Anarchists from Izmir...

Anarchists from Izmir, Turkey got naked to protest security check point on May 1st and chanted "Cops get your filthy hands away from my body"

The banner they are holding says: "Desire for the power is the biggest curse on humanity"


let the fire begin :DD

Chances are they're Dönmeh Jews.


Anarchism then: The Galleanists bombings, The assassination of McKinley, Wall Street bombing
Anarchism now: going around almost naked and occasionally throwing bricks at windows

What a bunch of degenerate fucking losers.

No wonder the gulags were rife with disease.

Anarchist then used to go around completely naked.

You seem more like a nazi then a leftist.

It's too hot there to wear cloths anyway.


Tankie: the definition.

At least a few nudists don't trigger a scare, a massive backlash, and state repression.

Yeah no shit

This is what you get for not letting Greece have it.

Seriously, though.
Anarkids being anarkids is nothing new.

Edgy kids that think all they have to do is "fight the power man".

As long as they are not Kronstanding, their OK in my book.

Also, Turkey is autocracy at this point.

Post yfw you realized stalin was right to gulag these losers.



Only Lenin was right to Kronstand them when they went too far.

Stalin was like "they might go to far, so we need to Kronstand them now".

Pure Faggotry.

What exactly did the people of Kronstadt o that made them necessary to be exterminated with military force?

They were faggots and wanted to have it their way, when the conditions were not there.

Okay, explain to me what opinion do you make of yourself by getting naked. Say how getting naked expresses your political views. Or what message you are sending to people by getting naked and how it helps you to win society's trust in your movement?

Being degenerate in front of a public only makes you less trusted, antagonizes your movement, makes it perverted and your supporters become emasculate faggots unable to fight for socialism, neither they can fight against fascism.

Nobody would make "here's to you" to naked homosexual lesbian who shames her body. They consider themselves victims of capitalist regime, but in reality have enough funds to buy proprietary garbage and iphones.

They are main capitalist bait for all right winged parties. Their existence is funded by porkies, and the only thing they exist for is to create disturbances in society.

By the way, nudists were in russia before revolution too, "долой стыд" movement it was called. They were riding naked on the public transport. Soviets got rid of them all since Lenin's regime, and almost completely erased every information about their existence. Such anarchists live only as a tool for totalitarian powers to rise by revolution, and then to be disposed like garbage.

How is that not true?

So because they want to do things themselves, that automatically means you should just kill them all?

They weren't statecucks.

lol polcuck detected

If that means messing with the plan, ofcourse!

How well did that plan work out again?

Those donuts look delicious.

It seems liberal propaganda ate your brain. This is why fascists are on their way of success, and you aren't.


if it sounds like a Holla Forumscuck
and it posts like a Holla Forumscuck
and it defends its spooks like a Holla Forumscuck

Who is Holla Forums here, you or me?

"degenerate" is right wing version of "problematic" and is equally retarded

Ah, I see it's time for the good old periodic leftypol tradition, socialists vs anarchists shitflinging ritual

Good times


It doesn't make any sense to not use it against perverted people who want to subvert anarchism for their sexual fantasy. Neither excellent word was a spook before liberals went retarded, it had its uses too.

We need to preach morals and ethics too. It just will be communist ethics. The fundamental humanism.

So, prоblematic is replaced with excellent. Great.

Explain to me why wearing cloths is a moral issue exactly.

I am not going to explain simple morality to sexual deviant. Such questions just too much stupidity for me to handle.


If its so simple it should be easy to explain and give actual evidence for.

Go live in the jungle, you savage. Stop assaulting my eyes.

You know, you can stop wearing clothes, pretend you are a monkey, forget human language and go live in a cave and call that a socialism.

You aren't helping to abolish class system or unite workers anyhow by doing that.


Yes, some jungle tribes go around naked and they don't see anything wrong with it, which means nudity is not inherently immoral/"degenerate", what's your point?

end your life famalam

Clothing is a spook. Literally the only use for it is protection.

the fuck dude. I'm an anarchist, and jungle tribes aren't exactly the epitome of steless society



I was talking why implying nudity is degenerate is a spook, smh family



Stalin literally did nothing wrong if this is what Anarchism is.

Perhaps you could refer to the countless nudist colonies in the modern world as opposed to the tribes which succumb to violence and disease oh so often

moralists would say those communes were created by godless degenerate westerners

gods not real

wow, now I understand why stalin created the gulags

anarchists are such kiddies


If you've still got underwear on you're not naked.

M8 according you and pol/ and the alt right fucking nothing a person can do you will change peoples minds
"x wont work because it has y negative reaction in some people" is simply not a valid argument

Shit as crazy as this clearly gets the point across


You know what? Fuck it. Anything that triggers pol/acks is ok in my books.

nobody said it isn't true

underrated post

yea this was just one big ploy for seeing dem titteez wasnt it



MODS! Ban this undercover cop!


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