Tribute to those who we have lost

Can we have thread dedicated to famous leftists who have been jailed, or killed for their believes?

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I mean people often talk about 'muh zillion' killed by communism, but what about all the leftists killed by the crapitalists? We have a right to fight back!!!

You will be avenged



Smrt faĆĄizmu, svoboda narodu!

They would kill all of us for what we believe if they could. Just remember that.

The picture is of German police killing a communist in the 1920's.

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Ignore tankie site


Fuck Bob Dylan and fuck you.

Leftists dont get jailed for their beliefs, they instead are allowed to infiltrate high levels of government and destroy civilization

Belogiannis lives, though.

The "Leftists" you talk about, are edgy kids and bourgie nomenclature.


I would rather commemorate all the unknown revolutionary martyrs.

I'l never forget those two guys, which metal gear solid brainstormed me about.

So salty. Every post from you is gold.


Don't know if he was a leftist, but here's Georges Blind smiling at his execution.

ive already made the process of infiltrating your brain. soon, you will begin to do funny chicken dance to star wars theme. then, you will say "I LOVE ANITA" three times and punch yourself in the face

those that forget history are bound to repeat it

That's Tankies for you!!!

"Our comrade is dead/gonna die!"
"He was never our comrade. Now, fall back in party line".

God, I hate KKE.