What's your opinion of eco-socialism / green socialism?

What's your opinion of eco-socialism / green socialism?

Is it just an unnecessary special snowflake subdivision of socialism? After all, doesn't every true socialist believe in the Gaian philosophy and support environmentalism?

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It can be pretty cool, actually. Just don't get too spooky.

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At least it's not anarcho-primitivism.

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It's good, and any socialist ideology worth its salt should include protections for the environment, but I feel its a harder sell since not everyone cares so much for the environment, at least as an immediate concern.

The idea of "eco socialism" is based, but any organization that calls itself that or receives that label ALWAYS turns out to be centrist social democucks which really sucks.

My belief is that, while socialism can reduce the impact of tragedy of the commons on an individual level, it can and will still play out on a communal level. It's a bit naive to expect socialism to simply solve the problem of environmental protection on its own.

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I basically agree with the sentiments in this thread, as a sort of Marxist. No need to attach eco as a special label but I think workers will find it in their best interest to do an actual job of preserving ecosystems and sustainably utilizing natural resources.

The basic development I am excited for is basically the proletarianization of science, and ecologists having a decisive role in influencing the overall economic apparatus.

lol, I may personally but I don't expect every socialist, certainly not the ML's, though one can hope in time it will gain more traction as the cults of the commodity and the state die away

m8, environmentalism is important, yes. But believing in "Gaian philosophy" in order to qualify as a socialist is fucking retarded. Kill yourself my man


Just so you know Gaia isn't a philosophy, it is a scientific theory


And leads to supporting nuclear energy see einstein quote on the front page of this site

I'm ok with this

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But really, environmentalism should be an obvious part of socialism itself, we don't need to specify 'eco-feminist-lgbt anarchism'.


Friendly reminder that a significant chunk of contemporary ecological thought is misanthropic and reactionary at its core.



reactionary bullshit, socialism is electrification + soviet power tbqh




And neither of those are incompatible with preserving undisturbed ecosystems and rational use of natural resources. Are you just trying to start shit for laffs?

Their opposition of evolved plants and Nuclear Power is stupid

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The capitalist will pollute the earth and then make billions of dollars pretending to care about the environment

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As an ecofag I can agree with this. Just make sure the evolved plants can't reproduce in the wild without human intervention (I think monsanto already does this). And get rid of intellectual property so people can't own DNA.

I know I'm going to be attacked, but Nazi Germany was the closest you're going to get to eco-socialism

Indeed. Unserer F├╝here (PBUH) took great care of preserving the environment.

Killing people is a great way to reverse climate change. The mongols did it.

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Going back to nature's true religion is a great way of maintaining the natural order


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all socialists care about the environment because the well-being of the environment means the well-being of the workers and the people themselves. putting "eco" in the front only disconnects yourself from both sides. a lot of environmentalists and socialists have criticized eco-socialists for their lack of efficiency and half-assing on both of their ideas

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I've been reading some Bookchin, and while I find his vision of social ecology to be admirable it seems wholeheartedly idealistic and near-impossible to achieve in the near future. His advocacy of small, decentralized communal societies which reintegrate humans with nature seems completely at odds with the size and complexity of our current world. It feels like we'd have to kill a few billion people in order to remake society to fit an anarcho-socialist vision of ecology and totally sustainable human civilization.

It seems a lot more plausible to me to focus on achieving socialism, and then hoping that the elimination of consumerism and endless growth will ease the destruction of the environment until social decentralization on a massive scale becomes tenable.

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