Doing a project on Hoxha and what ideas he contributed to communism but can't find any good sources...

doing a project on Hoxha and what ideas he contributed to communism but can't find any good sources, any recommendations?

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what was his thoughts when he was building those bunkers? they literally drained the government's budget and were almost never used.

would prefer an easy to read book on his ideas rather then a general collection of his works

Paranoia cause he went against everyone.
It's like if KKE becomes government in Greece.

Do your own reasearch!

He was afraid imperialists and revisionists wanted to invade his last bastion of revolution

wasnt he an ally of the USSR?

the board owner is a marxist-leninist historian, he will know everything

no, they became filthy revisionists

there's also a thread for it

(unless I got it worng)
First he was "Yeah! Stalin FTW! Fuck Tito!"
Then he was "Yeah! Mao is right! Fuck stalin!"
And the final evolution was "Reviosionists! REVISIONISTS EVERYWHERE! THEY ARE ALL OUT TO GET ME! … Bunkers. … MUST BUILD BUNKERS! … THEY GONNA NUKE ME!!!"

Not really, his successors were [i][u][b]revisionists[/b][/u][/i], not Stalin himself

Ok. I got it wrong then.

Replace Stalin with USSR.

Also hoxha thread, post your hoxhas!


So that's it then? All he contributed was bunkers?

And cheap labor for Greece after Albania collapsed.

PLEASE make the entire essay about bunkers.

i feel it my duty to make at least half of it on the structural design, history and cost of bunkers

The implications of this text in relation to Hoxha's position may be useful to you

an essay by user

Bunkers and anti-revisionism

:A Solid Defence

Look up The International Conference of Marxist–Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO) and their publication Unity & Struggle.

No, they were built specifically for their cost effectiveness and portability.

No shit, the point was to keep invaders out.

More like everyone turned against Communism except Hoxha. Look into the Soviet-Sino / Albanian split and then the Sino - Albanian split and tell me with a straight face that Hoxha wasn't right.

Topkek, modern Hoxhaists aren't aligned with KKE nor does PPSH bare any resemblance in theory or praxis with KKE.

History isn't a meme little revisionist babby

anarchists and socdems sucking each others dick again

just stick to the provided links, OP, since they're the only backed up information you'll get here, the rest is just "hurr durr le bunker maymay stalinism LOLOLOL revisionism isn't real XD" faggotry bunkers