"Hitler was a Socialist"

I know we probably get this one every month or so, but can we make a thread with all the info disproving the bullshit "Hitler was a socialist" claim for all the fuckers who never took a history lesson in their lives?

Infographs too pls

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thanks gomrade, I'm making a list of links and info for it




did you read the second quote? it proves that Hitler was a capitalist who purged the left wing faction of the party.

alright thanks comrades, I'm almost done with the superpage for all the info proving Hitler was a capitalist

May not be worth including, but here



More proof the better, It's definitely a good way to show incentives.
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The nazis killed all the socialists or sent them to camps. Why would you need more "arguments".

Yeah also this

Yeah I got that.
Because "muh in socialists nature to be authoritarian and sectarian"


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> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregor_Strasser
Ctrl f business, Hitler was in bed with corporations
Is two times on there (13. and 29.)

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Appeal to authority edition

This argument is so tired and old.

It's like libertarians arguing that criticism of capitalism is without merit because taxes, welfare and a lack of pure laissez-faire competition.

Get over your orthodoxy. It was a form of socialism. Just like Stalins Russia was a form of socialism, though most sane people would abhor choosing either as an example to be replicated.

Please, I'm fucking begging you. Either read up on some theory or get out of here. The last thing this board needs is more morons tarnishing it's image.

Like every masochist, you skillfully play the role of the unwilling victim

Ok. The Nazis still weren't socialists though unless you think socialism just means a party-dictatorship where the government does a lot of stuff in the economy.

USSR was socialist in a few things, like guaranteed housing, education, healthcare, etc. Those are things common to social democratic countries, but production for utility with central planning is socialist. The majoritty of production in the economy (I think, someone prove me wrong if I'm wrong) however was for sale on the market for profit, i.e. not socialist

Public housing, education and healthcare are not socialist.


You can sell things on a market for profit; that doesn't make it capitalist. Socialism is control over the means of production, which was all but absent in the Soviet economy after the last collectivized farms were uprooted in the '40s/'50s.


Off the top of my head, Spain only managed to be anarchist for three years and Venezuela didn't do so well under Chavez.

Please stop posting this. It's artifacted JPEG levels of shit.

Tito is probably the best example on there, though.

At least post the updated version.

WTF? Useful Idiot made that quote? Everyone tries to attribute it to Hitler.

Did you have a point to that post, besides being wrong on half of your points and the other half being irrelevant?

It's countering the "all socialism is Stalinism in practice" meme.

I know, I just think it's a terrible example of 'working' socialism, as two of the leaders didn't even establish self management and two more had their reforms crushed in less than a year. I see it often posted outside of here to argue against 'but socialism doesn't work!' rather than 'socialism always leads to stalinism, you don't want to kill 600 GORILLION, DO YOU?!', which makes my balls hurt.