Mkv or mp4 or webm?

mkv or mp4 or webm?

mkv always.


Jar or peanutbutter or honey?

Are you implying those three aren't all containers? Because that's wrong.

vp9 inside a mp4 container


What is so bad about mp4?

Doesn't support opus/vorbis.


What's the worst? mov, wmv, 3gp, flv or mpeg.

Why doesn't everyone just use mkv for everything ?

webm is just a gimped mkv.

webm is basically mkv right?


daala is looking pretty dank tbh

but will probably be cucked by av1

Because mkv is a generic container format that doesn't specify what formats the a/v streams should be.

It's based on mkv, forgot if it's an actual subset though. Difference is that it requires video streams to be VP8/9 and audio to be Theora/Opus.

it is.

Theora is not an audio codec, there should be Vorbis

what do you mean? daala doesn't have any wives.

you are mixing apples with oranges
what is worse, a video codec or a media container?

but anyway, wmv is the worst crap here.

webm is shit because it's a shittier subset of MKV that only supports two audio codecs and two video codecs

mp4 is ok, mkv is superior

Are you buttfuck retarded? Good luck getting browsers to support an infinite amount of codecs in your brand new container. WebM has taken time to catch on as it is.

A bit on the nose, innit?