Holla Forums likes Stalin?

Holla Forums likes Stalin?

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Nice trap tbh
polite sage

mods can we ban this shitposting bucko already?

Everyone who posts here with nazi flag is a retard.

Holla Forums are big fans of historical "strongmen".

Yeah I was really confused Holla Forums Actually likes Stalin and North Korea What the fuck!



Holla Forums likes when people make themselves into gods and exploit entire countries. Its their fetish. Hitler is a messiah of germany, Trump is god emperor of mankind, and so on.

Stalin had his own cult of personality, and in north korea there is cult of personality too. Both of them aren't real communism, but crypto-fascism in pure form. Its because Holla Forums is huge fan of religious idols and Stalin with Lenin made a religion out of political ideology. So there you have it, primitive obedience to strong leaders.

In north korea few years ago a girl died saving a portrait of Kim Jong Il. She drowned during flood. They praised her "heroic" behavior instead of abolishing such practices.

I don't see why Holla Forums wouldn't like him

may you give me permission to save screen cap your post?

It's fucking awesome.

Okay, but here's to your attention what Holla Forumsack replied to me on that matter, when we had debate on this. TL;DR "Its okay when we do it".

I bet he thought that sounded so smart

at least it's good that they're not pretending to be reasonable and fair anymore.

Another way of saying "please stop saying that, I can't argue against it".

Underrated post

Bumping with this, I hope we can expand this discussion, lets see if a Tankie comes up.


OP, that's not how you link to the posts on other boards
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Oh wow not OP here but that's magic.

Stalin wuz a good boi, he ebin meme nuffin. He wuz training to be a priess erry Sunday wid his mudda!

It's been so long since I visited the chans I actually forgot when I made the thread.

Why do we have flags for graphics APIs now?

It's far easier just to copy and paste the URL though.

thx Holla Forums.

It's often funny how they think the USSR and Stalin was jew-run, considering how Stalin purged the NKVD of all Jews and replaced them with Georgians

Stalin did nothing wrong. 18/44!


Wasn't it 46/11 tho

but not dank enough. also, you just need to add >>> instead of 8ch.net/board/res, how is that hard?