.
Everyone should get education because how are they meant to debate theory without it comrade? you want everyone to be a sheep in your nazi masses or something?

m8, they're half the goddamn population.

Just cutting them out of the workforce is a retarded idea.

fuck off cuck boy

Well a man can't be happy unless he has a wife, and a girl really cant be a good wife if she gets too old by going to higher education. I mean, have you seen the new statistics for suicide rates for middle aged people? Feminism destroyed us

I would like to add that as someone who went to an all boys school, shit fucks with your emotional development.
You don't grow up as quickly and it took me a lot longer than my friends who went to mixed schools to develop a mature level of empathy and any sense of comfort around girls.
Definitely saw this in the other students there too.

As an ausfag, i can agree the we have a high suicide rate.
But it's because society puts high expectations on us and makes us feel irrelevant (Test Scores, Universal Scale,Manliness (Which is a spook btw guys) , Ect.), it's a bigger problem then you not getting a gf tbh fam, though i do admit the issues of getting a girl are pretty big right now. i mean the fact that we have so many single white males right now is pretty astounding
Or maybe we could just stop being beta as fuck and try and actually talk to a girl for once? holy shit am i serious?

Though a womans sole role in life is not to be a wife, its to be a support for society in general, in a domestic sense (Not that they should all be restricted to that, it's just what they do best naturally) which she can do better if she has a proper education, why do you think we have shit like Child Studies and all that.

Yes he can, the glorious feminist USSR proved this.

Who are you to determine that?

The Anarchist police?

the previous flag I used was merely for triggering purposes and satire you all seem a little slow.

This is just like Feminists who claim to be Marxists.

If you're not a feminist you're not a communist.

Well a lot of those expectations are because of hookup culture and fear of failing in that.

If wives are assigned to men when they're a teen, then they wouldn't have to worry about it.

I just think everyone should be the same. I call myself a traditional Marxist for a reason.
Current Feminism is all about 'muh muh privileged' and 'muh racial diversity'
All they are managing to do is grind a wrench between the gears of society instead of actually combatting the threat of capitalism.
How is putting extra letters on LGBT or shit a Feminist cause? how does that have anything to do with women?

What if you get a girl who doesnt match you? what if i get some fucking loli cunt who calls me oniichan?
What if you get some fucking dominatrix feminist?

Well neighbors and family friends would get first priority. But the majority of whites are compatible with one another, as long as they're both raised right

Raised Right? and what's that, kept away from all the mean rapist blacks and suicidal muslims? kept pure and innocent? sorry fam the world doesn't work like that, this isnt a fucking Japaneese Anime.

You're right in a way, capitalism like it has commodified everything else has found a way to make feminism or LGBT+ safe and profitable. This kind of bourgeois """feminism""" that simply seeks to have an equal opportunity of oppression is a bastardization of feminism.

It isn't, it's an LGBT+ cause. And as Engels said

Feminism, Trans rights, gay rights, all of it. It all belongs in communism. You simply cannot say you're a communist but deny being a feminist.

You're an ancap.

I don't fit with Ancaps they call me a Lefty.

Libertarians tell me I'm to radical for them.

Ancoms tell me to gtfo.

Commies tell me I'm a Capitalist monster.

Mutualists promote competition I'm like, that sounds cool af, they tell me they want Free markets with out capitalism, I'm like wtf!

where do I am supposed to fit?

Lets imagine you have your commune, I want to keep my land and my tools, private I just can defend myself, all I want you to do is to pay me for what I have to offer (workforce and goods) and to respect my individual freedom ¿why are you imposing your communism? to me.

I do, because i say i'm a Marxist. or should i be an extra edgy fedora lord and call myself a "First Wave Feminist" that's sure to get the cringe rolling. Seriously though, also please stop saying LGBT+, its LGB, simple as that. Trans is a mental disorder and so is anything else. Gays are ok because it's a simple hormone imbalance.

No I'm not I do not support the Dogma of NAP.

because the revolution can't be complete with a few exploiter porkies sitting on the sidelines, you either go all in or you run from the country, and then we'll come for you eventually.

No, you should simply call yourself a feminist irregardless of what anyone else assumes that to mean.

Mate, what are you even doing calling yourself a Marxist?


Engels, for all his achievements and contributions and with respect, was a massive sinner.

the high suicide rate is sympton of economic ruin today society economic expectations are unmet. western people expet to have a nice job but the reality is another.
is a same people who lost the fear of dead are wasted in that way rather that make a amok against their masters


Ah, but you see you missed the greatest argument of all.

A society without qt traps is not one worth living in.

I just have a few tools, to employ myself and I'm saving for my electrician tools, I'm about to start studding electricity, in a few days I had to pay for it.
I'm not a exploiter monster, I’m not even rich, but I do want to keep a profit, to have the freedom to buy whatever the fuck I want.
Are you going to steal my hard earned tools from me?

Oh wow, are you threating to kill me? If I don’t surrender my property to you?
That doesn’t sound like freedom, if the only choice I have, is to give them to you to spare my life.

That’s why I fucking hate communism, no wonder why so much people hate it too.

I'd be happy to live without qt traps.
Badass slightly tomboyish girls are going extinct to feminism. they all think their trans now. how is life worth living without a tomboy waifu?


Here we go.

You do realise there's something called saving right? all we want is to give everyone the same money for everything and make sure they can't become big ass corporations, and tax the fuck out of everyone too. We're not taking away your tools, you can use those tools to assist the country as a large instead of just yourself. stop being selfish please.

And no, im not threatening to kill you, just threatening to distribute your wealth. And honestly, it isn't that much of a threat, seeing the current state of revolutionary leftism is barely a thing.

I'm just gonna leave this here:

I used to be friends with one, until she declared she was a guy and ran off to tumblr. and all the other qt tomboys are all either drug obsessed or slightly crazy.
rip tomboy waifus.

That's what I'm currently doing to buy my set of tools.

Communism is supposed to run with out money, I have read this and I have been told this, like an awful amount of times.1 person cant turn his business into a big ass corporation most big corporations are inherited.

You may as well steal my tools if I cant make a profit out of my workforce.
Communism is supposed to be Stateless right? or did you suddenly forgot about it?

No Borders, No Gods, No Masters that's what I stand for.

but you want me to work for all of you for free and I'm the selfish one right…

You are being sarcastic right?

I don't know where you are from, but where I am, the ghosts of a lefty revolution are still present.

Inb4 Feminists in this thread committing suicide.

Fucking Feminazis hate Proudhon because he supposedly is a woman hater.

there is no pleasing you fucking rabid cunts.

If you're a Feminist you're not a Communist. Now get the fuck out back to Reddit while you circlejerk over both pics of Stalin and Feminism.

Don't you think feminists respect Proudhon but are critical of his attitudes towards women at the same time?


Unless you mean the Feminist struggle of the First World today is roughly the same as the one in Germany a hundred years ago, Luxembourg was not a Feminist.


Rosa Luxemburg is especially interesting because despite her interest in womens liberation, she was very critical of bourgeois feminism.

The mainstream feminist struggle back then was just as retarded as it is now, so her writings hold true but ultimately the case women's liberation is inalienable from socialism.

Go play Bioshock please. prolly a more suiting environment for 'no borders no gods no masters'

I have a hard time believing non-Bourgeois Feminism exists in our late Capitalism western society.

I don't think women need any liberation in our part of the world, or at least not more than men.
Also the Feminist struggle was not retarded in the 1900's: women couldn't do practically anything without their husband's consent, rape was legal if you were married, you couldn't divorce, etc.

I agree completely, Feminism now should be about liberating women in 3rd World countries, not fucking giving them even more rights than men, or taking all the rights away from men

If you picked Emma Goldman, I would have had a little more respect towards you.

I saw Radfems and Anarcha-feminists pissing on Proudhon books.

mfw I don't even own an obsolete console.

because I cant afford it.

Uhm, yes they do. Because of the capitalist system even women in the west are objectified and guided into poor life options for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. Men are too (if in different ways), and thus is the utmost importance of socialism. To end this bondage for all.

Read what Rosa Luxemburg has to say on it, lad. Educate yourself to save yourself from your neckbeard tier allergy to the word "feminist".

For those debating about sex differences I recommend this video in particular, but the whole series is great.

Get out TUMBLR!

So, we don't need Feminism, but Socialism.

Brocialists deserve a first class, one way ticket to the gulag.

Socialism is feminism, my friend.

Go back to tumblr please, we don't need this neo-marxist stuff here ;-;

In order to go back to tumblr I would have had to have came from tumblr.

I'm pretty sure I don't care about men standing up while peeing, men opening their legs, or video games characters having large breasts.
You've swallowed the Gramsci pill too hard. Also you're most likely a man, like the vast majority of us. Why are you even a Feminist? You've got nothing to win.

He probably came from Reddit.

I acknowledged that everyone gets fucked by capitalism, but because of the mission statement of feminism it's impossible to remove the feminist element from socialist thinking. They simply go hand in hand 100% of the way and ensure true liberation for all.

It's not about winning anything, it's about doing what's right. If you're just out for pure self interest then just be a libertarian or something.

It's obvious. They're in it for the pussy.


They sell the best they have to offer.

The Boogeyman! Spooky!

and who the fuck you think you are to intertwine those 2 together.

Feminist drove me crazy and were one of the influencing reasons why I stopped studding Ancommie material.

KYS as soon as possible.

to be honest, that second statement is pretty right, we should do this shit for everyone elses good, not our own. But i do think Feminism has past its goal and is now just beating a dead horse

I suppose the worker sells his labour voluntarily too?

You are going to be called a reactionary just like every one did to me.

You keep saying that as a dogma. Any justification on how Socialism also consists in ensuring men don't spread their legs and female video game characters have an A cup?

Nice spooks, and nice non-understanding of Marx. Tell me once again, why do you defend people who would never defend you?
Because believe me, Feminists do everything they can to never defend you.

Yes is called Wage labour.

Do you understand what "voluntary" means?

Equating gender struggle to class struggle
That's the no-return point. Not all struggles are equally important, but when you start to believe they are, you progress on none of them.

They are both inalienably about total freedom in ones life. Men shouldn't be forced to die in imperialist wars and work for their capitalist masters in order to live. Women shouldn't be forced to be prostitutes in order to live or get shit on by religious fundamentalists.

So I see.


All the struggles are one struggle, you absolute idpol-speaking dipshit. You're making the same mistakes as SJWs in reverse.


You're into Communism just because of the LARP, aren't you?

Please tell me once again how wanting more female CEOs is the same struggle as wanting to remove Capitalism.

Once again check out Rosa Luxemburg's thoughts on the matter, there's bourgeois women's liberation and there's proletarian women's liberation. If you're more concerned with video game characters than having to sell yourself so you can eat then you're probably the kind of person socialism is out to destroy.

It has nothing to do with college boogeymen and it has everything to do with women. Women are our mothers, sisters, friends and comrades and as such it's of vital importance to recognize how socialism is a cause for them just as much as it is us.

I didn't make the picture, I just liked having one big reaction picture featuring more or less every famous communist looking disgusted.

If you think that the entire feminist cause is about getting more female CEOs then you are arguing against a straw man

That's what Feminists are, so I agree that Socialism destroys them.
I've never said otherwise. Now, is Feminism a cause for us, men?

Oh, please enlighten me about the recent campaigns of Feminism in the first world. What were they about, again?

Nobody even knows what the "entire feminist cause" is about. It's completely arbitrary. Even "women's rights" can be and constantly is interpreted in different, mutually exclusive ways.

pick one

If they were being forced they would be slaves.

are you going to re define Free will to fit your narrative?
Classic feminist behaviour it doesn't surprise me.

I may not be rich, but I'm not fucking starving.if I'm smart enough and save some money, I can start my own business, living of what I enjoy, doing it underground to avoid the state and paying taxes.


In the first world, yeah, mostly bollocks.

This is correct. This is why I prefer to dedicate myself to socialism. It doesn't mean that I think therefore that all feminist demands are bunk. It means that the good feminist demands are already encompassed in socialist demands. I respect and appreciate those demands.

I'm an Anarchist you may not like my School of thought, but I'm even more revolutionary than you could dream of achieving.

Then we agree.


Uhm, no it isn't. Sure lots of feminists do care about trivial shit but they're not the arbiters of all feminist history and current events despite how much they would like to be.

Yes, if you have any lick of empathy or compassion. But if you're asking questions like

Then you probably don't.

Wew, seriously take a step back and divorce your understanding of feminism from internet tumblr shit.

Being this mad.

So we agree, then.

I only have empathy or compassion for people who would show empathy and compassion for me. So far I have seen but hate from Feminists, and mind you, I used to be a Feminist with even more extreme thoughts than you're having.

Feminism IRL is like that, too. In fact my first contacts with Feminism were IRL, not on the Internet.

Yeah I'm clearly livid

Having a pic of Hugo Chavez.



No, because you seem to have some mad idea that every feminist is a tumblr boogeyman.

If getting called cisscum or something makes you so assblasted that you're willing to disown the entire cause of women's liberation then you need to get some thicker skin.

I'm a Horsefucker.
Deal with it Faggot.

Well im a Shipfucker, not like im any better

Well yeah, the internet does reflect real life, that's a given. They don't come from nowhere. The point is that what you're thinking feminism is, based on those who call themselves feminist, isn't the goal of Marxist feminism.

Most active (and therefore the ones who matter) Feminists, in the first world, are similar to Tumblr Feminists.
Just because two of your female friends disagree with on a couple issues does not prove the Feminist movement in the first world to be venom-free.

Nope. And please, tell me once again the reason I have (beside what is right, correct or moral) to defend people who don't defend me and insult me. It's not about the insults themselves, I don't really care, but should I really spend time agreeing with people who seemingly see me as a lower being, when not their direct enemy just because of my gender?


You may just convert to Islam Already.

It wouldn't surprise me coming from a socialist weeb like you.

such tolerance.

>>>Holla Forums

Marxist Feminism is already within Marxism, so there's no point in trying to associate it with mainstream Feminism. I don't see what you're trying to achieve. You don't like mainstream Feminists, I don't like mainstream Feminists, but they're still mainstream.

1. Communism as a global movement also has a vested interest in the liberation of the proletariat of all genders worldwide.
2. Basically every western socialist is a feminist and brings to light the legitimate concerns of women for which socialism is the solution.

You seem to be only able to see people as monoliths of ideology. Like if one feminist says something therefore all feminists are like that. Fundamentally people are individuals and if you meet who is a dickhead then just move on with your life rather than being permanently bitter at everyone who has something in common with the teenagers who call you rude names.

You don't have to agree with them, not all feminists agree on everything.

If we can accept a heterogeneity of marxist theory then we can do the same for feminism – and feminist theory grounded in Marxism is effectively a counter to bourgeois intersectionality theory.

Not that I place much stock in what is effectively an academic debate; how things are organized and handled on the ground is always more important.

Gender-specific concerns are not exclusive to females. Yet the Feminist movement is exclusive to females (and don't get me started on how Feminism protects the "weak male", that's what it does in theory, and never in reality).
Only in that we seek equality of genders. If Feminism is about equality of genders, of course.

But all Feminists seem to be okay with men-hating people spouting near-nazi shit. They're not being called out or excluded.

In that case most prominent Feminists would not be Feminists.

See, this is the problem with Feminism: they all rally under the same label, then claim other people's allegiance to a subset when these other people are called out on certain beliefs. And that makes it impossible to attack Feminism, because Feminism ends up not existing.

so much pwanage.

Feminists on suicide watch

This is true, hence why socialism (which includes feminism by its very nature) is vastly superior to bourgeois feminism.

No, I mean the overwhelming majority of western socialists explicitly identify as feminists. Holla Forums is an extreme fringe minority in this regard.

Because of the following
1. Even among bourgeois feminists that doesn't really happen except among the most mad radicals.
2. These mad radicals aren't particularly mad or radical, they just say absurd things about men. As opposed to actual Nazis who would like genocide and a fascist state.

I don't think I need to remind you of how many prominent socialists were not actually socialists, like Hitler for example.
"Feminism" is as broad as anarchism or marxism; that's the extent of its existence. It's a category which people fill with their own definitions and determinations. If you can't get past this then politics in general is only going to piss you off.

My only goal is to dispel the idea that feminism is this evil boogeyman concept that most Holla Forums converts seem to harbour.

yeah I will commit suicide because you are a huge faggot.

holy shit you are spooked
read zizek


The overwhelming majority of western socialists are complete morons, even (or should I say especially) in issues that are not related to gender at all.

See? You protect them, too.
Just imagine a Communist party with a few members that were full Holla Forumsacks, and every time you tried to call them out on admitting them in, they'd say "but, that doesn't really happen, they're just a small minority, they just like to say absurd things". Would you support that party?

Marxism is anything but broad or vague.

Can't dispel what I see in real life, though.

Cool, horse fuckers and SJWs. Holla Forums totally isn't going to shit.

Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Ideology. The DNA of the soul. Ideology shapes our will. It's the culture. It's everything we pass on.

Redefining Feminism to fit an specific scenario in witch the Feminist is being confronted.

Classic feminist behaviour, back-pedalling is strong in this one.

Because you modern feminists, have imposed their ideology, though scare tactics and alienation, of the ones that question them.

Could be the last bastion of socialist, that reject, Feminism and their Female superiority rhetoric.

Are you Implying that men are the only ones that say absurd things?

you are a fucking sexists.

It's the ass waa juuus!!!

can you fucking kill yourself already?

I never said vague comr8, get your eyes checked, and Marxism is broad as fuck from Lenin to Adorno to Pannekoek and beyond.

You can be sexist against men. Because a man can kill a woman with his bare hands.

Being this Salty.

This is where you see the folly of aggressively anti-feminist socialists, it's not everyone else that's dividing the socialist movement - it's them.

Holla Forumsacks are imperialist nationalist stooges that I wouldn't trust to watch a birthday party let alone any other party.

Tumblr-tier feminists on the other hand I don't expect are going to SCUM manifesto us all any time ever.

I am not salty, you are just a waste of bandwidth and oxygen with your le trollin and le trigger baby politics

Fucking screen capped.

Stay mad.

holy shit you are also a ponyfag? Why are you still alive?

I am not mad, I am disgusted

You don't even know what a spook is you dumb fucking Holla Forumslack.

It really is not, some people understood Marxism correctly, some did not. Their common point is, they all pretended to continue on the path of Marx's works in economics.

There is no central work of Feminism that all Feminists agree on, no central theory. That makes Feminism much, much broader than Marxism.

A woman can kill a man with her bare hands.

They're not, Imperialism is not an ideology. Please read Lenin, especially if posting with the hammer and sickle. But, apart from the fact that it proves you don't really understand theory, that's beside the point.

And I'm not anti-feminist.

Some of them take it very seriously. Would you allow them in your party?

Right, the fact that they've come out in support of Trump invading Iran multiple times isn't imperialist at all.

So why do you hate the prospect of being called a feminist so much?

No because they want to murder half of the fucking population.

because I can and I want.

Stay salty.

Yeah sure… the commie knows better.
Fucking cultist.

A woman can't kill a man with her bare hands on equal ground tho

Your next line will be "They were all revisionists!"

In case you haven't noticed no one agrees on Marx's body of work or its theoretical implications, and if all you can say against feminist theory is that its "too broad" then that's a pretty weak criticism.

Fuck off and kill yourself you retarded randroid. If you think property should be preserved you are not an anarchist.

Again, Imperialism is not an ideology, read a book by Lenin, once again.

Because it implies I have something in common with tumblrites.

Alright, in that case, don't you think Feminists should call them out on that?

With training, sure she can. Women are more flexible than men, men are just stronger.

Not what I said, read the thread, understand the thread, and then post. Do not skip the first two steps.

They are imperialists though. They support the practice of imperialism by various states, particularly Germany and the USA.

Yes, and they do. Solanas has basically been universally described as a nutjob.

I can laugh no more comrade please stop.

Says the guy with a Hammer and Sickle.

Jesus Christ, this is the entire problem. You're so blinded by rabid distrust of tumblr that you can't even consider feminism as a good thing.

Nah m8, go on: what's the correct interpretation of Marx?

So you've got nothing? No worries comr8, you're just full of shit. It happens.

Your average ancom has more in common with me than they do with lolbertarian faggots like you.

be careful who you side with, these comrades of yours, might end up stabbing you in the back, for not supporting their sexists cult.

I have no problems with any one as long as you respect my right to private property.

I hope you spotted the crazy ones already, but I expect no sympathy in here.

Sadly Ancoms do end up siding with the Marxists at the end of the day, even with Tankies and you watch them marching down the street.
but they voluntarily chose their poison, too bad they didn't learned the Lesson in Kronstadt and in Ukraine with Makhno.

Wew lad

That's all I'm asking for.

Upholding private property in anarchist society is rather contradictory according to most anarchist theories though.

Unless you meant personal property.

I knew this was coming.

what's the difference in your opinion.

Copying from wikipedia because fuck it

In political/economic theory, notably socialist, Marxist, and most anarchist philosophies, the distinction between private and personal property is extremely important. Which items of property constitute which is open to debate. In some philosophies, such as Capitalism, private and personal property are considered to be exactly equivalent.
Personal property includes "items intended for personal use"[3] (e.g., clothes, homes, and vehicles,[3] and sometimes money).[4] It must be gained in a socially fair manner, and the owner has a distributive right to exclude others.
Private property is a social relationship between the owner and persons deprived (not a relationship between person and thing), e.g., artifacts, factories, mines, dams, infrastructure, natural vegetation, mountains, deserts, seas, etc. Marxism holds that a process of class conflict and revolutionary struggle could result in victory for the proletariat and the establishment of a communist society in which private property and ownership is abolished over time and the means of production and subsistence belong to the community. (Private property and ownership, in this context, means ownership of the means of production, not private possessions).
To many socialists, the term private property refers to capital or the means of production, while personal property refers to consumer and non-capital goods and services.

Private property is property you can't make personal use of so fields, factories, mines, etc. The means of production.

Personal property is property like your car, toothbrush, and house.

Pretty basic theory for both Marxists and Anarchists.

But I'm not. I have distrust, but I think it is entirely justified. These people hate me, no matter how much mental gymnastics you try to achieve. I won't support them.

You've skipped the first two steps.

I know it from years, I just wanted to watch if you would repeat the same I have seen before.
so far you did.

I could start manufacturing inside my house, distributing or storing and it would generate a profit.
Car, if I had one, I could start transporting goods, food or people, to generate a profit out of it.

what about tools? ranging from a screw driver to a lathe or a milling machine? what are those personal property or means of production?

according to you.

Not the guy you are responding to. For me these are MoP because they are a non-human input in the process of production. I don't have a problem if somebody use these, after all there will be MoP in a socialist society. The problem arise when a person can own it is not using it (absentee property rights), and make a profit off the worker. I advocate a system of property based on occupancy and use.

not him, but cars and houses would not be able to used like that in an anarchist society; that labor is already provided by the transportation and storage unions. Tools, being auxiliary materials, are constant capital and would thus belong to everyone. These things do not in themselves generate value, they are simply used by laborers to convert labor to commodities with value.
In anarchist society one has possession-rights to everything, the difference is use-rights, that is, I don't actually own the TV I have in my house (no one does), I simply use it. Someone cannot take it away from my usage however, unless I and others agree to it. Personal property does not mean it is yours to keep and yours to keep only, it is simply something entrusted for you to use, and for you to use only.
my understanding of it.

Stay mad.

Don't worry, Mutualists are a little weird, but from all the lefties, are the ones I can tolerate the most, you and Anprims are cool with me.

So I have to travel everywhere with my stuff to claim it's usage? and I cant leave it for a while because I risk loosing it?

A little shady but at least you are not threatening me.

why are you black flag again?

Why anprims in particular? I was under the impression that most anprims are economically ancoms.

Indeed that's a problem with occupancy and use. Maybe a few exceptions wouldn't hurt, like for your house when you go away for vacation. Also just like today, nobody will be dick enough to stole your toothbrush or t shirt when you are not using it, considering the cheapness of these items.

If you are under the mistaken assumption that mutualism, ansynd, and ancom cannot tolerate each other, I encourage you to look up synthesis anarchism or anarchism without adjectives, and to read the works of Voline.

Because I am an Anarchist, but just not a left leaning one, if you are so salty to recognize it it's your problem.

I know I'm going to get even more flack for this let the hatred flow.

And why do the lolberts and ancaps reject you?

Ok let’s pretend we reached that point.
No way man.
They are the tools of my profession, you can’t take them away from me, I would agree to share them, but someone will have to pay for its maintenance and if you use it or brake it, you pay for its repair.
Neither do I, in my house.
There is no democracy if there is anarchy as far as I’m aware.
Even more confusing, than the Mutualist, but guess what I have a solution, a document that accredits the ownership of X to Y(the guy who purchased it) so you don’t have to worry about leaving X un used for a moment and someone taking it away or the others deciding what to do with it.
as simple as that.

Because I reject the NAP and their shady justice system and because I support Federalization.

Why not minarchism in such case?

You're not an anarchist.

Minarchists are pathetic, IMO the existence of the state has no justification.

says who?

Self-sustainable and Self-Reliant. Henrry David Thoreau is mah nigga, he got me into Anarchism.
Maybe you realize I’m not that of a threat.
Maybe you won’t take away my tooth brush but what about my lathe it’s juicy constant capital.
I currently don’t have one but I’m saving for one in the future.

How does agorism deal with the problem of somebody amassing wealth and therefore power which can be potentially used to supress those lacking it? Not to mention the potential danger os reestablishing the state.

I would happily live inside the commune, if you don't empty my house while I'm gone.

The question, I ask myself every single day, I am the first one to recognize it, there can be a threat in theory, you could hire some mercenaries to take over some territory, but it's up to the individual myself, I wouldn't do it.
It’s like when a Christian asks me about my morality and what holds me back against wrong doing, myself being an Atheist and Anarchist.
I just tell him the golden rule and peaceful interaction with the ones around me.

you need to read more anarchist theory. Not an insult, these are some pretty specific concerns that the general pamphlet does not go over. I'll give you some links to the anarchist FAQ with each point to understand them more in-depth.
This is not a far-off future, why would I use your car when there is an entire fledgling industry that will provide the service for me for free?
First off, no one is going to take them away because no one would be fighting over tools. Second of all, if they are to be shared, that is, large factory machines or transport trucks, no one will "pay" for its maintenance since in an anarchist society you do not "pay" in money, there will be an engineer union to provide that service (in return for your service of whatever).
Then you are aware enough, anarchist society is completely based upon the free association and agreement between individuals. Unless, however, you mean Athenian or Parilimentary "democracy", in which case, fuck that.
Again, you mistake anarchist society for one in which you would "purchase" something. I am not sure why you think someone would just take away something you have, although I guess that could happen, depending on what it is. If you are out of town and someone needs to use the transport truck, then they probably would have rights to use it. If its your personal bed or computer, probably not, since its not used as constant capital or is in scarcity at all.

No one would take your shirt or car when they can just get one fam

Trusting others to not attack you is a bit.. ah

I agree tbh fam. I would have gotten a lot more boipucci in school if the girls hadn't been there to distract a lot of the boys. Single sex education is better for that reason alone.

If I was the richest and therefore most powerful person in agorist society, I would try to make you my slave and then fuck you in the butt every night. ;3
Never forget about self-interest.

Halt! I do not consent to it, one more step and I pull the trigger.
You have been warned, I just want to live happily alone and I can sustain myself, I'm not interested in becoming filthy rich.

I am not incredibly well-read in libertarian and specifically agorist theory, what will prevent the most powerful person in an agorist society from getting mercenaries to disarm you, shoot off your arms, and then fuck you in the butt every night?

You think your puny gun would stop the tanks, planes and the mercenaries of the richest man in the agorian society?

No insult taken.

I just can’t imagine the world with a better way to exchange goods.

Mini lathe( 150kg) & mini mil (95kg) they aren’t that big.

As far as I’m aware that’s exactly what I believe is the best there could be but the others give weird interpretations to those agreements I would feel like signing a private contract to warrantee those agreements but I don’t know if you would consent to fulfil my conditions.

Yeap extactly that one.

I feel like getting a compressor, a sandblasting cabinet, a migwelding machine, a mini lathe and a mini mill… what I can’t buy them? how am I supposed to operate them in my home? i live miles away from the village! why is that Ancom user aren’t we supposed to be free?

That’s why Ancaps sent me to exile, because I’m willing to pull the trigger and ask the questions latter, Ancaps have this thing called the non-aggression principal, witch they uphold as a religious prayer, in shot is no matter how threatening you are to an Ancap, he won’t pull the trigger unless you do it first, even if he has all the chances of winning, literally having a private army to defend him.

I will read your links thank you for sharing them.

but what about fucking you in the butt every night?

Solutions: Agorism.

The new Libertarian Manifesto.

Complete Audio book.

Well even if I don't stand a chance, I would die on my feet fighting, because freedom IMO is non negotiable.

They used the word libertarian, because people literally freak out, when listening to the word Anarchy.

I know you don't consider them Anarchists.

Posting error.

So you'd die and the ideal of absolutely free society would fall as well, as humanity is once again set back to the age of slave civilisations, with one despot, formely known as "the richest man in the agorian society", ruling over everybody.

Good job you idealist idiot.

I didn’t know I sustained that much weight on my shoulders, but even if I did I just answer for myself.

I’m sure they will resist and revolt at some point we have always been doing that.

I’m not a Tyrant but there could emerge a Tyrant even from within the Ancom commune humans are easily corruptible.

Holla Forums hates me, they expected me to save them, from the Agorean Tyrant, I die without even knowing they placed that task on my shoulders, even tho I had no option, other than getting fucked in the butt every night, I’m dead, you get fucked in the butt, every night by the mercenaries.
Damn there is no pleasing you insufferable cunt.

I referred to the fact you support the creation of a society that could easily allow the tyrant to overthrow it and fuck everybody in the butt, not that you wanted to defend yourself.
Yes, class conflict would emerge, for the lower classes would be driven by their self-interest to be free. This the reason why I couldn't be agorian, my self-interest demands the overthrowing of the rich, not potentially letting them enslave me.
How could he gain enough power to destroy the ancom society and become a master of all?
I don't want my boypussy to be violated, thank you.

Money is a pretty bad way to exchange what is based upon labor.
then why would people share it if they can just have there own?
Nobody says you can't
No, but you would be able to get them developed and installed, free of charge (money charge) where you think would be beneficial. You can operate them in your home, sure, because you have use-rights to it. However, you do not have possesion-rights, that is, you cannot rent the tools out to be used by others for money, or attempt to dis-configure or damage it without the agreement of others. You seem to mistake "everyone owning everything" must equal "there is only one thing to own", they are not the same; you can have yer own mill to use, someone else can have their own to use.
No problem man. I don't consider libretarians anarchists because in the context of leftism, anarchists refer to those against all forms of hierarchy, the capitalist structure which divides people into horizonal classes being one of those hierarchies. Essentially, even if you remove those that control the system, you still are retaining the structure of the system which allows people to come into power; people will eventually move in to fill in those gaps in the system.

It seems that your agorist society has no solution for potential tyranny and power struggles, which is a pretty big flaw imo. You seem to be defending a flawed system purely out of ideological reasons.
If there is no power gap to fill in, there can be no power.

Yes it is. This is a proud Brocalist board. Welcome

oh what a big mean word
We're proud bros, and proud Socialists. Get the fuck out to your faggot politics. The revolution will show who can resist and who cannot anyway.

All girls school? Never again!

Bro is not a title you can simply use as a general insult.
You can not assign it to every man, just because he said mean things about feminism.

Bro is a title you have to earn through altruism.
Unlike what feminists believe, not every man is a bro, and using the original term of "Bro" here, unfortunately so.

kill yourself pervert

Don't worry I'm into MILFs

tfw you will never crossdress at a all girls school and be lusted after by all the clueless schoolgirls who think their getting into yuri.


Man this thread really devolved into utter shit since I left :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

What so wrong with you guys? I'm embracing the term Brocalism guys not saying it like its a bad thing retards. I wasn't being sarcastic just ironic. They want to call us "Brocalists" for not buying into idpol then we embrace the label. The last bastion of non idpol socialism on the internet.

Kill all whites

Go be stupid somewhere else.

there are even telegram stickers and things like that of chavez and maduro

venezuelans use it

venezuelan life is heavily centered around politics


This sums up the situation.

Full free public education for everyone, mixed gender schools. I can't see how a communist can take a different position.

Everyone should have access to free public education.

However I think it's fucked up that a High School Diploma or GED isn't worth shit these days. How can you fail to prepare young adults for the real world after 12 years of public education? EPIC FAIL! High school should be able to prepare the majority of the population for life. You don't need a University education in order to do most of the jobs out there. University is more about personal growth and it's necessary for only certain professions.


For more on the little-discussed topic of unreflective instrumentalism,

jk good post gomr8