Then he just pulls the numbers outta his ass

then he just pulls the numbers outta his ass

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i crie errytiem

call yourself Accuracy in Academia

make shit up

hitler started a war that killed 60 million ppl
only responsible for 1/3?

and stalin's numbers keep going up even tho he died over 50 years ago

hey, it's not called 'accuracy in twitter'



I asked if he was just pulling the numbers out of his ass
no reply

Yeah, Stalin was a good boy, he did nothing wrong.

Honestly my grand-grandfather died during holodomor, people were eating their own children, not funny.

The Nazis killed 20 Million Soviets in WWII though


mine grandparents left when they started collectivizing the farms, he lost his


Part of my grandfather's family also died in it He still joined our national communist party nevertheless

What are you guys doing here?

Soviet sources cite 700k dead though

fuck off, shill.

posting on 8 chan

Wow. Its like i am on Holla Forums saying "my grand-grand father died during holocaust".


sorry, i just wanted to use that pic sometime


mine didn't die

"Eh, they weren't too bad, lets adopt their ideology 70 years later

"Burn them all, fuck communism, Stalin is the most evil man of all time"

Wow it's almost like people have ancestors, and there's a good probability that some of them were affected by massive events that involved millions of people.


you gonna get gulaged.

It's like they suffered a few centuries of Russian/Soviet imperialism!

it figures




Millions of Ukrainians died during crapitalist era
Better whine about last famine in Ukrainian history

Supresion of counter-revoliution=/= imperialsm

that'd be like saying the USA is committing imperialism against Idaho

Suppressing a counter revolution isn't the same as occupying a country

I want tankies to leave


did anyone ever tell you how she tasted?

tankies pls

Who the hell even mentioned Russia? Are you some buthurt Ukrainian nationalist?



Trump has never created anything, has he


Not at all, afaik Idaho has no nationalist movements and therefore is just a part of the US without a separate "identity", compared Ukraine to Idaho, implying the same logic applies here.


Except that all of states more or less have separatist movements and nationalists who claim separate identity.
Fucking spook. Who cares what some ukrainian nationalists whine about.

was anyone here alive when the ussr existed?

They have right to become separate states if they have desire to do so

So is russian or soviet identity, suppressing one spook because you want to impose your own spook is bad.

ukraine is not real, hohol

I'm not a hohol. stop projecting dumb tankie

Which is why US is also shit



… This will forever be a fantasy.

Why live?


Be the change you want to see, user.

Stop assuming

Assuming what?

I remember the vietnam war.
when I was 12 I started becoming politically aware.
our class had a big bulletin board and kids were encouraged to bring in stories from the local papers.

shit ton of vietnam

… I voted SYRIZA in January.
… I voted for Popular Unity in Semptember.

… There is no hope in voting. We only do it cause not doing it is equally pointless.

holy shit are you retarded. Also

you're doing it wrong


how do I get a canadian flag?
I want ppl to hate us


The reference to the "eternal Rus" was because some people ITT imply Ukrainians have no right to like their spook and must submit to the Russian spook just because the russian spook is tied with le revolution
No, there was clearly no bias in the USSR and Russia wasn't overrepresented, not at all :^)

Go bitch in the sticky.

once I was 20 years old

Fuck outta here with those image titles

Texas is the only state that does that.


Khrushchev - Ukrainian
Brezhnev - Ukranian
Gorbachev - Ukrainian

This is only true if Ukranians are actually Russians

Stalin - Georgian

Khrushchev was Russian born near Ukrainian border and Brezhnev and Gorbachev were mixed.
And I was mostly talking about Stalin, since he's probably the USSR leader liked the least in the Baltics and the Ukraine. Some of his policies were clearly biased, like sending Russians to the autonomous Republics, which can be seen in modern demographics in some of them, where designated nation does not compose the majority of the population.

Lenin - Mixed Jewish, German, Swedish Mordvin
Andropov - Don Cossack
Chernenko - Ukrainian father / Siberian

It doesn't mean he killed a gazzilion people

He's wrong about Stalin, who killed at least 20 million more, and totally wrong about Hitler, who actually didn't murder anyone, at all.

Hell, I'd put the death tole of the Soviet Union around 156 million people, based on population figures

Satan poster killed 5 billion people.

What? You don't believe me?
But I just claimed it!

Mao fought against the Japanese? TOP FUCKING KEK

wait a minute

they initiated a global war that killed over seventy million fucking people in just six years

and the end of that exact same war legitimized soviet control over multiple countries which makes the nazis partially culpable for whatever the tankies did there

where the fuck are they pulling these numbers from

Those killed by the Japanese shouldn't be included in the German kill total.

that's debatable, they initiated war with the US but the entire period was initiated by the nazis


No, you should read up on the war in the Pacific. Shit was going to go down with or without war in Europe.

why do the wingnuts wanna make a hero of of someone they obviously know nothing about?

it's cultish

this treasonous freak wrecked the middle class

>'population figures'

lol wingnut heroes

I was born a bit over a month before it collapsed.

I was 30

one day a kid will tell you GW bush was the greatest humanitarian of the 21st century


Can you here why one maybe shouldn't unconditionally accept the extent of the latter? Not denying that it happened, but saying: "Stalin killed 40 mil people because the hates fun" is in no way an academic statement.

why they always downplay hitler's kills in these, everty time I think that these are more nazi shilling that anti-communism

so now we know what the right thinks of labour movements

bullshit we already knew

An important lesson here is to realise that although this shit is stupid, it only seems so because you're all clued up on these things.

A normie would probably look at this and genuinely trust this website as a source of academic information.

Why is that the the "deaths by communism" always include shit like war casualties, famines and the like while Nazi Germany's death count is always strictly limited to the Holocaust?





user, pls

The population should have increased at least 156 million more from 1917 to 1955. Where did they all go, hmm?

And America's population was supposed to increase by 50 gorrillion last year.

See, I can blurt out retarded, unsupported shit too.

1/3 nazi scum
1/3 british and american liberal scum
1/3 ML scum
0/3 French

Seems about right

access to education/healthcare/birth-control
bringing women into the workforce
moving from a farming society to industrial (it moved from to more backwater and undeveloped than any country in Europe to a world superpower in a generation)
USSR was an economic miracle all things considered

Not saying it was a workers' paradise or anything, but you can seriously do better than to believe Cold War propaganda.

Although considering you unironically believe that history is a story of struggle between Satanic Aryan Alien Nazi Atlanteans on one side and Reptilian Jews on the other, I'm not surprised you believe this.