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What would you do, Holla Forums?

Bonus picture i had laying around

Multitrack drifting through 2 and 3.



Root 2 is not for leftypol.

Now.. do we kill a cat or hundreds of "innocents"

Hmm.. what would lenin do? Oh, right! They are not innocents anyway.

Better question, who would kill more people during revolution, Holla Forums or Holla Forums?


Leftypol would have to stop killing eachother before getting to kill other people.

Our kill count would be the exact same number as our active users count.




Fucking 10/10 comrade

Also why the fuck would you ever pick 1? Cat life is worth more than human life.


That's a tram - trams are pretty slow, so you probably just run alongside it, maybe force the door and just stop it from inside.

Even if that's not possible, that cat isn't even tied down or anything, so it will probably just get out of the way.

I'll disagree with you fam.
I can't stick my cock in a cat.

This "animal life is more imporant" is pure new age faggotry.

Well you can, but

Well, this

Also that doesn't a priori make a human's life more valuable than a cat's. I wouldn't fuck probably like 90% of the population.

Did I say "animal" life? No, I said cat life. If it was another animal on there I wouldn't give a fuck :^)


If capitalism dies and socialism/communism takes its place, you'll be remembered as a hero of the revolution, regardless of the headcount. That's how it works. In fact, the "100 gorillions" meme only became a thing after the fall of the USSR. Most people are scant aware of the atrocities committed in the name of establishing or maintaining capitalism.

Has George Washington been regarded as a man who murdered countless Native Americans and Loyalists in order to establish capitalism on the American continent, or as a freedom fighter and father of his nation?

pretty much this
Napoleon is barely criticized for all the deaths he's responsible for because he was ultimately a winner and spread liberalism through europe

The way I see it, the suffering caused by the continuation of capitalism is greater than the kill count. So you're actually decreasing net suffering on track 3.