Post examples of communism being tried

post examples of communism being tried.

Ill start with the violence on venezuela(USER WAS SENT TO SIBERIA FOR THIS POST)

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Remember CNN editing footage to make it look like Chavez supporters fired on opposition demonstrators? Yeah the amount of lying going on is mindboggling.


Medieval Europe. Millions upon millions of whites were slaughtered, by murder squads, to starvation, to forced abortion, to bioterrorism.

Uhhhhh….what the fuck?

ignore Satanposter (or someone pretending to be her)

Christianity is a program designed to prep the population for Communism, so both function pretty much the same. It drove people into poverty, stamped out their native religions, and used the inquisition like the Soviets used the NKVD and KGB, as death squads. As for forced abortion, the church officials would often impose "celibacy months", and if they found someone got pregnant during that time, they would kill the baby. The population of Europe dropped by 50%, and had the church succeeded in using non-white immigration then we might not be here at all.

But it's a new level of retardation; claiming the Black Plague was bioterrorism by the Jews.

It was in response to the pagan resurgencies of the 1300's and the threat of Mongolian paganism revitalizing native European beliefs. Notice how there were almost no Jewish casualties, and the Jewish dominated territory of Poland was completely free of disease. Hell, even the common peasants, who were still largely pagan at the time, realized this. Church authorities tried to stop "Jew hunts" because the Jews were the ones in control of the church

Designing a religion to prep for a political movement 1,800 years ahead of time, impressive.

Communism existed long before Karl Marx

Are you the real Satanposter or just joking?

Aldo's, primitive communism is hardly the same thing as scientific socialism.


The real one obviously. Who else can conjure up crap like this:

Do you see anyone else using the Satan flag? I dont think so.

I'm not talking about "primitive societies" you idiot. Most bronze age and iron age civilizations were Not Socialist, and Atlantis was a Nazi state with Satan as its priest king. Communism means state control of resources for the benefit of the Jewish population, and Jews only came into existence around 6000 years ago. There are statues of reptilians in Sumeria around that time period depicting them.

Does Nazism increase your mama pool?

Also, would you regard magic missile as a Nazi or Jewish spell?

*mana pool

*mana pool

I can't decide if this is autism or paranoid schizophrenia, but either way please keep posting, it's entertaining

Rolled 3, 4 + 6 = 13 (2d20)

Neither of the above, though I assume autism would certainly apply to those who can only roleplay in response to arguments

Well then what is it? Clearly, you have something going on.

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I cast Arcane Barrier

ur the one that started the rp bro

i hope your satan gets eaten by the birds from commie-christ

And I'm the one who's going to stop it!

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I'm perfectly normal, thanks

nice trips m8

You can lie to yourself, but it's painfully obvious to the rest of us that something is up with you.

Your one to talk, posting fucking cartoon characters

You really don't understand board culture very well, do you?

You have just posted cartoon porno:

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fuck off lad

You could at least acknowledge that your beliefs are, at the very least, highly unorthodox.

Yeah, they were all evil bourgeois criminals, comrade, especially Bassil Da Costa and Kluivert Roa. ¡Patria, socialismo o muerte! ¡Venceremos!


Let us get another look at them titties.

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Ok fam.

any proof?

Why Trump supporters are so focused on cuckold porn, that they even start drawing it?

Maybe they are secretly into it?

That's not "cartoon porno", that is a depiction of Satan and Lilith. Compared to the shit you post, it's art

They were very orthodox for a long time, even in the middle ages before knowledge was completely wiped out

So it's cartoon porn.


Please don't bully me ;__;

Competently drawn depictions of fully clothed, innocent kids who go on fun and silly adventures are more indicative of mental illness than deviantart-tier porno shit of nude Satanic Nazi Atlanteans? What a strange opinion.

Awfully convenient for you, isn't it fam


I lost.

First off, it's a fucking Disney Channel show, that shit's like for five year olds. Secondly, this is NOT PORN. It is art featuring the gods, who commonly appear naked at times. And what is so wrong with the human body? Most ancient civilizations had a habit of going about in the near nude at times, and nobody batted an eye until Christianity reared its ugly head and made people ashamed of their bodies.

Fine then, if you want something more "high art", how about this. This is a picture of Lilith from the Renaissance era. As you can see, she is naked. Is this now porn?

Enjoy your all-expenses-paid vacation courtesy of the totalitarian communist State!

If you were the one to draw that autistic cartoon porn you should probably kill yourself for being a talentless cunt.

And yes of course it's porn, why do you think people bought it?

Not that there's anything wrong with this

Talking of which given your style of drawing you'd probably fit in better at tumblr

This is deviantart-tier work m80. You should be ashamed of your inept edginess.

Both of those pictures were drawn by different Satanists, not by me. I have some Satanic art of my own, but I dont feel like uploading it, since you likely wouldn't understand its beauty.

If it was deviantart, it would be some shitty pony or whatever baby crap lefties these days are into, I guess Disney now judging by earlier posts

Last I checked there are far more Nazi ponyfags and furfags then there are lefty pony/furfags.

If by "not understand it's beauty" you mean call it for being the trash it is you would be right.

Bestiality is the will of the gods grimfag.

You think the renaissance was in the 19th century, somehow I doubt you know what John Collier's religion was

Why do you fear judgement?

tru tbhbbqfam, fuggin lefty degenerates trying to disavow the will of Baphoment that humans lay with goats and snakes

Whatever, I dont care where it comes from, it's Satanic regardless. Many painters from the 15th and 16th century realized Christianity was a hoax and conveyed it in their paintings, often showing things like UFOs blatantly hovering over the Nazarene.

Keep telling yourself that. Every brony I've met is a liberal hippie who's usually at least 200 pounds

Now do we really have to go over the whole "liberals != leftists" thing?

"A liberal is merely a Communist who has encountered opposition"

- Beelzebub

Are you rusing me right now?

We should just fuck Satan-chan. I hear hatefucking is pretty great.

I think I'm going to trust a deity over a bunch of neckbeards on an imageboard, thank you very much

What is the point of this image?

I'm gonna need sauce on that quote m8

You can always summon him yourself. The instructions are on the Joy of Satan website

Massive waste of time, his beelzebub would just disagree with your beelzebub anyway

Kek. Bunch of fedora tippers calling themselves Satanists in order to be edgy. Never mind the fact that LaVey was Jewish and admitted to being in service to Jewhovah before his death

I don't really see why any demons would be in favor of Nazism. It seems to me like they'd be above anything as petty as political ideologies, and would most resemble Stirnerite egoists. And if this post is referencing the sect of Satanism that the site you mentioned subscribes to, then whatever summonings you've done are pure bullshit and a product of some kind of psychosis most likely. All Satanists know that LaVeyan Satanism is just a secular, bastardized form of egoism dressed up to look like Satanism for the mundanes.

Also, crazy chicks are great in bed too. Come on Satan-chan, surely you're not so spooked by your ideology that you would turn down some hot, angry sex with a filthy nihilist degenerate. Give in to your carnal desires like a true Satanist.>Exposing the Emerald Empire

kek had the board's subtitle highlighted

They are Nazis because that's how the Nordic society functions on their home planet. Many other liberated star systems have the same form of government. Nazism is more than a political ideology, it is a spirituality and way of life, a way of seeing the beauty in gentile gods and culture. Besides, Stirner would call Satan a "spook" since he's too devoted to Communism or whatever to realize the truth, and is probably Jewish himself.


Seriously, you'e a hippy?

Do you own patchooli oil or whatever it's called?


I love how every time I btfo you with evidence you just post memes. Look, I gave you the resources to find the answer, but I cant hold your hand the whole way. You're going to have to summon a demon if you want further detail.

tbh it'd be pretty dank if that shit was real so I might just try it for the fuck of it, but honestly your sources aren't even slightly credible so unless some demons actually come tell me that they're from a distant Nazi planet I'm going to have to continue to laugh at you.

But my offer for some no-strings-attached hatefucking remains open ;^)

Yeah, I aint going near your micro dick, but thanks for trying. I cant help you if you refuse to do your own research

Forget these guys, they just can't understand there's a whole world outside their locked down ironclad ideological bubble of communism.

Do you have any reading material to recommend for someone like me to get started on this?

There's lots of literature I'd recommend for someone getting started. First and foremost, I'd recommend you'd read the Black Book of Satan, dictated in the 12th century by a Yezidi prophet. Other books, such as The 12th Planet, The Lost Book of Enki, The Dark Side of Christian History, and Enochian Magic are also good starters, being introductions to magical workings to a history of Satan and the other gods to a look into how much Christianity has killed over the years. A full list of Satanic books can be found here

Thanks, looks like I've got a lot of reading to do.

You do know, that Satan was a communist rebel that went on strike when God refused the angels the fruits of their labor, right?

The Bible story is a complete lie, God does not exist. You are under a powerful delusion my friend

Dont sweat it too much right now, that's just recommended stuff. I'd recommend you first look at the Joy of Satan website if you want primary information, and use the books as additional references

Hey now that's not fair, you don't know a damn thing about what I look like or my dick. And let's be honest here: The only thing you've posted so far that maybe would pass as credible evidence for your position is summoning a demon and getting them to confirm your narrative. And if I decide to go to that source and find that the instructions for summoning a demon don't even work - which I suspect, but who knows - then you'll have to admit that your beliefs are completely wrong and that you probably are schizophrenic. Right?

And I mean, hypothetically-speaking, if you were physically attracted to me (no bully pls), why wouldn't you be down to fuck? Sounds to me like you're actually a prudish Nazi bitch cosplaying as a Satanist.

I'm pretty sure that Satan-chan would reject the Biblical Satan for being a Jewish bastardization of the ancient extraterrestial god-being who is known by many other names, or some shit like that.

So because I have sex I'm not allowed to have standards? No thanks, I already have plenty of dick, both human and Nordic, available when I want it.

I am in no way schizophrenic, as I and hundreds of thousands of others have used the methods I've listed and gotten results. If you find that you aren't getting any, there are probably enemy beings interfering with your ability to communicate with demons, in which case I recommend you dedicate your soul to Satan to protect yourself.

top kek, so you are a prude after all

There are millions of crazy people in the world, so that wouldn't surprise me at all even if it were true - which I also doubt.

But let's not diverge off into quibbling about statistical bullshit, because you've just revealed yet another hole in your reasoning: If your methods for attaining evidence for your position don't work, it's because you just aren't committed enough to believing that the methods do, in fact, work. And in order for the methods to work, you need to just believe hard enough in them until they do in fact work.

Or is logic just another Jewish machination?

Oh, by the way: That kind of reasoning is called circular reasoning.

I know that already!
The universe is a simulation, created by beings living in the 10th/0th dimension, and paralel universes are other simulations running simultaneously.
And it doesn't matter, since we cannot escape the simulation, neither do we know if our Data will be transfered into a new simulation.

Also, atheistic satanism is just Hedonism X Ideology.

But I'm not attracted to you, otherwise I might actually consider it. Do you like handcuffs by any chance?

And no, it's not about not being committed so much as lack of spiritual knowledge. You have to look hard the first time around, but keep up and you will indeed get something. Looking actively for results though wont help you out

doesn't matter post tits

But how do you know you're not? And I haven't tried them before

Call it whatever you want, spiritual knowledge or the more secular commitment-to-a-method, but basically what it sounds like to me is that you're stipulating that your position requires some kind of confirmation bias. You need to delve into the texts and try summoning demons many times before you're able to actually produce results, once you no longer are searching for results but are rather taking part in a kind of spiritual journey that happens to also lead to getting results.

Or, in other words, your position requires faith in it, which some might call a very convenient justification for a reactionary ideology.


It's hardly conformation bias. I had an atheist friend try this sort of thing out, and he ended up with big results. Not the results he wanted of course, given his terrified reaction the next day, but he certainly got something. And this was someone who was a firm unbeliever in anything beyond the material realm. So yeah, this stuff works whether you believe in it or not, but most of the time you have to have a certain degree of spiritual sensitivity. I can have some demons that I've grown close with materialize physically.

Mmmm, well, I happen to love handcuffs and other forms of light bondage on my person. Cuff my hands behind my back and fuck me silly

I'm not sure if I believe you but it sounds interesting enough that I would maybe try it to see what happens. Though if nothing happened I'd assume that it's because it's just some /fringe/-tier nonsense and that it doesn't have anything to do with me being spiritually sensitive - considering that I don't know what it would mean to be spiritually sensitive or how one would even gauge that.

I'm open to most things. I'd be down.

It is good, but I don't think my gf would like it if I fucked a crazy nazi and I'd be worried satan-chan would ram her Dave Mustaine vibrator up my ass or something.

I'd be down for that. Used to do some freaky violent shit with my crazy ex. You might also like that I'm norse-gaelic. That's close to aryan master race right?

leftypol/satan-poster gangbang when?

Comr8s pls. By "we" I meant Satan-chan and I :^)


You and I both know it's a risk I need to take.

Ok man, just beware the Dave Mustaine vibrator it's speed is the only thing the Jews can't control.

You'll probably get satanic AIDS or something tbh fam, but if you record the experience for science maybe your sacrifice would be worth it

The path to glory is paved with many trials. Plus that'd be breddy metal at least.

If Satan-chan is down I'll record our kinky Nazi cosplay BDSM sex for future generations of Holla Forums memers.

It will be the ultimate unity of opposites - the sublation of anarcho-nihilism and occult Satanic Nazism embodied in a sex tape that the Revolution needed.

I'm perfectly normal you c-cuck!!

Dat first picture

On the topic of Venezuela, does anyone have an analysis of their current economic crisis? My friend is memeing that this is "yet another failure of socialism," but tbh I know jack shit about the Venezuelan economy.