Hello leftypol

Hello leftypol,

I wanted to see if you wanted to join us in support of a Trump nomination. Now that it seems like Bernie is going to lose, what do you have to lose?

If you truly think Bernie is your saviour, why would you elect the hag that used her party influence to rob him of the election via superdelegates? I think we can agree on the following points:

1)Hillary would be an unmitigated disaster.

2)Trump agrees with Bernie on some of the most important stuff i.e. war noninterventionism and blocking of TPP.

3)Supporting Trump would be a shot across the bow in your own party that you won't accept the nomination being stolen just to be given to some dried up old hag.

Even if you don't believe that Trump will be a good president, it's at least strategic to support Trump at this point. You could organize under Trump having him as the visible antithesis of your ideals and you could form a stronger non-DNC approved candidate run.

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nothing but our chains. we supported bernie just because he revitalized a moderate left in america, and we'll continue to build off of it. sanders can fuck off now tbh.

we don't.

nobody's voting hillary here.

so would trump.

"i'd bomb the shit out of them!" - t. trump

also trump's a bourgie he'll say and do whatever is in his best interest and profit.

3)Supporting Trump would be a shot across the bow in your own party that you won't accept the nomination being stolen just to be given to some dried up old hag
the democraps aren't "our" party. we only critically supported sanders.

maybe for accelerationism. we're not gonna vote at all tho. we'll see where shit heads.

no, we'll either support grassroots candidates or independents like jill stein. that is, if we support anyone. even stein is too liberal for my taste. i'd rather wait til shit really hits the fan.

As a former lefty I did like Elizabeth Warren, don't know what popularity she has around you types.

jej, I guess that's as much I can hope for

I guess we can agree to disagree, but you have to admit that Trump's pro-worker policy is pretty damn uncapitalist.

That was a placating move on is part. Every one in the judeophilic establishment right is sabre rattling for a land war with Syria, Iran, and possibly Russia once nuclear defense capabilities come online. He also called for a 'renegotiation' of NATO. That's very, very radical.

I don't mind if you don't vote, but just know that it's okay to prefer your own country. Nationalism isn't a bad thing and isn't incompatible with Socialism.


wew lad

liberal "progressive". in other words fucking shit.

how is he pro-worker?

da j00s maymay aside i don't think so. if any modern western (or even eastern, like russia or china) wanted to end ISIS or any other dissenter in the middle east, it would be done in a week tops. drone warfare is cheap and safe and they'll all keep it up, because it nets them profit and a good look in the media. you could tell there was zero desire to ever do anything properly there when europe invited over the syrian refugees instead of forcing, or even negotiating, with the rich middle eastern countries like israel, saudi-arabia, emirates and qatar to take them in. the plan is to get as many immigrants in western europe for cheap labor and free up syria for oil once assad is neutered. since the refugee crisis was improperly done logistically and there's a xenophobic backlash as expected, now turkey's lining its pockets off of it too, being the middleman.

i don't think there's anything wrong with that inherently. but basic your politics on nationalism is retarded though.

national liberation, maybe.

Better than Hillary but still a liberal.

platitudes aren't uncapitalist.
Let me know when Trump advocates turning over the means of production to the workers.

And there will be plenty more to come.

Who said it wasnt?

No, it's just a spook and counterproductive to the goals of socialism in the long run.

1) Opposes TPP which would replace all domestic workers with street shitters or chinks.

2) His tax plan would eliminate taxes for the lowest income bracket completely. Taxes are cut across the board really, but the biggest benefit is to the lowest brackets.

3) He would call out China for currency manipulation which has robbed this country blind. He directly opposes the offshoring of jobs like the recent announcement of the Carrier and Ford plants being moved to Mexico.

On the foreign policy question, it's pretty evident that ISIS is a CIA/Mossad operation to destablize the region. It's just AQAP v2.0. Syria was supposed to be the next step in the plan, but Russia has halted US/Israel's plans to destroy that country by actually fighting ISIS instead of making a show of it. In public they can't chastise Russia because defeating ISIS is the surface level reason they're there but in actuality ISIS is just a proxy by which to deny Russia strategic land acquisition. If you don't believe me, check this video out: youtube.com/watch?v=uxs7yog_CjM. That nigger is just eating his tie trying to seem happy that ISIS lost Palmyra.

You are right about the refugee disaster being a cheap worker program, but it has the secondary goal of increasing mongrelization to decrease ethnic nationalism. You're free to expound why nationalism is retarded because you saying so does not make it thus.

Do you truly, honestly, seriously believe that removing immigrants will magically solve all problems?
And if that doesn't work, against who will get your ire next?

Also many nations broke, because they no longer were able to uphold a wall.
Since no company is stupid enough, this wall will be financed by tax.

Picking Trump or Clinton is like deciding, whether you want to infect yourself with Plague or Cholera.

Removing illegal immigrants in America would solve a lot of problems. Many like to say that they provide economic benefits because they pay taxes but can't receive benefits, but that's not true as 65% of illegal families collect benefits. So in effect, illegals are a tax-subsidized labor cost that's shifted onto the American taxpayer instead of being absorbed by the multinationals (kikes) that we both dislike.

I can dig out the source if you'd like, but on average every illegal family receives $24K in benefits while only providing $10k back to the economy. Current figures put illegals at 30-50M of our population as numbers are hard to come by because of their aversion to being noticed by fedgov. Shelling out at least $10BN a year for illegal slave labor is a lot more expensive than maintenance of a wall.

The wall will be built by Mexico anyway because the balance of trade is thus and Trump knows leverage. Trump has already threatened to block remittance payments which would immediately block off 20% of the Mexican GDP and result in a catastrophic scenario. They would never allow that and would immediately capitulate which is why they are raising such a stink in the media, they've been caught with their pants down.

Like I said, Trump might not be your definition of savior but he is planning on fixing a few things that are mutually beneficial. He deserves your vote.

how did trump made liberals butthurt when he is himself a liberal?

lol I can't wait for when trump will be another obama and Holla Forumstards will be damage controlling like "we wanted that, yes, we didn't actually believed that he was gonna make america great again or that he would build a wall or deporting all the illegal immigrands"

Companies and rich people also pay lower tax rates (to "remain competitive on the international level") and receive benefits called grants and subsidies.
When will you go after them?

Ah yes, the oft-touted "but Trump's a kike too" argument. If that's the case, then all politicians are kikes and we would have lost nothing. We would, in that case, continue our downward spiral into oblivion.

Do you not think that his complete rejection by the establishment right is any indication that maybe he is serious about the things he says? We had 8 months of non-stop Trump shitting and yet he still pulled out ahead and is only now convincing establishment types to join his coup.

this is one of the only redeeming things about him tbh.

would be good if he simultaneously also raised them for the higher income brackets and put our taxes to good use instead of using over half of them for the AF and the other half inefficiently spread over things that should be managed efficiently or be funded more.

so what? china does whatever the fuck china wants. nobody will tell it what to do as it's the west's largest trading partner and became that way because of capitalist practice.

yeah despite benefitting from such things himself.

yeah nah any retard could tell you the entire opposite happens when you so inefficiently flood immigrants while giving them everything they want on a platter. it's done the entire opposite; it's reactivated nationalism and has only strengthened the far right.

because i have no inherent common interest with whatever nation state i was born in with the people in it for the sake of them being "my people". especially when nation states were historically literally created for the sole purpose of dividing and conquering and asserting the interests of the national bourgeoisie. i'm not at all for the abolition of the nation state now because that would bring utter chaos, but i'm not a nationalist either.

Forcing companies to hire American workers shifts a lot of the costs that we are burdened with back onto those companies. The industrial agrobusiness in America fears this which is why all the farming states are going Cruz, who historically advocated for increasing illegal slave labor.

Trump also calls for import tariffs which was used in the past to balance the cost of goods with the benefits needed by the American people. No longer will we compete solely on price in a race to the bottom for how much we can abuse the worker/taxpayer. We will instead levy a tariff to protect American manufacturing.

not really, that's just your victim syndrome

Actually that's not true. China relies on us more than we rely on them. DJT put out a good policy paper on this:


Except he's also for H-B1 (although against B2), a visa program which is heavily exploited to outsource manual labor as well, in fact, he uses it himself.
You seem to forget that the bracket which he plans to elimnate taxes for already virtually do not pay taxes anyway due to complicated IRS policy, and that cutting taxes across the board is absolutely disastrous, tried before by Reagan and Bush again, failing each time. If economic growth cannot keep with profit gains, than wealth inequality grows.
One dank meme of a myth exxagerated beyond control, even fucking conservatives disagree

You could at least attempt to curate your sources a little better. These are the cucks that are at the forefront of the #NeverTrump campaign.

Do you seriously not know about the WTO? Declaring China a currency manipulator would be a huge deal which is why the chinks are shitting their pants.

look at this shilling, he posts sources from trump's website

no we are not, we think trump is just a silly old man that will get presidency with lies, like obama did.

You are not addressing the main issue, which causes Mexican immigrants to cross borders and which is the reason why the rust belt has a high unemployment rate.


What are you going to do against it.
If Trump attempts to remove it, big money won't be happy about it. He may become the president with the shortest term of US history, which is, why I think he won't touch it at all.

You can treat symptoms all you want, but if you don't go down to the cause, immigrants will find a way.


NAFTA is horrible too. Trump agrees.

why the fuck you care if some people crossed your imaginary borders?

you were never a lefty, just a liberal
everyone stops being a liberal once theyve got some knowledge on politics

This is as retarded as voting for Cunton. After all, she claims she wants to reform the healthcare, strengthen the unions and (partially) deal with the debt. But she is still a porkie shit, just like Trump.



I can't wait until he either crashes and burns in the general election, or gets elected only to rule as a technocrat, plus a few symbolic, meaningless nods to his supporters

fixed that for you

Yet Trump could serve as your bogeyman so you could rally your forces effectively for a true lefty candidate. A Clinton win wouldn't do that for your cause.

The opposite is true. Elect Trump and any neoliberal Dem seems good by comparison. Elect Clinton, and people will see how empty the Democrats' promises are. Acceleration is bullshit, you only push people away from the left that way.

Clinton and Trump are both just corporate whores that the system produced to distract us and maintain the illusion that Americans have any choice in the political process.

Not really, more numerous liberals will scream "vote anybody but trump!" and we'll end up with Clinton in 2020


This guy noseā€¦I mean knows


Who's us?

Real change can never be changed by the ballot. If Trump or Sanders were a real threat that would never get elected or would be forced to water down every position.


"Our taxes are too high. Our wages are too high. We have to compete with other countries"

"Our taxes are too high. Our wages are too high. We have to compete with other countries"

Boycott the elections and march the streets. Change won't come from putting a piece of paper in a box every 4 years.

when will you people understand, revformism is the only thing that will work


Oh look

A Holla Forums raid

I'm definitely going to give my bumping to this

Good news for you, the American working class boycotts the elections every year.

You haven't seen raid yet babe

Your entire argument is built on an out-of-context quote

Let me trigger you:
Jews are white

Class =/= income bracket.

They actually are part of the Caucasoid spectrum.

Compare the shape of their skulls


Whether it is to be Clinton or Trump is largely out of our hands, but that idpol is united in support should cause suspicion

That's not to say the merits of each for us, and planning for strategy for their respective presidencies is not worth it


This is why there is no way out for 'Murica.
Even the closest to logic, have to say BS in order to have a chance.
And now, there is no chance.
Whoever becomes presidente (it will be Hillary) neoliberalism will proudly march forward.


Also, NICE DIGGITS! >>668888

You want it to be Trump?
It will be Trump!

You wanna call neoliberal corporatocracy "nationalism"
Call it whatever you want.



ayy lmao, reformists