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Explain this Holla Forums.

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How can you explain the truth?

Soviet education policies, and the great Russian minds before the revolution were part of the wealthy classes.
Sage for eternal racebaiting thread we've refuted a thousand times.

Modern Russians and modern Africans aren't really comparable, since Africa has been a shit hole for over four centuries due to colonialist pillaging, etc. And when they do try to get their shit together (in a limited capacity), like Gaddafi did with Libya and Pan-Africanism, Shillary and the gang decide to level the entire country.

I think it would be much more meaningful to see how Africans and blacks who grew up in first world countries would compare, to see how elastic black people's "IQ scores" can be. I go to a university in Canada and I see Africans all the time. They just seem like any other kind of people, although they tend to be more rambunctious, but that's probably just a cultural thing. They are just as able as any other group of people. Besides, IQ tests themselves are pretty limited in their scopeā€¦

You've been watching too much Stefan Molyneux, OP.

Funny, actually, since I see a lot of people on nationalist forums claim that slavs have lower IQ than West Europe. Additionally, its funny to say that Russian contributions were made by descendants of serfs, considering how
Kropotkin was a noble prince
Solzhenitsyn was from an intellectual Cossack family
Lenin came from a well-educated boug family
Tolstoy was the son of a count (who was one of the first to free the serfs, props to him)
Kasporov, the chess master reknowned for his genius, is Azerbajani and family never lived under serfdom (and also half Jew!)

the only exception I can think of is Chekov, whose grandfather bought his family out of serfdom

to add, the inventor of the electric tram was the son of a Cossack physician, Pavlov who discovered classical conditioning came from a family of preists, as did Alexander Stepanovich Popov who independently invented the radio. Sikorsky who designed the helicopter was of Polish and Russian noble descent, Zworykin who invented the television belonged to a family of wealthy merchants, as was Stoletev who practically invented the field of electricity.
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Please get your "great chain of racial being" in order before you try to attack established scientific ideas.

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They skipped 3 and 4.

How ironic that you put Russians in a favorable light when it fits your needs, but call them sub-humans any other time.


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Here is some stuff about blacks in america.

First picture is Governor George Wallace attempts to block the enrollment of black students at the University of Alabama.

The rest of them are pretty self-explanatory, and these pictures are from 1930 to 1960.
You guys wanted to feel so special you made separate theaters, WCs, residential areas and whatnot, there's tons of information about this racial segration, just try to read a little bit and stop with your scientific racism bullshit.

Whereas in Soviet Union, there was a campaign called likbez, meaning "elimination of illiteracy".
It started in 1920s and by the 1950s, with a stable education system and an entire generation that had at least completed some form of lower level education, the Soviet Union had reached a literacy rate of 100%.
That is where you fucking failed, and are blaming others.
Always been like that, it's the blacks, it's the reds, it's the homos, it's the mexicans. You and your kinds are the cancer of this world that needs to be gulag'd.

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soviet union reduced illiteracy rate to 0%, the serfs were educated

Comprehensive answer, comrade

Death to the class-divisive Nazi cucks

The differences in intelligence scores has gone down over the decades, as proven by Flynn and Dickens. There is also no empirical genetic evidence of these racial differences, even though we have substantial insight into genetic ancestry and the hereditary origins of racial features like facial appearance and skin tone, the latter being an actual adaptive trait, so the j00s must not be hiding their secret nigger science very well.

Stormfags are good at triggering liberals, but not quite at disproving them, and these same liberals are often New Age anti-science hippies to boot. Only evidence they have is century old drawings of skulls with the occasional butthurting over Gould

Also what does this have to do with socialism exactly?

>implying that Russians were qua Russians, in their own society, systematically held back from getting an education or otherwise held back socially or economically aside from their shit-tier feudal society obviously, which affected everyone regardless of race

Look up Willhelm Anton Amos and how he debunked Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" and "Theory of Moral Sentiments" along with WEB Dubois who talked about how much racism cost America, particularly with how uneducated white people were the main ones in the textile industries with their kids until black women told them how crazy it was that they fix looms.

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Always and forever the guy claiming to be 'objectively correct' is claiming the ABSOLUTE IRREFUTABILITY of an extremely refutable position.

Serfdom is extremely similar to, but very definitely different from slavery.

So the material relations of these groups to their environment is still markedly different.

Not least, the black african brought to america is deracinated- you support hitler, you should know what that means- uprooted, the familiar structures broken. While the russian serfs, downtrodden as they were, at least still came from their home land and could enjoy some sense of community. As a nazi, you should well aware of the crucial factor that is a strong, cohesive community based on family relations.

Based pics, tbh

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Pretty funny since Germans historically heavily mixed with Slavs

Poltards are just eternally butthurt about losing WWII

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Russian people had fast transition from backward peasants to the leaders of science and technology thanks to Lenin and his revolution :^)

A difference of three points at most when controlling for socioeconomic conditions is virtually nothing.

Both are directly descended from the same people who lived in the area now called Ukraine and Crimea thousands of years ago.

This could literally be one of those epic "sweaty man has a hard time making decisions" maymays