Somehow child pornography got spliced into one of the frames in Jason's newest video...

Somehow child pornography got spliced into one of the frames in Jason's newest video. It flashes across the screen very quickly half-way through. Take advantage of this and flag it down for child abuse. Let's get MautistRebelNews offline for good. The only reason he doesn't Kurt Cobain is because of his online "prestige" so let's give him a reason to pull the trigger.

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Done. Didn't stipulate a time because you didn't list one.

Jason stop trying to trick us into giving you views.

I guess there were no more money to be made from that sourceā€¦

I was going to give him views anyway, though.

Flagged. Fuck Jason.

I just really need to see this frame. So that I know what I'm reporting.

Well, I downloaded the video, transformed it to serial pictures and scavenged 1 for 1 in look for proofs; there was none.

Yes, I have autism.

Nice try Jason.

Why don't you pull the trigger yourself? In your own head, that is.

No. I'm not perfect, but I have redeeming qualities. Jason has none. Jason has already tried to kill himself like 5 times now. He better just get it over with.

What's up with these ads.

They're extremely cringe-worthy, and pumps are also scams.

the fuck makes you think it'll work a sixth time

Shotgun. Jason's been ODing on pills this whole time, which won't kill his fat ass unless it's the heavy duty shit.

I knew it. What a fucking pussy. He chooses pills. He should grow a pair and an hero like a real man next time.

You would know.

Don't give this prick any views. He lives off his youtube channel.

Nah m8 ur mum seems pretty satisfied with my dick as-is

newfag here, who is Jason?

A maotist who makes money from YT and tries to maximize profit, while being a joke.

mfw Unruhe FINALLY makes a video about ACTUAL Maoist rebel news.