Essential Marxist/Leftist reading?

What does /leftypo/ consider to be essential reading? I've wanted to dive into Marx, but I've heard one needs to understand Hegel first, but unfortunately I'm a fucking retard.

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why are you so buttfrustrated? Western philosophy starts with the Greeks, faggot. Discipline yourself and go read.


I have the Very Short Introduction to Marx by Peter Singer.

Start at the greeks. Then, after 30 years, you can finally read the Communist Manifesto.

Thanks for the sources! I appreciate it a lot, especially since I have a very base level of Marxism/Philosophy

The philosophy list in won't even take long. I got the books on Library Genesis. The sections on the Greeks are no more than 200 pages altogether. Just do it.




You could understand Western philosophy perfect without reading anything written before 1500. And if you're going to read the Greeks, you should stick to the basics. Pre-Socratics? Really? Historical curiosities.

Seriously, if you want to understand modern political philosophy there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't start with Leviathan and never look back.

but how could you possibly understand Marx without understanding Zeno's paradox of motion?


I think you're just mad and a little insecure that you haven't read any of the Greeks yet. Even if it isn't vital to Marx's work, understanding the history of Western philosophy is still useful–especially if you're reading more modern Western philosophy. It's a very long and complex conversation. You shouldn't butt in near the ending and expect to understand everything.

Thanks for the psychoanalysis, doc.

what? the Greeks are more important to understanding modern than medieval philosophy?

Come to >>>/freedu/ there's a whole bunch of material there, reading lists and beginner's texts etc.

Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Man by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Its not very long I promise.

This is a good introductory selection for Marx & Engels

Don't listen to people telling you you need to read every last thinker that influenced Marx or you'll never get to Marx in the first place.

I find myself posting these a lot.

Is nice and short