Thoughts on this man and his ideas?

thoughts on this man and his ideas?

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He likes black dick and sodomy, basically a leftypol in denial.

Attention whoring faggot and a useless cunt
he makes me want to strangle him with a piano wire while listening to the internationale so I'd say he's successful at being an IRL shitposter

Literally who?

To live is to suffer

one of the greatest thinkers of this country

Literally who?

A standard reactionary who people listen to solely because he is attracted to men rather than women.

Milo Yiannopolous, or at least his popularity, is evidence of everything wrong with modernity. By claiming oppression points, he's given credibility to spout vitriol.

lol gaize look at me i'm a conservative AND i like nigger cock x) real girl gamer

Occasionally says something against SJWs which is accurate.
Often says things against SJWs which are retarded
Never says anything worthwhile outside of this tiny corner of whining that seems to be almost exclusively on university campuses and the internet.

He's really riding the anti-SJW gravy train to early retirement. He and CHS are so obvious the Anita and Zoe of the alt-right, it's hilarious Holla Forumstards and GGers don't get how they're being used. Also,

Literally this

Oh, you mean the faggot, who also happens to be gay, that rides on the anti-sjw right wing train, and gets pol's mony, even though he is even less fun than sargon?


Shameless opportunist. Also a huge hypocrite when he ridicules bad journalism.

he's an opportunist bizarro SJW. not worth giving any attention.

also this

This I won't stand for however.

He is very cute and hilarious, apart from that he's wrong about practically everything ever.

Definitely not the best of advocates for ethical journalism that gamergate could have picked for Airplay. It's still a shame that William Usher didn't go.


Christina Hoff Sommers. a feminist who works for the American Enterprise Institute and jumped on the #GG bandwagon.
Conservatives like her i guess because she shit talks sjws.

Agree with some of his social views (he points out the insanity of SJWs, feminists, etc.), but he really believes in the "survival of the fittest" and "every man for himself" Social Darwinism which shapes his free market capitalist views. I totally disagree with that philosophy because people are only competitive if external pressures in the system they live in force and reward that behavior. Capitalism fosters ruthless, violent and deceitful competition.


She is the proof of "Why the right - left is about economics and not social issues".

A pretty public face for nationalists and traditionalists and Breitbart's token gay. Pretends that opposing college freshmen is intellectually rigorous to sell books to morons.

This man desperately tries to fight the beast his own faggotry culture have caused. Most perverted parasites came from adoring homosexuality first. Right winged sexual deviant, who's sexual fantasy is to make perversions more conservative is just immoral retard with no dignity, nor respect for mistreated people who suffered because of class struggle.

He is indeed dangerous propagandist who is against morality and socialism. Best way to get rid of him is to put his values to shame everywhere.

Holla Forums pls leave

And you need to grow up, that disagreeing with big bad boy Holla Forums on every single subject including peeing standing or continue being a human is not going to work.

Holla Forums pls leave

Narcisist, Nigger lover, Faggot, that promotes the Supremacist Altright there is a special place for him in the Gulag.


Just Kidding man.
I put it on for Triggering purposes.

tbh I feel like Freedom isn't for everybody, the majority people are just too stupid to be running around by themselves, but I answer to no god no government and no master.

so you're a libertarian

what is his position on his own sexuality? he's gay but he's against gay marriage and (I'm assuming) "degeneracy" in general. how does he justify it? is he into conversion therapy?

Insufferable attention whore who should kill himself (and probably will after Clinton beats Trump, not that Clinton shouldn't also kill herself)

AFAIK he prefers for gay men to continue to be transgressive rather than integrating into polite society via "heteronormative" institutions like marriage. Also given he's Catholic, probably something something raising children. Dunno about what he thinks of conversion therapy - probably not supportive from what I understand. He's entertaining but I don't really follow him closely.

Yeah and Nope, I would like to watch every state fall apart, but just look at Holla Forums for example, they claim to be red pilled, self aware individuals, yet they are still waiting for the arrival of a new authoritarian messiah. I'm not opposed to people discovering Anarchy and it's various ramifications, but just don't mess with my property.

yep he said he was molested by a Catholic priest and he liked it.

Yeah because he is a Catholic.

Religious beliefs Catholicism.

Probably but he just loves black dick.

Who the hell is this faggot?

Are you retarded?

a white supremacist Faggot.

Narcissist, clueless about economics, history and anthropology, has a history of unethical journalism and business practices. Probably a pedophile too.

He's a professional provocateur. That's about it.

Jesus Christ. Honestly, one of the main reasons I'm interested in anarchism is to get away from the "some people are just stupid, and if they had no masters they'd all jump of or a cliff or something amirite?" shtick. I mean seriously. That part of your post reads like a justification for slavery


Black Flag poster made it pretty clear recently in one of his threads that he has absolutely no idea what anarchism is.


When did I mentioned slavery?

mfw I don't relate with Ancaps
mfw I don't relate with Ancoms
mfw I don't relate with AwA
mfw I don't relate with Anprims

Feels… maybe I am an Anrcho-Authoritarian after all.

Feels like contradictions are overflowing to a point where you might end up killing yourself.

Maybe you are just a faggot.

Naah I don't trouble myself with those thought any more, but I like being honest, I just want freedom for myself, fuck the rest of the world.

I keep telling you, libertarianism sounds like the ideology for you.

Or neoliberalism

I cant stand the Libertarians and Ancaps in Holla Forums

I like the Agorists, Mutualists and Transhumanists tho.

most of them hang around in this board.

mfw Holla Forums hates me because I hate the Nazis and Altright.
mfw Holla Forums hates me because, I think people are too stupid to be running around by themselves.

Everyone should have freedom within specific limits. But its not freedom to do things ruining our free society or shilling against socialism.

He does this?

On the downside, he's a conventional rightist with all the tedious talking points that entails (capitalism is democracy, socialism is Bolshevism, global warming doesn't exits, rich people are nice, war still makes sense, etc…). But, these views are so common and unremarkable that his holding them poses no great threat.

On the upside, he is one of the most brilliant IRL shitposting attention whores, live debaters, free speech anti-PC crusaders, and stalwart anti-pomo rationalists I've seen. His ability to smoothly blend hard facts, outrageous provocation, and charismatic audience appeals in the service of freedom and logic makes him the perfect trolling pundit we need.

Years of edgy-but-safe comic pundits of the Comedy Central flavor have dulled our ability to withstand PC, allowing libtards to fester in our midst. We need people like Milo and MDE out there, trolling and trolling until the left grows thick enough skin to think about actual political issues instead of constantly being distracted by affected outrage about the latest omigawd offensive nonissue.

She's funded by the kochs, you moron. She deserves to die.

Didn't Shapiro leave Breitbart because even conservatives think the alt-right are faggots?

He's a horrible opportunity but he's still a qt (no sodom)

Milo practices exactly the same kind of emotional manipulation as the people he's nominally against.

Attention-seeking whore who's jealous of black guys getting white girls.

Cmon, CHS is far better than Milo. She held her ideas long before GG started and she has actual academic credentials. When debating she actually makes points unlike Milo who simply aims at making a shitshow for the audience. Despite being funded by conservatives she hardly ever addresses stuff outside of feminism and she made some decent points about men's rights.

Politely disagree, I can't stand Milo on most topics but i gotta admit he brings some serious entertainment value.

Conservatives aka (cuckservatives) to the Altright. are scared shitless, because a new wave of neonazis are starting to hatch, conservatives might be retrograde caveman's, but they too are scared of the altright.

Ben shapiro being jew, is obviously scared of them, he has witnessed that a lot of trump supporters, are aligning with fascism and white supremacism.

No value what so ever.

get fucked you have a very poor taste.

Despite being full of shit where economic issues are concerned, I agree with Milo consistently when I've heard him talk on feminism. This is because, unlike retarded SJWs, I base my conclusion on the argument and not the speaker.

Woah man, don't get too radical there! We can't POSSIBLY make pragmatic adult political alliances with people on an issue-by-issue basis instead of childishly burning all our bridges and constantly excoriating each other over the tiniest ideological deviations.

Honestly, I don't know why you guys scrape the bottom of the barrel with people like Sargon and Milo. I'm fairly certain there are plenty of left-wingers you can read/watch who are against idpol.

There aren't. Seriously, name one, the closest we can get is the occasional politically incorrect pean issued from intellectuals like Chompsky, Zizek, or Dawkins. Nobody outside the rarefied sphere of intellectuals, down mixing it up in popular culture, is willing to openly defy the PC deathgrip on the left.

Nope there isn't. Outside of Maddox I can't think of anyone that's even left leaning. Like the other guy said Zizek is the best one we've got and look at all the articles you can find condemning him for making a few dirty jokes.



Oh dear. I refuse to believe someone could go through a classical British education, graduate Oxford with honors, and teach with tenure, never having studied classical philosophy in detail. Perhaps he has simply forgotten it, but I'll admit even that speaks quite ill.

Gay, kekservative, reactionary who needs to spend time in a gulag

I'm gay and none of those other things. Am I to be purged as well?

He's a professional troll.

A """""journalist""""" who was never heard of until he decided to help out Gamergate.
Nothing else to him that I know of.
Wasn't he the one who claimed that during WW1 England fought against Russia?

Why do you say that?

It's simply not his field of study.
Academia is all about researching a very specific subfield, after decades, you forget a lot of things from your early education.

Nobody would expect a philosophiser to have a detailed knowledge of cell biology. Why is the biologist expected to have a detailed knowledge of classical philosophy?

but a philosopher is expected to be humble enough to stfu about cell biology.

Because he poses himself and acts as though he is a philosopher.

He has those big, soft puppy eyes and a sassy rhetorical flare.

I hate this world.

Of course not, i was just describing him

The fact that her supports call her "based mom" is simultaneously really fucking cringe inducing when looked at in context and also serves as a delicious icing on this massive mysognistic alt right cake
But that's a discussion for another time. The important point is that Christina Hoff Summers needs to be rounded up and put in a forced labor camp

Just about everything has been said but what really strikes me about Milo is that I can never truly tell if he's being serious or not. He has been very open and honest on his tendency to rile up people (particularly "SJWs" or just idpol in general) just for the fun of it. This, of course, added on to his regular attention-seeking habits.

He is the alt-right personified. He is morally bankrupt and is misguided on just about every issue, but especially those on gender and race. He is also a Zionist and once told people to unfollow him if they have anything bad to say about Israel lmao.

It's honestly pretty sickening that people think him obsessing and constantly talking about having sex with black men qualifies him as caring about black rights in general.

Funny how whenever you look beneath the surface of most modern left parties such as Labour in the UK, you find a festering bed of anti-semitism, anyone who supports majority islamic parties like Labour needs to be physically castrated.

He's boring and attention whoring, but he's going to make America gay again or something.

Typical corporate douchebag pandering to the latest group of angry kiddies (GG and alt-right) for fame and money. Some real life nazi's need to show him a good black time.