Why aren't you nationalists Holla Forums...

Why aren't you nationalists Holla Forums? Why would you be opposed to the creation of a workers state that protects the native population from third world immigration that depresses wages?

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Turd Positionist Thread of the Day.

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in the short term we are.. we're just not autistic enough to believe in the false dichotomy of "Open vs. Closed Borders", you can have steady immigration from filling in certain skill shortages, marriage, returns, etc, and still maintain your social programs and shit. Its not fucking hard, too bad people like you don't have any sense of subtlety or nuance and have to sperg out all the time.

Also because being a "nationalist" is spooky and nationalism is spooky, the nation-state just exists, it doesn't deserve to be praised or mystified, only captured and used to serve the will of the sovereign.

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not OP, but what do you anons think of using nationalism as a tool to achieve socialism? something similar to what the Kurds are doing

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It should.

And what the kurds are doing (creating a nation) is different from what the nazis are doing (considering an existing nation supreme and in need of protection agains minor nations) … .. rather … what the US is doing… IMPERIALISM!

Writing an article on it for bunkermag (maybe), it has its merits and its issues.

Why should I have solidarity with someone who has completely different cultural aims than I do?
You can practically blame the fact that Sanders didn't get elected on the fact that Blacks and Latinos voted against him because they'd prefer liberal democracy over any other alternative. (even if it's social democracy, it was still a step in the right direction.)
As long as you have different ethnic groups trying to live together in one society there can be no real solidarity. Just the fact that they all happen to be proles isn't enough. I'm all in favor of liberating other nations, I'm just not in favor of assimilating them.
You can even see this in Europe with the influx of Muslim immigrants who are opposed to secular values and would rather turn the continent into a barbaric caliphate.

untenable in the long term given globally integrated economy and mobility of capital

It is a misnomer to call it "Left-Nationalism", ultimately its more a form of "Sovereignism" if you'd like, a collective people willing to institute a state that governs and protects them from imperial interests, know what I mean?

But yeah, ideologically speaking, the PKK and Rojava are not really nationalist, read "Democratic Confederalism" by Ocalan.

We have this thread every week, and you guys make the same points every single time, and then I bring out the same studies I've bookmarked just in case, so how about you go and look through the catalog and read those threads maybe?

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Why is this not bumplocked yet?

is a colony of the capital. Regardless how nationalist the nationstate may present itself, it serves to the same extent the capitalist
processes of exploitation. There is no other explanation for the horrible redistribution wars of the capitalist modernity. Thus the nation-state is not with the common people – it is an enemy of
the peoples.
calling the kurds nationalist isn't accurate to their positions. Ocalan argues against nationalism in his manifesto.

Nationalism can be best seen in the NCR from fallout.
At first it was cool, and protected a certain area..
Then it started expanding to protect itselft…
And then it became the monster it was fighting.

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Its arguable, though I cannot see Ireland or Rojava going that way to be honest.

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a porky is a porky is a porky, regardless of race, nationality, or culture. learn2classwar nazi faggot.

Yes, because there are other nations that ban them for expanding.

Unlike the established empires.

We are more like New Vegas era, and Rojava is more like goodsprings..
Ireland though is more like New Vegas, since it has been established and is less likely to seize existing.

Except I'm in favor of removing all porkies, regardless of their race. Did you even read my posts?

You know, the more i sit on Holla Forums, the more i came into conclusion that this board itself is already filled with people who have turd position on popular political questions.

Socialism, when done by smart people, doesn't crumble into sexual fantasies of immoral savages, neither it does support nationalization of everything. If you get rid of all jewish exploiters, like Holla Forums wants, but they will be replaced by white exploiters, you won't achieve anything.

Immigration is there to do demoralization and create disturbance in the world. What is going on is that one mafia of businessmen clashes with another, because both of them want public support. White porkies want to become more rich than jewish porkies, so they invest into radicalization of the right to take rights of jewish bankers away. Jewish porkies want liberalization to benefit their market made for liberal capitalists and fanatical equality chasers. Neither of them are good people, this is just fight between two world largest political mafias. Both of them hate communism and wold advertise against any kind of smart socialist practices. What doesn't benefit them, becomes their enemy.

Its an economical warfare. And if any socialist leader would came up with idea of destroying them all, the entire world would stand up against him. Too bad communism ended up producing tyrants who abolished the simplest fundamental things in communism and started exploiting whole countries on massive scale, instead of actually listening to Marx and Engels.

The game is rigged. And your destiny is already in hands of global corporations. You either realize that already, start educating people and standing up against the entire world, or you die being milked like a cattle.



There's nothing wrong with wages as long as business are replaced with worker owned cooperatives. Anything else will just result in a bureaucratic mess.

Cooperatives and ban of external .. . .hmmm .. isn't this True Korea X Tito?

It seems like the turd position you are talking about is just continue being capitalist. Just kill all today's porkies and replace them with completely new ones.


You don't understand the meme. National bolsheviks such as him use nazi and soviet symbolic at the same time to look cool.

Correct! You're a good little worker, aren't you? Now please, it's time to join the Heer and go die for Krupp's fortune- errr I mean the fatherland!