How do we keep the NHS economically viable with the ever increasing average age of the population driving up the costs?

how do we keep the NHS economically viable with the ever increasing average age of the population driving up the costs?

In a socialist society, costs are irrelevant.

Reverse privatisation, which only drives up costs. Increase taxes to get necessary revenue. It's not rocket science.

but the age of the population is constantly increasing, we'd need to constantly increase tax

The NHS is not economically viable under capitalism in this stage of its development.

1945 - 2008 is looking increasingly like the era of capitalism's greatest leniency to the working class, the only era in which it could afford these kinds of reforms. Now, they are being taken away, by economic necessity. This is the logic of capitalism.

It can only be saved by socialism.

The NHS is being sabotaged on purpose to drive privatization, under a good leadership it would be doing fine.


thats true at the moment but luckily the general public aren't blaming the junior doctors for the strike and jeremy hunt has to cave soon

i'm confident the NHS will survive this, but in the long term its only going to get more and more expensive

what are you basing this on

aging population, old people use more medical services

No it's not; there's always a hard limit, say 70 or 80 yrs. All that has to be done is to increase the age at which you can start drawing on pensions and it'll be sustainable given sufficient birth rate or immigration.

The neolibs got in.

Also the tories keep increasing pensions because that's there voter block. Make it means tested or slash the amount of benefits going to them because right now it's too damn high and you can find enough extra revenue to save the NHS.

pensions are a massive drain on the state, but no government can touch them because old people are a massive voter base

wow that's some pretty stellar logic

so there's nothing that can be done to mitigate these costs, either by developing new techniques or procedures or administration of preventative care, or even eliminating the early-life sources of late-life complications

ah well people get older and that costs more the nhs is doomed so i guess we might as well bin it


gee i wish i thought of that, its so simple

we are doing that but scientific research doesn't work as quickly as people age, and all of those things still cost money

la, you smarmy cunt, you ever thought of making people healthier before they get old?

maybe if a body weren't worked like a dog til it was old and broke the elderly wouldn't cost us so much

though I doubt they follow that line in whatever dogshite outlet you're pulling this sewage from


yes we would all like to cure aging but unfortunately we're not there yet, and age is the primary risk factor for all cancers, heart disease, liver disease, alzheimer's. youknow, all the expensive diseases.

you really are just a fucking moron

Shouldn't be much a problem in the long term, population pyramids and all. More a problem of how to weather the storm.

lowering standards